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Rugby League Superstar Dan Carter Transforms Into A Tag Heuer Watchmaker

Rugby Union superstar Dan Carter demonstrated his watchmaking skills during his visit to TAG Heuer in Sydney.
   In preparation for the Rugby World Cup 2015, Dan accompanied by General Manager Philip Richards and the watchmaking team, Dan visited TAG Heuer’s Sydney headquarters.
   Carter enjoys a good reputation as the best receiving avant-garde in the rugby world. Under the guidance of the brand’s professional watchmaker, he successfully adjusted TAG Heuer’s homemade 1887 chronograph.
   Carter also performed well in another event that tested the highest scorer in rugby history, receiving warm applause from the TAG Heuer watchmaking team.
   Carter said: ‘After understanding the complexity of the internal movement and the master craftsmanship of the watchmaker, I can now appreciate my watch better.’
   Philip Richards, general manager of TAG Heuer, also praised Carter’s performance as a rookie watchmaker. Richards said: ‘Dan is restless in front of the watchmaking table. He has strong hands, which is a necessary condition for making mechanical watches. Although a group of experts are standing around, he is under pressure and can’t relax.
   After taking a watchmaking course, in return Carter taught TAG Heuer watchmakers how to play a volleyball under pressure. ‘I think it’s a bigger challenge for Dan to teach our watchmakers how to play football!’ Richards said.
   In September, Carter will travel to the United Kingdom to participate in the Rugby World Cup, and TAG Heuer wishes him all the best and success.

2017 Longines Diana Racing Grand Prix Elegantly Staged, The New Masterpiece Series Praises The Annual Fashion Event

[June 18, 2017, Chantilly, France / Soymia, Switzerland] The world’s largest filly flat horse race ‘Longines Diana Longines’ (Prix de Diane Longines) Dressed in Chantilly, a horse racing resort on the northern outskirts of Paris. In the attention of the audience, jockey Stéphane Pasquier led the horse racing ‘Senga’ to cross the finish line and win the championship. The famous Swiss watchmaker Longines has been the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch for the seventh consecutive year, and has awarded Longines timepieces to award-winning jockeys, horse owners and trainers. While the horses are galloping on the field, the ladies wearing gorgeous costumes and bowlers will spend elegant time off the field. In the end, Marih-Sara Ennceiri won the ‘Mademoiselle Diane par Longines’ award. Longines watch elegant ambassador and American alpine skier Mikaela Schifflin came to the scene to present her a Longines watch series. On the eve of the race, Longines proudly unveiled a new series of timepieces from famous craftsmen, showing the long-standing pursuit of tradition, elegance and outstanding performance of Longines and horse racing.

Longines ambassador for elegance, Michela Schifflin

‘Longines Diana Grand Prix’-French elegance on horseback

   On June 18, 2017, the 168th Longines Diana Racing Grand Prix was staged in the picturesque Chantilly Racecourse, presenting exciting racing matches for the audience. Among them, Longines Diana Racing Grand Prix brings together the world’s top female horses to compete in the same field. In the end, Jockey Stéphane Pasquier took the horse racing ‘Senga’ to win the championship. This year is the seventh time that Longines has been a title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch. Longines teamed up with the elegant image ambassador and American alpine skier Mikaela Schifflin to present winning Longines master watches to winning jockeys, owners and trainers. At the same time, the ‘Longines Future Racing Stars’ presented by Longines is a stage for young players around the world to compete. In the end, South African jockey Mpumelelo Mjoka bravely won the horse racing ‘Beaupreau’ and was awarded a horse racing training scholarship and a fine Longines timepiece.

Mr. Walter von Känel, President of Longines Global, and Mr. Yang Shuo, a friend of Longines brand

   Against the romantic and charming scenery of Chantilly, riders and horses gallop on the green field, and well-dressed ladies are blooming in the field. Ms. Marih-Sara Ennceiri, who won the “Longines Miss Diana Elegance” award on the same day, was awarded the Longines Fine Timepiece, a race-specific watch from the Longines Masterpieces series. This model has a stainless steel case, diamond hour markers on the blue sun-dial dial, and a blue leather strap. At the same time, Longines specially invited the famous actor Mr. Yang Shuo as a friend of the brand to enjoy this elegant horse racing feast.

Celebrity series new product launch conference-classic new bright colors

Mr. Walter von Känel, Global President of Longines and Mikaela Schifflin, Ambassador of Longines

   On the evening of June 17, the eve of the ‘Longines Diana Horse Racing Grand Prix’, Longines held a new product launch conference in the center of Paris. Longines’ elegant image ambassador Mikaela Schifflin and Longines Global President Huo Kai Mr. Walter von Känel came to the scene and jointly unveiled the new timepiece.

   Since its birth in 2005, the Longines masterpiece series has been highly sought after for its pure interpretation of watchmaking tradition. The famous craftsman series combines high-quality watchmaking craftsmanship with classic elegant design, presenting surprises and fun to the wrist for watch lovers. In 2017, at the 185th anniversary of the brand, Longines took the opportunity to launch a new masterpiece series watch with a colored dial as the highlight. The designated watch of the ‘Longines Diana Grand Prix’ is also a Longines masterpiece series stainless steel watch. Blue sunray dial with striking rhodium-plated hands showing hours, minutes and seconds. The blue dial model can be matched with the same-color alligator leather strap, showing a harmonious beauty.

Longines Masters Watch Series Number: L2.893.4.92.6 Suggested Retail Price: New Price

   Longines master craftsmanship combines high-quality watchmaking craftsmanship with classic elegant design, presenting surprises and fun to the wrist for watch lovers. This year, Longines launches a new series of masterpieces with a colored dial as the highlight. Stainless steel case with a diameter of 42 mm, the blue sun-printed dial shows the hours, minutes and seconds with striking rhodium-plated hands. Equipped with L888 self-winding mechanical movement and a stainless steel bracelet.