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Cartier W7100026 Watch Introduction

Over the past four years, Cartier’s high-end watchmaking series have been launched and innovated repeatedly. These watch works fully demonstrate the perfect combination of Cartier watch designer’s creativity and Cartier’s traditional and exquisite craftsmanship. With the development of the year, Cartier Workshop is one of the few workshops in the world capable of designing, producing and maintaining watches and movements.

 The Cartier W7100026 watch fully inherits the classic silhouette of the Cartier Calibre de Cartier. The dial is typical of Cartier’s fine watchmaking style: dark gray electroplated grid, silver-plated hollow grille, with solar radiation effect, black transfer Roman numerals, and blue sword-shaped hands, all reveal the characteristics of Cartier Rigorous art.

 In 1884, the International Meridian Conference was held in Washington, and the world was officially divided into 24 time zones. Countries have since adopted world time. When Beijing is 12 noon and London is 4 am, and the current development of the aviation industry makes distance no longer an obstacle to people’s communication, the problem of time is highlighted.

Cartier launches new multi-time zone complication watch, designed to provide all practical information for contemporary travelers, such as: Day / Night display of departure time, destination time, summer and winter time indication functions, and the latest feature to show the time difference between the selected time zones, amazing!
 Multi-time zone display function, sometimes called world time or world time function. The dial of the traditional World Time watch contains the city indicator of the 24 cities representing the time zone, so the dial is very complicated, but Cartier’s new multi-time zone watch has cleverly moved this function to the 9 o’clock side. This innovation The city indicator is displayed through a side magnifying glass window at 9 o’clock.

 As long as you press the rotary button, you can read the time of 24 reference time-zone cities. Each time you press the rotary button, each city and the corresponding time are displayed, and the time difference between the reference city and the travel city! This innovation makes the dial clear and easy to read, while at the same time achieving the world time function well.
 The time difference display panel located between 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock on the dial can also display the time difference between the destination and the place of departure. Sports. First, the central hour hand steps in hours to show the time of arrival (destination). Second, the city indicator dial will rotate in synchronization with the hour hand to display the names of the 24 reference time zone cities. Third, the time difference display dial pointer will also adjust the position to display the time difference between the destination and departure point.
 In addition, the Calibre de Cartier multi-time zone watch also has summer and winter time conversion functions. In the five months when daylight saving time is in effect, you only need to read the time of different levels on the city indicator.
 The Cal.9909MC movement is entirely developed and manufactured by Cartier workshops. It is also the first movement with multi-time zone function in Cartier’s advanced watchmaking series. It is carried in the Calibre de Cartier watch series and is specially designed for travelers.
 Watch detailed parameters please click: Cartier CALIBRE DE CARTIER series W7100026 watch

Mysterious Snake Totem Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas Rose Gold And Stainless Steel Two-tone Watch

Born in 1884, BVLGARI gradually evolved from an original jewelry store to a brand that today symbolizes Italian gorgeous jewelry and watches, and has become a fashion icon that attracts worldwide attention. BVLGARI’s jewellery and watches have always attracted attention with its atmosphere, detail and unique style. Like the serpenti series of creative serpentine designs, it retains the mystery of ancient legends and also contains the fashion of contemporary art. And innovation.

   Every time I mention the Bvlgari Serpenti series, I can’t help but want to trace its historical origins, and perhaps better feel the touch of elegance on the wrist. According to historical records, the first Serpenti serpentine watch was born in the late 1940s. The strap twisted around the wrist like a snake, and the case resembles a snake head. It was initially square or rectangular, and gradually adopted a pear shape. , Pincushion, round, or octagonal. In the 1960s, Bulgari’s design of the snake-shaped watch was more realistic. Before the hinge was installed, the snake-body bracelet was decorated with hand-made gold leaf scales, and the coil was equipped inside to ensure the watch’s flexibility. Since then, Bvlgari has successively launched Serpenti ‘stealth’ watches with cover, which has further laid the foundation for the series’ solid position in the future.

Bvlgari SerpentiTubogas Series 102099 SP35BSPGD.2T
   This Serpenti series watch introduced to you today uses a unique craftsmanship, which is also named Tubogas. This craft was born in the middle of the 19th century, but was almost lost in the 1940s. It was revived by Bulgari. It is currently the only jewelry brand that masters this craft. It has since been used to create a very unique wrist. Watches and jewellery products, the perfect combination of serpentine and Tubogas technology.
   The core of this process is to wind two metal strips on a copper or wooden bobbin, and the crimps seamlessly join each other to form a continuous length metal strip without welding. After being carefully crafted by hand, the spool will be removed or dissolved in acid. This 102099 SP35BSPGD.2T watch is made of rose gold and stainless steel. It can be wrapped around the wrist in a single or double circle, which not only realizes the watch’s timepiece function, but also has a bracelet-like decorative effect. .

Watch elegant and meandering
   The Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas watch draws inspiration from the 1970s models. The two-tone single or double ring bracelet contains a unique spiral mesh chain design. At that time, Bvlgari conducted long-term technical research in order to combine the two materials of gold and steel. Experiments need to find the right steel. Not only must it have excellent flexibility, but it must also be perfect with gold and red gold in color. Comparison. In addition, there are other problems to be solved in the research, especially the high melting point of steel, and the forgeability of steel is relatively poor compared to 18K gold. After unremitting efforts, Bulgari finally successfully achieved this goal in the 1970s.

Pear-shaped case set with brilliant diamonds
   The straps of this watch are all made of a mixture of rose gold and stainless steel, which not only has an extraordinary visual experience, but also improves the comfort of wearing. At the same time, the fine craftsmanship fully shows the Bulgari Excellent watchmaking skills.

Elegant black dial
   The 35mm curved case of the watch is also made of two materials, the bottom case is made of stainless steel, the bezel is made of luxurious rose gold, and 38 gorgeous diamonds are set on both sides of the pear-shaped bezel. It weighs about 0.29 carats, showing the luxurious elegance of the watch. The opal black dial with sunburst is extremely elegant, and the rose gold Roman numerals and bar hour markers are even more chic.

Flexible and flexible with Tubogas process

Rose gold and stainless steel bracelet
  Although each civilization has given unique meaning to the snake, or evil or wisdom or witchcraft … But for Bvlgari, the serpentine totem always belongs to the symbol of elegance and taste, just like the mouth-tailed snake Represents eternal life. The watch’s two-color and double-circle winding strap adds endless energy and charm to the watch, which is the most beautiful interpretation from any angle.

Pink gold crown set with pink red tourmaline
   Diamonds and gemstones are always the most irresistible temptation for women. The watch has a chic crown at 3 o’clock, made of rose gold, and an egg-shaped cut red tourmaline inlaid on the top. .

The case has a beautiful outline and smooth lines
   Every detail of the watch represents the brand’s superb and excellent watchmaking skills, such as serpentine winding lines, vivid and realistic, showing the mysterious magic. The watch is equipped with a Calibre B033 quartz movement customized by Bvlgari, and the time is accurate.

In summary: all Serpenti series of Bulgari works contain the power of the ‘snake’ totem. Whether it is a watch, bracelet, necklace or handbag, they respect and respect history. This SerpentiTubogas watch is made with unique craftsmanship, combining classic and innovative elements, showing a flexible and flexible work, amazing!