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After The Listing Of Breitling Super Marine Culture Ii And Tudor Who You Choose

At the Basel Watch Fair earlier this year, there is a news that everyone must still be impressed, that is, Breitling and Tudor have joined forces. Breitling provided Tudor with its self-produced B01 automatic winding timing. Movement, Tudor provided the self-produced MT5612 three-pin calendar caliber for Breitling. Prior to this, Tudor and Breitling had very different brand positioning, so this kind of ‘leapfrog’ cooperation made people Very confused, not to mention that these two movements are the main movements in use. However, this does reflect a problem. Breitling does not intend to develop its own basic movement at least in the near future, and Tudor does not intend to develop its own chronograph movement. The advantages of doing so are obvious, reduce the development costs, and meet The vacancies in their respective product lines are two-fold. For experts, they may feel so-called, but for a larger group of consumers, it is not a problem if the brand develops the movement itself. As long as the product Good quality, good design and good price can win the consumer market.

Super Ocean Culture II 42 and 46

   The old man often talks about the product, but we must first understand the product. Breitling’s style and positioning are very familiar to everyone, very hard-core, very Man. Even small women’s watches such as the Challenger’s 36 mm watch can see very sharp lines and edges, which is obviously not suitable for ladies. girl. Breitling rarely produces women’s models. In contrast, its men’s watches are very rich. The English name of the Super Ocean Culture series is Super Ocean Heritage. The biggest difference from the Super Ocean Series is that its design is more classic and inherited. The ocean is a very pure diving watch. In general, Breitling’s tool-type watches have wings with a logo, while more elegant watches (in fact, they are not so elegant, or functional), the logo is a single word ‘B’, and It is often three-dimensional gold characters that look simpler and more luxurious.

Super Ocean Culture 42 Second Generation and First Generation Comparison

   The second generation of the new Super Ocean Culture Series launched this year has two sizes, one is 42 mm and the other 46 mm. The overall design of the original Super Ocean Culture Series has not changed much, but there are also a few small changes. The first is the change of the pointer. This is very obvious. The original pointer is an arrow hour hand and a pencil-type minute hand. The second-generation arrow hour hand is elongated and a bar is added in the middle. From a personal preference, I still like it. The original design is relatively simple. Second is the minute hand, which changes from a pencil type to a sword shape, or diamond shape. In addition, the position of the calendar has also changed. The calendar window of the second-generation Super Ocean Culture Series is at 6 o’clock and the first one is at 3 o’clock. This is very obvious. The other word marks, bezels, and bracelets have not changed much. By the way, the crown has also changed, but it is not as clear as the above two, so it is not mentioned. The above are the very obvious signs that distinguish the second generation from the first generation (the 46mm version calendars are all at 6 o’clock, you can judge by the pointer). As the second generation is listed, we need to understand the difference between the two.

B20 movement and MT5612 movement (with Tudor basic movement with calendar version)

   After the new upgrade, the second generation of Super Ocean Culture series watches has some more important upgrades, such as the use of ceramic bezels. The most important thing is that it is equipped with a B20 fully automatic mechanical movement. The basic movement is Tudor MT5612 can provide at least 70 hours of kinetic energy storage, while the original B17 movement, the basic movement is ETA 2824-2. In essence, the second generation of the second generation of super marine culture is more than a star.

Because you can choose the dial, bezel, strap, and buckle, the price varies greatly.

   So after upgrading, what we are most concerned about is actually its price. This is also the main reason I wrote this article. The Breitling Super Ocean Culture II has a price starting from 29,500 RMB and ending at 34,700 RMB. Of course, this is a full-steel model, not including precious metals such as custom gold rings. Of parts. The 29,500 RMB version is an aerospace classic rubber strap with pin buckle, and the 34,700 RMB is a marine classic metal bracelet. Currently known prices are the same for 46mm and 42mm versions. The previous generation of Super Ocean Culture series is also the style of the marine classic metal bracelet. The price after the price adjustment is 31500 RMB. Other models include the rubber pin buckle version. The price of the previous generation is 26300 RMB after the price adjustment, and the price of the new generation is 31500 RMB . In fact, the price of the 2016 Super Ocean Culture Series is more than 5,000 more expensive than before the price adjustment. The price is completely higher than the current price of the second generation. After the new version comes out, the price jumps directly, and the new Super Ocean Culture Series 2 The price of the watch inherited the price of the Super Ocean Culture series watch of the same period last year, and it was even lower by 2,000 yuan. From this point of view, after the upgrade of the new watch, the price did not actually increase, but decreased.

Tudor’s only Heritage Black Bay with calendar

   After the new models came out, we also found that the old models continued to appear in the secondary market, but the new models have just entered the market and have not penetrated the secondary market to a large extent. However, according to the current performance of the old models in the secondary market, the new models are available in counters and counters. The difference in secondary channels will not be too great. And whether it is purchasing or other channels, the new price does not have too many advantages at home (overseas channels are only 2,000 yuan cheaper than domestic counters, and the advantages are not great). This is also the result of Breitling’s continuous efforts to balance the international price difference. . It is also worth noting that we all know that this movement comes from Tudor, so how much is the price difference between Breitling and Tudor? Tudor’s hot models have always had no discount, even if there are very few. At present, the new Black Bay with the same movement by Tudor sells for about 27,000. Because Breitling has a discount, the real price, and Tudor was very close and almost identical. But we know that Breitling is actually more advanced than Tudor at the brand level, and the Breitling B20 movement is also a bit more refined and polished than the Tudor MT5612 movement. So from this perspective, Breitling Super Marine Culture II is a very worthy watch.

Super Marine Culture II 42

   For some time since listing, the second-generation Breitling Super Marine Culture 42mm is more popular than the 46mm style. After all, the size of the wrist of the Chinese is actually 46mm, and 42mm is more moderate. At the same time, Breitling launched Customizable service. From the dial color, bezel color, strap type, and buckle, you can choose your favorite style, and you can also lettering, so you can combine a lot of very personalized models. Some time ago, I went to a Breitling boutique in Beijing. At that time, there was only one 42mm model on sale, and there were several 46mm models. After experiencing it, I really feel that although this watch is called the cultural series, the scale has also been changed from the super Roman large Roman numerals to a simpler stud scale. The bezel is also a more quiet ceramic ring, but the lugs and case Style, can still feel the physique of its tough guy.

This B-shaped gold label is still very handsome

   Of course, just saying yes, not saying bad, is a bit inappropriate. But it’s not good. Just from personal preference, mature brands are generally less vulnerable, not to mention that it has just launched to the market and remains to be seen. As I said before, I do n’t think there is a good-looking hour hand. Another point is that as a 42 mm junior model, it reaches a thickness of more than 14 mm. It feels thicker, from the case diameter and thickness. In terms of proportions, it does not have a balance of 46 mm. The screw-in caseback does not see the movement. This is not a disadvantage. Breitling has always been like this. This is similar to IWC. Non-home movements are not exposed. Even sports models are generally not exposed. However, I still like to see through the bottom, and it is not difficult to achieve 200 meters waterproof through the bottom. So this watch is very suitable for sporty men, although it is already very gentle.
   In general, after the second generation of the new version of Super Ocean Culture came out, there was actually some overlap in the price of Black Bay equipped with the same movement as Tudor. Although the public price difference was several thousand, it was almost the same in terms of purchase. It is the Heritage style in their respective brands, not the Tool Watch, so the positioning is consistent. So would you choose Breitling Super Marine Culture II or Tudor’s new Black Bay?

Glasutti Features Classic Watches For Birthday

This year, Glashütte celebrated the anniversary of two extraordinary masterpieces. For this Saxon watchmaker, these two masterpieces are a milestone of elegance and practicality-the large calendar with Glashütte’s unique character is just its 15th anniversary, and the double gooseneck trimmer has entered The tenth spring and autumn.
    The two innovations commemorated are not only integrated in the PanoReserve watch, but also in another classic model of Glashütte, the popular PanoMaticLunar watch. The Eccentric Moon Phase Watch (PanoMaticLunar) also debuted at the 2012 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show with a new design.
    As the name suggests, the gooseneck fine-tuning device enables fine-tuning of the watch movement. In 2002, this innovative mechanism was first launched worldwide. It was specially designed and manufactured for the 65 manual-winding movement. It is used exclusively by PanoReserve. This device can fine-tune the movement with excellent accuracy. Two finely crafted gooseneck springs are produced in Glashütte’s factory using electrical spark etching. They are then hardened by hand after being hardened. They were then mounted on the balance plate, the core component of watch construction.

    First ensure the best stability of the components. Secondly, the balance plate is hand-carved and painstakingly plated to provide a very special stage for the gooseneck spring. The double gooseneck springs each independently adjust the speed of the watch and the positioning of the oscillating system. The gooseneck trimmer spring on the right is used to adjust the fast and slow hands. It can lengthen or shorten the balance spring and speed up or slow down the movement. The gooseneck trimmer spring on the left is used to push the screw balance spring bracket, thereby adjusting the end of the hairspring, or ‘falling distance’. Similar settings or pre-adjustments are done with hairspring clips and screws; fine-tuning is achieved with screws and gooseneck springs. The watchmaker usually adjusts the entire oscillation system to complete the accuracy adjustment. In this way, it is like injecting life into a new eccentric power reserve watch (PanoReserve).

    At first, this gem of watchmaking art was only seen when people took their watches off their wrists. This inspired Glashütte’s design engineers to have an unusual idea. This extraordinary device now appears on the dial. This design first appeared in the PanoInverse XL. The watch with a new case was introduced at the 2012 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show. When a gossamer balance device with double gooseneck trimming appears on the dial, coupled with anti-glare sapphire crystal on the surface and back, the hairspring in oscillation is beating like a heart.
    These two innovations commemorated this year are not only merged in the PanoReserve watch, but also in another classic model of Glashütte, the popular PanoMatic Lunar watch. The Eccentric Moon Phase Watch (PanoMaticLunar) also debuted at the 2012 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show with a new design. The double gooseneck fine-tuning device reveals its extraordinary ability in the 90-type self-winding movement; the pearl tourmaline does not cover the precise oscillation system at all.

    A large calendar that has become a major feature of Glashütte is presented on the side of the dial, creating a practical and exceptionally elegant look for the PanoMatic Lunar watch. After 15 years, although it has the perfect recognition in the industry, it can still arouse the enthusiasm of watch connoisseurs around the world. Compared to other alternatives (where the two date disks overlap each other), its decisive advantage lies in the concentric coaxial plane, and Glashütte immediately applied for a patent for this innovative design.

    On large calendars, small ten-digit discs are printed with numbers from 0 to 3 only, rotating around the center of a larger ‘units’ disc containing numbers from 0 to 9. The date window does not need to obscure the difference between the two discs with a disturbing center bar, as is the case with competitors’ solutions. For the 31-day month, there is a support plate that can ensure that the ten-digit disk does not turn to ‘0’ on the 30th, and that the single-digit ‘1’ stays in place at midnight on the 31st. Supporters of Glashütte’s characteristic large calendar may have a hard time making a decision, because in the Pano line, they will find two other masterpieces, the PanoGraph and the PanoMaticCounter. XL) Combines large calendar with column wheel.

Bvlgari Shanghai Presents A Masterpiece Of Super Complicated Watches

Recently, the world’s top jewelry watch brand BVLGARI Bvlgari brought more than 30 ultra-complex watches to Shanghai, including many new and distinguished timepieces that shocked the 2014 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show , Showing the perfect fusion of Italian aesthetics and Swiss watchmaking technology.

At the Baselworld 2014, BVLGARI Bvlgari launched a number of new masterpieces of stunning ultra-complex watches, and Octo Finissimo tourbillon watches set a new milestone in the world’s ultra-thin ultra-complex watches, highlighting The brand’s strength in the world of fine watchmaking. After the watch exhibition, BVLGARI Bvlgari carried out a global tour with a new industry-acclaimed masterpiece of ultra-complex watches and a series of ultra-complex collections, and set its first stop in China.

This time, BVLGARI Bvlgari held an ultra-complex watch appreciation party at The Group, the top private club in Shanghai. In this creative space that combines European aristocracy and contemporary art, guests can enjoy tasting masterpieces of BVLGARI’s extraordinary watchmaking, watch the artistic beauty of creative design and perspective movements, and listen to the ultra-complex ‘core’ The charming rhythm of BVLGARI Bvlgari super complex watch.

Octo Finissimo Slim Tourbillon


At the event, the Octo Finissimo ultra-thin tourbillon watch with a movement thickness of only 1.95 mm, the BVLGARI Bulgari Il Giardino Marino di Bvlgari watch inspired by the colorful wonders of the natural world, can simulate Westminster Cathedral The bells of L’Ammiraglio del Tempo series of four-hammer four-spring minute repeater and other complex timepieces are beautifully presented, which is dizzying. These watch masterpieces can be regarded as the ultimate interpretation of complication watches, so that guests present at the scene not only fully appreciate the profound aesthetic accumulation and cultural heritage of the BVLGARI brand, but also understand the BVLGARI Extraordinary achievements, and more aware of the unremitting pursuit of this world’s top jewelry watch brand for the extraordinary charm of complex function watches.


Montblanc Heritage Precision Chronograph Annual Calendar Chronograph

Following its successful appearance at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie in 2015, Montblanc’s Heritage Precision Chronograph Collection adds two more elegant watches with complex functions-a self-made calendar display complication watch and an annual chronograph.
Inheriting core values
   Montblanc upholds the passion of fine watchmaking, and casts the heritage of precision chronograph series. From movement, basic functions, complex functions to precision and design, Montblanc integrates every detail to pay tribute to the Swiss fine watchmaking tradition. The Heritage Chronograph series is dedicated to precision chronographs, inspired by the 15th-century explorer Vasco da Gama, a legendary man’s unremitting exploration of the new world changed the course of history. The watch design inspiration comes from the ‘Pythagore’ watch produced in 1948 by Villeret Montblanc Menela. Minerva Watch Factory is well-known for researching and developing independent independent research and development movements, and pursues extreme precision. The French word ‘chronométrie’ in the name of the series means ‘precise timing’, which is still the core concept of Montblanc today. Montblanc’s heritage precision chronograph series pays tribute to the masters of watchmaking for their superb craftsmanship and ultimate aesthetic pursuits. It perfectly blends the past with the present, with elegant design, and is a timeless work.
Classic design details
   Montblanc’s classic Pythagore watch embodies the essence of fine watchmaking: exquisite Arabic numerals, faceted appliqued hour markers, unique sword-shaped hands, slim case, smooth bezel, elegant arcs Lugs, these features are perfectly reproduced in the Montblanc Heritage Precision Chronograph series.
Determined to innovate
   Since its debut at the Geneva International Horological Fair in 2015, Montblanc’s heritage chronograph series has continuously introduced a number of complex functions, such as the patented external tourbillon chronograph, two-time watch, annual watch, full-time watch Calendar and a series of limited edition watches. This year, Montblanc will launch two new and charming works: a self-developed watch with a complex display of the calendar, and an annual calendar chronograph that perfectly integrates the calendar and chronograph functions.

 Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Annual Calendar Chronograph
   This year, Montblanc first introduced a chronograph with annual calendar function, which only needs to be set once a year at the end of February. Inspired by the first chronographs made by Minerva in the 1920s, this watch perfectly reproduces the watchmaking tradition.
   To ensure that the dial is clear and easy to read, Montblanc watch designers have unified all chronograph hands to blue, and the hour, minute, second and calendar function hands are plated in rose gold. The chronograph second hand is the central blue hand; the minute count is displayed by the chronograph dial at 9 o’clock, using sector scales; the hour counter uses the chronograph dial at 6 o’clock. The week display of the annual calendar function is also at 6 o’clock, the date is at 12 o’clock, and the month is at 9 o’clock. The ten hands are driven by the self-winding movement MB 25.09, which has a power reserve of 42 hours. Using the carefully equipped Montblanc-specific adjustment needles, you can easily set the hands by operating the four independent adjustments in the middle of the case.
   The chronograph dial at 3 o’clock also introduces sophisticated moon phase display complication functions. The rose gold hands indicate four new moon phases, rose gold plated, full moon, and half moon, showing cycle changes of the moon phase. The ingenious moon phase display is reminiscent of the long history of using the moon calendar to meet the timing requirements in ancient times, adding a finishing touch to the silver-white dial decorated with solar radiation.
   Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Annual Calendar Chronograph draws the essence of this series’ elegant elegance, using a polished 42 mm rose gold case, faceted sword-shaped hands, rose gold-plated hour markers and Arabic numerals. The timepiece comes with a crocodile leather strap made by the Montblanc Pelletteria leather workshop in Florence. Like other products in this series, the annual calendar chronograph has passed the rigorous ‘Montblanc Lab 500-hour Quality Test’.

Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Annual Calendar Chronograph

No. 114876
Caliber MB 25.09
Movement type Automatic mechanical movement with chronograph, annual calendar and moon phase display
Number of bearing gems 42
Power reserve about 42 hours
Balance wheel
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)
Flat hairspring
Display (watch) Central hour and minute hands, small seconds counter at 12 o’clock, month hand at 9 o’clock, day hand at 6 o’clock, date hand at 12 o’clock, moon phase Hands on the subdial at ‘3 o’clock’
Display (timing) 30-minute counter and 12-hour counter
Special featuresCalendar function is easy to adjust; each function can be operated using the dedicated adjustment needle provided with the timepiece
Case 18K rose gold (5N); polished case
Table mirror arched anti-scratch anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Case back 18K rose gold (5N), recessed sapphire crystal window
Size 42 mm diameter; 13.83 mm thickness
Waterproof seal performance 3 bar
Crown 18K rose gold (5N) with embossed Montblanc logo
Dial Silver-white dial with sun-print pattern, faceted hour markers, rose gold-plated Arabic numerals ’12’, rose gold-plated sword-shaped hour and minute hands, rose gold-plated annual calendar hands, blue steel chronograph hands
Strap Black alligator leather strap by Montblanc Pelletteria in Florence, 18K rose gold (5N) pin buckle
Acquired the ‘Montblanc Lab 500 Hour Quality Test’ certification
Price € 18,900

Beijing Metro Station “Inspired By Architecture” Global Tour Kicked Off

On November 10th, 2016, Beijing Oriental Xintiandi, the Swiss Mido watch “Inspired by Architecture”, the 12th city of the world’s most “oldest” city tour – the glorious opening of Beijing Station, and announced the preparation The highly anticipated Berenceli series silicon hairspring long kinetic watch is launched. Franz Linder, Global President of Mido, and Ms. Wang Yan, Vice President of China, attended the event, and unveiled five of the most representative buildings for the end of the Mido 12-city tour. Open the long-awaited cutting-edge technological achievement of the Mido watch-the mysterious veil of the new Belemcelli series silicon hairspring long kinetic watch.

Franz Linder (middle), global president of Mido, and Ms. Wang Yi (first from left), vice president of China, unveil the mystery of the Belenceli series silicon hairspring long kinetic watch
 Since August 25 this year, the Swiss Mido “Inspired by Architecture” tour of the 12 cities around the world has set off from Hong Kong, and successively came to the creative city of Berlin, the fashion city of Tokyo, the fairy tale dream city of Moscow, and the hot city Bangkok, the city of arts and Lucerne, the city of entertainment Seoul, the mysterious city of Mexico, the romantic city of Venice, the modern city of New York, the good city of Taipei and the ancient city of Beijing. In each of these unique cities, Mido has selected 5 landmark buildings (a total of 60 buildings) as the inspiration for Mido’s next watch. Throughout the process, netizens can like and comment on the buildings posted every week, and share their favorite buildings through WeChat or Weibo platforms, and upload building-related stories and inspiration photos, and @ 给 美 度Watch. Every week, Mido will announce an award-winning netizen who participated in sharing photos of the building and give a Swiss Mido watch. Beijing Station has officially opened. So far, Mido has received 12,000 photos uploaded by netizens. The extensive Weibo interaction and topics have once again ignited everyone’s enthusiasm for watches and architectural art.

Ms. Wang Yan, Vice President of China, and Franz Linder, Global President of Mido, unveiled the final stop of Mido’s inspiration journey—Beijing
 In January 2017, the Swiss Mido Watch will announce the ‘most welcomed by global netizens’ building, and it will also become the next watch inspired design of Swiss Mido Watch. At the same time, Swiss Mido will also randomly select a lucky person from the global netizens participating in sharing, and he will get a free trip to the city where the ‘most popular global netizen’ building is located. This latest watch, inspired by the ‘most welcomed by global netizens’ building, will be officially unveiled as a 3D model at the Baselworld Watch Fair in March 2017.

‘Inspired by Architecture’ 12 cities around the world-Hong Kong Station, Bangkok Station

Paper-cut art presents the original appearance of the building
 In this event, Mido Watch presented the 55 inspirational buildings in the previous 11 cities one by one through the ‘paper-cut art’ method. The unique form attracted the guests to stop and appreciate the source of Mido’s inspiration. At the same time, through the unique form of paper carving art, Mido unveiled five iconic buildings of Beijing Station, the most ‘oldest’ city: Beijing’s Forbidden City, Tiantan Park, Bird’s Nest National Stadium, CCTV headquarters building, and National Grand Theater. Under the beautiful art of paper carving, these buildings still release the magnificence and magnificence of the buildings in small spaces. These buildings span China’s historic sites and monuments, and today, the magnificent modern city landmarks show architectural art. A classic charm that does not pass by.

Paper Carving Art-Beijing Forbidden City (Beijing Station Inspired Architecture)

Paper Carving Art-Temple of Heaven (Inspired Architecture in Beijing Station)

Paper carving art-Bird’s Nest Stadium (Beijing Station Inspired Architecture)

Paper Carving Art-National Grand Theater (Inspired Architecture in Beijing Station)

Paper Carving Art-CCTV Headquarters Building (Beijing Station Inspired Building)
 At the same time, Franz Linder, the global president of Swiss Mido, and Ms. Wang Yan, vice president of China, jointly unveiled the mystery of the new Belenceli series silicon hairspring long power watch. The long-awaited watch will be fully available. Not only does this watch have a long kinetic energy of up to 80 hours, it is also certified by the Swiss COSC Observatory, and most importantly, it is equipped with a new achievement of Mido-the silicon silicon balance spring. Silicon hairspring has good anti-magnetic, shock resistance and temperature difference resistance performance, is currently the most ideal and practical watch hairspring material, is widely used in advanced models. In order to make the guests better understand and feel the characteristics of silicon hairspring, Swiss Mido specially invited watchmaker Xu Xu to show everyone the outstanding stability of silicon hairspring long kinetic watch.

Belem Sairee Observatory Certified Longspring Silicone Watch

Model show

Model show

Model show

Model show
 This conference unveiled a total of ten Mido Berencelli series silicon hairspring long kinetic watches, including 4 ladies watches, 6 men’s watches, in addition to using a 316L stainless steel case, Mido is very sincere 18K gold and stainless steel watch. At the event, Mido displayed these watches one by one through models. The Mido Berencelli series silicon gossamer long kinetic energy watch can not only be used alone, but also can be combined with each other to form a couple pair watch, which proves the emotion between each other.

Great Wall series inspired by the Great Wall of China

Helmsman series inspired by Sydney Harbour Bridge

The perfect collection inspired by the Colosseum in Rome

Limited edition of Big Ben inspired by British Big Ben

The Belem Celli Collection inspired by the arcades of Emmanuel II
 Mido draws inspiration from the art of architecture and has become a tradition that keeps watches of lasting value. Through this ‘inspired by architecture’ tour of the 12 cities around the world, Mido has gained more inspiration, and also allowed the majority of watch lovers to more specifically appreciate the architectural charm of Mido watches.