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Tag Heuer Carrera 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

TAG Heuer’s 50th Anniversary Dinner was successfully concluded at The Peninsula Shanghai. Hundreds of distinguished guests including celebrities and watch connoisseurs gathered. The fourth-generation successor of the TAG Heuer brand, Jack Heuer, the brand’s global president, Jean-Christophe Babin, the co-branded watchmaker and jewellery Greater China president Benoit Toulin, the brand’s global spokesman F1 racer Jenson Button, and the famous film and television artist Mr. Chen Daoming all came to the scene to work together. Enjoy this distinguished luxury feast.

 In order to let the guests enjoy the beautiful view of the Bund, spend a wonderful night in an unparalleled artistic atmosphere. TAG Heuer has carefully selected the Peninsula Hotel with historical features. The hotel is famously located on the banks of the Huangpu River on the Bund. It has a charming landscape of Pudong and the former British Consulate Garden. The design also exudes unique artistic charm. The dinner also presented the works of Pop Art and Mr. Jack Heuer’s watches. The resonance between art and TAG Heuer watches was deeply integrated into the endless innovation of the brand.

 When the fourth-generation heir of the TAG Heuer brand, Jack Heuer, the father of Calella, appeared in the eyes of everyone, the scene suddenly thundered, and they paid deep respects to the legendary watchmaker. Mr. Jack Heuer first introduced chronographs designed for racing cars in 1963, and now he is very pleased with the love of the Carrera series. On such a passionate night, TAG Heuer specially invited the famous F1 racer Jenson Button to participate in the ceremony. His presence also made the event climax, and Mr. Jack Heuer personally designed a limited edition card on the stage. Laila Watch was gifted to Mr. Jenson Button, and we thank him for his support and love for TAG Heuer. This time, TAG Heuer also had the honor to invite the global spokesperson of the brand, the famous film and television artist Mr. Chen Daoming, and the first Chinese F1 racer Mr. Dong Hebin to enjoy the Carrera series in a distinguished dinner atmosphere and feel the unique timing concept.

 Admire the beautiful view of the Bund, accompanied by the singer’s low and lazy singing, wine and food, and good friends. TAG Heuer carefully arranged Carrera’s glory night with creativity and sincerity, and also left all VIPs with the most profound and memorable dinner memories.