2013 Shanghai International Horse Culture Festival And Longines Shanghai Celebrity Invitational Tournament

The 2013 Shanghai International Horse Culture Festival will be grandly opened on the Bund in Shanghai’s southeast on December 7th. It is a 9-day equestrian history and culture festival. A grand event integrating various horse cultural elements such as performances, selection exhibitions, etc .; it is also the first international-level large-scale equestrian event in Shanghai in the past 12 years.

As early as 1850, Shanghai established China’s first large-scale racecourses in People’s Square and Jiangwan in the city center. After an interval of 163 years, the Shanghai International Horse Culture Festival appeared in Shencheng, not only marking the development achievements of the Shanghai equestrian sport, but also containing a long-lost feeling. As China’s business center and financial center, Shanghai is undoubtedly the best location for equestrian sports. Rich resources will fully promote the rapid development of equestrian career.

Ma Shang (Shanghai) Investment Management Co., Ltd. is devoted to creating the Shanghai International Horse Culture Festival. The Horse Culture Festival is only to highlight and spread the historical heritage of Chinese horse culture, to share the distinguished and elegant temperament of equestrianism, and to promote the knighthood spirit extended by the equestrian sport. More than 80 horses participated in the horse culture festival, including equestrian, dancing, working and performing horses.

As the star of the first Shanghai International Horse Culture Festival, the Longines Shanghai Celebrity Invitational Tournament will run from December 13th to 15th. The famous Swiss watch manufacturer Longines, as the title sponsor, served as the official timing and official watch for this event. At that time, the audience can enjoy the top international riders from Britain, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Australia, and compete with the invited Chinese riders. Among them, 6 Chinese riders participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics equestrian events.

The Longines Shanghai Celebrity Invitational Tournament introduced the ladder obstacle course for the first time, which not only tested the professionalism of the riders, but also challenged their brave spirit. Due to the high level of rider participation, the game system is clear and easy to understand, and the viewing is greatly improved. The riders must first cross 10 obstacles that gradually increase in height. The 11th 1.55 meter command point has a very appropriate and interesting name ‘Joker’, also known as ‘Devil Jump’. In the face of this last barrier, riders can choose to jump or not jump, and there will be a substantial increase in points if the challenge is successful; points will be deducted if the ‘devil jump’ is abandoned or the challenge fails. Ladder obstacle course is the only format in which obstacles can occur.

Along with the Longines Celebrity Invitational Tournament, the Club Elite and Youth Invitational Tournament was held at the same time, hoping to use this exchange and competition platform to accumulate more domestic competition experience for domestic riders and cultivate the enthusiasm for motivating youngsters to participate in equestrian sports.

181Longines, which has a history of 181 years, has participated in supporting equestrian sports for more than 130 years. This time, together with Ma Shang China and professional teams at home and abroad, only to present international and high-standard equestrian sports. Ma Shang China specially invited a team of British H-PowerGroup experts led by Simon Brooks-Ward to provide technical support for the Horse Culture Festival and the Longines Celebrity Invitational. H-Power has held a large horse show for the 60th anniversary celebration of the Queen of England in 2012. They also have a lot of experience in the organization and operation of equestrian events, including the annual London Olympia International Equestrian Festival and the Royal Windsor Equestrian Festival.

雷 Stephen Raine, a three-star obstacle designer from the United Kingdom’s International Horse Federation (FEI), is the technical consultant and designer of the Longines Shanghai Celebrity Invitational Race. Oliver Hoberg, who is responsible for the equestrian venue construction, is from Germany. He was also responsible for the equestrian venue construction for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games. Stephen Helwig, also from Germany, served as referee.

In order to protect the health and welfare of horses, Ma Shang China invited three professional veterinarians from the Shanghai team to sit on the scene. At the same time, out of consideration of standardizing and maintaining order on the field, we also specially purchased fence boards and mopping mats from abroad for veterinarians to treat injured horses on the spot. This is also the first time that this professional horse medical treatment procedure has been adopted in a domestic event.

Shanghai International Horse Culture Festival, as China’s unique equestrian sports culture grand event, focuses on the details and the professionalism. The world’s leading manufacturer of tents, Riddle, has built four large tent structures, 38 meters wide and 200 meters long, for the Horse Culture Festival in Shanghai’s South Bund, along the river front, creating the most equestrian history in China.

 In addition, this horse culture festival also arranged a variety of entertainment activities to meet the needs of different levels, so that everyone can appreciate the universality of horses as a unique culture. ‘Leaping the Pu River-Dancing Horse Bund’, which contains European style and the charm of Chinese ethnic minorities, combines elegant opera and dazzling stunts to present the history of 4,000 years of Chinese horse culture to the world. There are also various forms of interactive activities, horse culture exhibitions, and professional forums, so that more people can feel the charm of equestrian sports and participate in it to experience unlimited fun. The ‘2013 Royal Banquet’ was also staged at the same time, when many industry leaders, celebrities and VIPs at home and abroad gathered to exchange ideas on the fusion of East and West Malaysian culture and creativity, and to share a feast of ‘creative culture, wisdom and spirit’.