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The Radar Table Is To Show Different Ones

The ceramic ceramic digital automatic watch (Ceramica Digital Automatic) can be called the pioneer of radar indicator, with infinite creativity to reinterpret the minimalist and innovative brand spirit of the ceramic series.
The overall ceramic series digital mechanical watch is powered by an automatic quartz movement and uses digital liquid crystal to display the time. The entire watch is made of black shiny high-tech ceramics. Pure digital figures and high-tech ceramics are perfectly reflected. The power reserve is up to 120 days. The radar watch deconstructs the two technologies of ‘digital’ and ‘high-tech ceramics. High-tech ceramics have always been the field of R & D, and the world’s first all-ceramic model was launched in 1989 as a whole ceramic series. Today, we have taken it to the next level, using an automatic quartz movement to generate energy, but the time display is not a traditional hand, but an LCD digital time display. At the same time, high-tech ceramics are used as the material of the models, and a new ceramic mechanical digital watch with an elegant style is newly created. The arc-shaped sapphire crystal veneer seamlessly fits the high-tech ceramic case. Through the mirror’s elegant gray figures, it is so purely leapfrogged on the black surface. At 12 o’clock, the radar symbol image symbol appears in digital style for the first time. The creative use of technology shows simply another aspect of time and date.
The overall ceramic series digital mechanical watch is equipped with an ETA automatic quartz movement, which is embedded with 10 gemstones, drives the surface digital jump, and has a power reserve of up to 120 days. Show the confidence of the radar meter in its own process technology. The mechanical aesthetics of the sapphire crystal back cover and the front digital LCD dial highlight the contrasting beauty. Through the sapphire crystal back cover, you can see the beauty of the movement. Radar is the world’s first well-known Swiss brand to use high-tech ceramics as the material of its models. Ninety percent of the models of the radar watch are made of ceramics, so high-tech ceramics have become synonymous with radar watches. High-tech ceramics have a hardness of up to 1900 Vickers, which is not easy to wear and resist corrosion. It can still be new even if worn for a long time. In addition to its light weight, it also has a high degree of skin-friendly properties, which can change its temperature with the body temperature. This time, the classic and legendary ceramic ceramic series of radar watch incorporates digital fashion and fun word-jumping creativity, allowing designers and craftsmen to show the brilliant style of radar watch watchmaking technology and digital aesthetics, concisely and vividly present the modern beauty.