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Panerai Tourbillon Watch

The matte titanium case, with the iconic crown bridge protection device, contrasts with the mirror-polished titanium alloy bezel. Large hour markers and Arabic numerals, combined with a dial of luminous material, has strong visibility in the dark. The center hand indicates the second time, and the translucent bottom and back make the exquisite tourbillon a unique landscape for the wearer.
Movement: Panerai P.2005 manual winding mechanical movement
Power reserve: 6 days
Case: Matte titanium case
Dial: brown dial, second time zone time indicator, luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers, 24-hour indicator at 3 o’clock, small seconds and tourbillon indicator at 9 o’clock
Strap: brown alligator leather strap with PANERAI logo, matte titanium buckle
Case diameter: 44 mm
Water resistance: 100 meters

Perspective Of Basel Mido Perfect Interpretation Of Architectural Philosophy

In 2012, Meitu used time to reinterpret the image of the building and create eternity with inspiration! The vitality of the classic building itself is that it is the perfect residence of an instant in time. Even if time passes, as long as the building remains, people can still trace the past and look forward to a better future!
Mido understands the philosophy of time from the perspective of architecture, and regards classic architecture as a representative of Mido. At this year’s Basel World Watch & Jewellery Show, Swiss Mido will shine with a new image! Interpreting the space-time philosophy of the building and presenting accurate time expression for people. Classic watches from the Great Wall, Perfection, Berencelli, Helmsman, Commander and Bruner, which reproduce the Great Wall of China, the Roman Arena, the arcade of Emmanuel II of Milan, the Rennes Opera House, Sydney Harbour The timelessness of classic buildings such as the Bridge, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Chrysler Building in New York. The once unattainable building is now at your fingertips, creating a series of works that flash on your wrist.

l Shuttle through the ancient oriental time myth
The legend of the recorded era is like the Great Wall of China that stretches for thousands of miles! It keeps the past, but it extends to future time and space. The designer of Mido upgraded the Great Wall’s architectural art and cultural connotation to the design inspiration of the Wristwatch. The Great Wall series watch specially launched in 2012 used the image of Wanlixiongguan to associate the traditional Swiss watchmaking technology with China’s long-established historical buildings Blending, a new masterpiece of the Great Wall series is released.
The relief design in the middle of the dial is like a stone carving carved on the gate of a city tower. The recessed bezel on the dial is engraved with the time on the Great Wall, and the hour scale dotted with nickel-plated metal is like a beacon passing the years.

l Eternal time and space across ancient Rome
If the Great Wall is a classic representative of Eastern architecture, the ancient Roman arena, baptized by time, is like a bard who has gone through vicissitudes, and has chanted an epic epic of the empire.
When the designer of Mido Watch set foot in the Roman Colosseum and hovered on the dappled stone steps, a watch with 100% engraving of the Roman Colosseum was born. The Mido Perfection series draws its design inspiration, narrows the edge of the bezel and makes the most of the visible space of the dial, making readings very convenient. The undulating and orderly design of the stands and boxes on the dial mimics the Roman Arena Internal structure.

Looking up at heaven in time and space
With more than 30 years of best-selling history, the Belem Celli series watch clearly and subtly reveals noble qualities with elegant lines and the soul of music, just like the classic stringed instrument violin has stood the test of time. German poet Goethe said: Architecture is solidified music.
At the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, the Belem Celli III series cleverly extended the image of beauty from music to architecture, capturing inspiration from the beautiful arcs of the classic building Milan’s Emmanuel II arcade, and rounding its infinitely symmetrical circle The arc concept is used in watch design, and the use of the observatory-certified automatic movement strengthens the practical functions of the watch, while making the architectural art brilliantly presented without losing the profound connotation of its practical spirit.

The classical representative of time flies
As an outstanding representative of neoclassical architectural art, the solemn and simple appearance of the Rennes Opera House built in 1836 abandoned the complicated decoration and gorgeous appearances popular at the time, and demonstrated the most fundamental practical functions of the Opera House architecture with pure architectural art.
The Mido Berencelli II series watch inherits the circular architectural features of the Rennes Opera House, incorporating its subtle curves and contours into the watch design. The ultimate simplicity of the model returns to the fundamental design of the watch, expressing time purely. Reproduce the simple and solemn appearance of neoclassicism.

l Time Art Leaping Over the Ocean
The Sydney Harbour Bridge was a real feat in the era of the Industrial Revolution in the 1930s. It took more than 100 years from ‘incubation’ to ‘birth’. Especially under the conditions of the 1930s, it is rare to be able to erection bridges in the sea. For the watchmaker of Mido, the revolutionary style expression in the grand building coincides with Mido’s “inspiration creates eternity” watchmaking concept. The Swiss Mido helmsman series follows the dynamic and chic design concept of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, injecting new design elements into the watch, which not only has powerful functions, but also accurately interprets the external appearance of the bridge and the innovation of its connotation. soul.
l Witness the symbol of eternity
Time flies, years pass, and only buildings stand, witness, and record. Just like the Eiffel Tower, it is a true creation of an era, witnessing the progress of human civilization and the development and change of technology for more than a century.
This classic building inspired Mido’s designers and created the Swiss Mido Commander Collection. Mido watchmaking technology interprets the architectural charm of the Eiffel Tower as a legend on the wrist. The creation of watch details follows the pure technology and strength aesthetics of the Eiffel Tower, creating a classic masterpiece combining watch and architecture. Become the ‘commander’ of the times.

l Immortal works beyond the times
The creators of this iconic New York building made the most of the cutting-edge construction technology to the utmost, thus becoming an immortal legend in the hearts of New Yorkers. The contrast and use of various elements such as natural curves and tough geometric shapes fully demonstrate the diversity of architectural design. The Mido Bruna watch inherits this simple and decisive line, and uses new design elements to interpret the masterpieces of contemporary architecture. ——The tribute of the Chrysler Building in New York, let more watch lovers appreciate the amazing appearance and quality, and share the pure expression and vitality accumulated from the inspiration of architectural design.

Chrysler Building, New York
The beauty of architecture itself is that it perfectly anchors an era in an instant, which coincides with the time and space philosophy of Mido Watch. At the 2012 Basel Show in Switzerland, Mido will use the inspiration in architectural art to perform a new interpretation of time!
At that time, the Swiss Mido will announce the mystery of ‘building on the wrist’ to the world! Let us hope even more for a brand new watch designed by such a timeless design concept! Let us all wait and see!