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The Second Behind-the-scenes Heroes Ceremony Of Hamilton The Honor Behind The Heroes

The second Hamilton BTCA Awards Ceremony was held in Shanghai Himalaya Center. Hamilton BTCA was founded in Hollywood, USA by the advocate of meticulous ideas. With the brand’s 62 years of film origin and high respect for the staff behind the scenes, Hamilton BTCA has been successfully held in Hollywood for six sessions and won Support from a large number of international filmmakers.

 In 2012, the Hamilton Watch, which has a shared lofty dream for the Chinese film industry, joined hands with the international high-end men’s magazine ‘ELLEMEN’ to bring Hamilton’s behind-the-scenes hero event, a far-reaching film event to China . After the glorious achievements of last year, the Hamilton watch and ‘ELLEMEN’ have become even more passionate, once again presented a gorgeous feast for the Chinese film industry, paying tribute to the heroes behind the scenes, Upward Chinese movie.

 As one of the sponsors and sponsors of this festival, Hamilton Watch has forged a deep love with the big screen since 1951. In 450 major films including ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Man in Black’, ‘Return of Superman’, ‘Tiger Dragon Power’, you can see the perfect fusion of Hamilton watches and movies. The co-sponsor ‘ELLEMEN’ also always pays attention to the Chinese film industry, and strongly supports the development of Chinese films with an all-media platform. With enthusiasm and respect for Chinese movies, Hamilton and the giants of the two major industries ‘ELLEMEN’ came together hand in hand to bring the heroes behind shoulder shoulders to the glorious stage, allowing more people to go further Understand the significance of behind-the-scenes work and applaud the heroes together.

 The second Hamilton BTCA awards ceremony was still actively participated by many senior Chinese filmmakers. That night, more than forty filmmakers, movie stars, and senior behind-the-scenes staff including Chen Kexin, Su Tong, Dai Jinhua, Tao Jing, and Junjun Mei, judges of the ceremony, attended the event, witnessing this annual film event.

Feel the film, the heart of the work behind the scenes

 Dai Jinhua, a film researcher who is one of the judges of the ceremony, mentioned in an interview with ELLEMEN that ‘the most important thing in movies is the originality of audiovisual language. For a film, it needs to be structured. To grasp, put each element into its overall structure. ‘For a successful film, whether it is scriptwriting, photography, lighting, editing, or sound effects, every element constitutes the whole of the film The essential. Presenting in front of the audience is a complete audiovisual embodiment. In order to complete this complete art form and fully reflect its originality, what is needed is the wisdom and dedication of the staff behind the scenes.

 China’s film industry is booming and has made great achievements on the international film stage. The behind-the-scenes heroic ceremony of Hamilton focuses on the essence of the structure of the film. While fully showing the composition of all aspects of film art to the public, it also reflects the importance of an excellent behind-the-scenes work team for a movie and pays tribute to the heroes behind the scenes.

Bright night, stars pay tribute to the heroes behind the scenes

 Film stars who shine on the big screen know the significance of behind-the-scenes work for movies. In order to show their respect to the silent staff behind the scenes, let more people have a deeper understanding of the art of film and the work behind the scenes. On the stage of the Hamilton BTCA, many stars were hiding in the darkness, grandly launched their partners behind the scenes, gave them a bright spotlight, paid tribute to them, and gave them glory.

 The award-winning films that night included many outstanding works in the Chinese film industry, from ‘Thailand of People’s Resurrection’, which has gained the audience’s excellent reputation, to ‘Sidek Bale’, which is chasing freedom and shocking, to action The gorgeous ‘Grandmaster of the Generation’ is nothing but an excellent work that condenses the efforts of many Chinese filmmakers.

 Each unique perspective lens, each ingenious soundtrack, every cleverly designed action, every beam of light full of mood. Numerous elements combined to achieve the classic and taste of the film.

 On the evening of the ceremony, one of the winners of the ‘Best Photography Award’ was Mr. Song Xiaofei, a well-known photographer. The lens language explains the spirit and true meaning of the film.

 Mr. Du Duzhi, a well-known sound engineer and soundtrack artist, has won the ‘Best Sound Design Award’ for his famous film ‘Sedek Bale’. For many years, he has shown sophisticated technology in many films, such as ‘The Mood for Love’ ‘,’ The Blue Door ‘,’ Aunt’s Postmodern Life ‘, etc.

 That night, ‘ELLEMEN’s Most Breakthrough Spirit Award’ was won by Chai Chunya. He showed that kind of rare intimacy in ‘Four Ways to Die in My Hometown’, sinking down with unique charm and quietly exploring the poetry of his hometown. Wang Hong, the executive editor director of ELLEMEN, a well-known film critic, and the core figure of this award, presented this unique award to Mr. Chai Chunya.

 Mr. Yuan Heping, who has received much attention, has won two awards, ‘Best Action Design’ and ‘Hamilton Special Contribution Award’. Mr. Yuan Heping has been in the film for more than 50 years. ‘,’ Huo Yuanjia ‘,’ The Matrix, ” Kill Bill ‘and many other excellent films at home and abroad, Yuan Heping has become a well-deserved leader in the film industry by virtue of his persistent attitude towards movies.

Introduction To Raymond Weil Nabucco’s New Rivoluzione Watch

RAYMOND WEIL Nabucco series new Rivoluzione

Movement: ETA 7753 self-winding movement
Function: 200 meters waterproof
Case: stainless steel and titanium
Mirror: 2.5mm thick blue crystal mirror double-sided anti-glare coating
Dial: Black coated dial
Strap: Alligator leather strap with two-button folding clasp
This watch is really ‘black’, not only the watch body is black, even the large hands and numbers are gray and black.


Leaving aside those tough and detailed designs, let alone this body symbolize luxurious temperament and exquisite taste of lacquer black, and only absolute pure men can deserve it. The watch’s case, ring bezel and speedometer are made of stainless steel and titanium to ensure its durability. Ultra-lightweight high-tech carbon fiber is used to decorate the side of the case. The three sub-dials are designed with embedded relief spiral design, which is as clear and concise as the reliefs on the wall. Every bend and every corner is the wisdom of the craftsmen.
The hour markers are perfectly integrated with the black dial; only the small blue seconds and blue chronograph hands dare to ‘sing anti-tune’, if you are an Inter Milan fan, you may consider this new blue and black work.

Ingenious Watch Design Three Van Cleef & Arpels Models You Have Not Seen Recommended

For Van Cleef & Arpels, time is not simply calculated in hours, minutes or seconds. It is a unique and poetic way to guide people through the daily and even the four seasons, appreciate the changes in the constellation, and witness the unforgettable moments in life. In the design of watches, these unique details are very close to the heart. Watch House introduces you to three poetic wrists
Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Planétarium

Product model: Lady Arpels Planétarium watch
Watch diameter: 38 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Valfleurier Q020
Case material: 18k white gold
Watch details: Q020, power reserve is 40 hours.

Van Cleef & Arpels Poetic Complications Midnight Zodiac Lumineux Poetic Complications-Cancer

Product Model: Midnight Zodiac Lumineux Poetic Complication Watch-Cancer
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: 18k white gold
Watch details: vancleefarpels / 59806 /

Watch Reviews: This is also a work exhibited at the Geneva Watch. This watch is based on 12 constellations. There are 12 models with different constellations. The round brilliant blue enamel dial with white gold engraving and enamel patterns. , Transparent blue enamel beads, etc. The unique design of this watch is the luminous beads. When the wearer’s body moves to press the engine, the dial enamel beads show a bright light. The light can last for 3 seconds. When the dark blue The color dial lights up, and the constellation in the dial is as beautiful as the stars flashing.

Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication watch series VCARN9VI00

Product model: VCARN9VI00
Domestic public price: ¥ 949000
Watch diameter: 38 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: 18k white gold with diamonds
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: vancleefarpels / 25124 /

Watch review: This watch is a classic watch in the Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication series. This watch design combines romance and time display, poetic enlargement, the dial uses Grisaille backlight silhouette enamel material; with white The K gold sculpts the watch beam. Every second that time passes, the boy and girl in the dial are close to an inch. This unique and perceptual detail is the consistent design style of Van Cleef & Arpels. With a touch of warmth, with a 18k white gold diamond case and crown, the power reserve is 30 hours.

Summary: Van Cleef & Arpels has always moved people in the details of the watch design. The three watches introduced today are excellent in both appearance and function. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention to this. A poetic watch.

Athens Freaklab Whisper Tourbillon Series Watch Back Strongly

Freak’s Whisper Tourbillon series watches are back strong and better than before. The surface layout design is neat and neat, the balance wheel is returned to the center position, and the date function is added for the first time. For the first time, a new-generation shock absorber-UlyChoc safety system is used.
   Athens Watch has always been committed to promoting innovation and breakthroughs in watchmaking technology and design. The Freak Tourbillon series is inspired by the brand itself and the industry and has created the most bold ideas in the past 14 years. From 2001, Athens Watch developed the first Freak watch with a silicon escapement. In 2005, it launched a diamond escapement and a two-way silicon crystal escapement. Now the newly launched FreakLab Tourbillon is the same as the previous Freak Whimsical Tourbillon is just as stunning, with the addition of a striking nautical anchor and sail-shaped pointer display for even clearer reading. At 4 o’clock is the date display. At the technical level, UlyChoc safety system, a new generation of suspension, is adopted for the first time.
   The avant-garde design of Freak Tourbillon is still unique today. With neither a dial nor hands, the watch displays time through the movement of the movement. The lower bridge is connected to the center of the watch as an hour display, while the upper bridge contains a set of gears, a hairspring and the Athens-only bidirectional silicon escapement to display the minutes.
   The bi-directional silicon escapement also brings the watch to a revolutionary new horizon. Its structure has abandoned the traditional anchor escapement fork and escape wheel, and replaced it with 2 silicon escape wheels. Each escape wheel The number of gears is 18 teeth each, and the pallet forks are activated in turn to transmit power directly to the balance shaft core-first clockwise and then counterclockwise to interact with each other. This system does not require oiling, ensuring that energy can always be transmitted in the direction of balance wheel rotation, reducing friction.
   The entire suspension upper bridge of FreakLab Tourbillon has been redesigned. First, the gear train has been made smaller, so that the balance wheel and hairspring can be repositioned in the center of the movement, thereby simplifying the surface and making reading easier. At the same time, the UlyChoc shock absorber, which is completely designed and developed by Athens Watch Factory, is added to the swing part. A traditional suspension system consists of five micro-components: a shock absorber body, a shock absorber base, a hole stone, a cover stone, and a spring leaf. To simplify the structure and increase efficiency, the Athenian watch replaced three functions with one silicon part. When the watch encountered an impact, it could perfectly return the balance shaft to its original position and avoid friction. Athens Watch became the first brand in the world to provide this solution, and applied for a patent for this new structure.
   What is even more amazing is the appearance of the ‘FreakLab Tourbillon’ pirate ship. Its anchor is an hour display, and the bridge represents the sails and the minutes. The operation of ‘FreakLab Tourbillon’ is very easy. There is a safety lock device between the 6 o’clock position and the lugs, which can lock or release the wavy bezel. Turn clockwise to set the hours and minutes. Turn the counterclockwise to adjust the date. The barrel is designed for a 7-day power reserve. The main case can be wound by rotating the back case. Therefore, the two bezels on the surface and the back case are an integral part of the movement.
Technical Information
Model 2100-138
Movement UN-210
Display time through movement
1 hour tourbillon
UlyChoc safety system for adjusting parts
7 days power reserve, sliding spring
4 Hz (28,800 times per hour)
Rotational inertia 8 mg * cm2, adjusted by 4 screws
Hairspring Silicon hairspring, unique design of Athens watch
Escapement Athens unique bidirectional silicon escapement, no oil needed
Running trajectory
Winding method Manual winding, the winding mechanism is driven by rotating the case back
One rotation of the case back is equivalent to storing 12 hours of power
Function Display hour / minute through movement
Date display
Time setting Release the lock and turn the outer ring
Date setting Turn the clock bezel counterclockwise to adjust the date
Case 18K white gold
Case diameter 45 mm