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Watch Friends Welfare Swiss Watch Purchase Will Be Less Than 40% Willful Take

Recently, the author learned from Beijing Xidan Shopping Center’s Hengli World Watch Center that Hengli is holding an “employee welfare in-app purchase meeting” to thank the employees, relatives and friends of Xidan Shopping Center for their long-term support. This in-app purchase will last until July 3, for the majority of watch friends, of course, the most important thing is the price. After understanding, all brands at the in-app purchase will enjoy different levels of discounts, and some models Below 40% off, at the same time, there will be free watch appearance maintenance service at the event site.

    During the visit, the author learned that the brands that can be bought at the internal purchase fair are Tissot, Movado, Ebolus, Hamilton, Radar, Oris, Plum Blossom, Raymond Weil, Amyron, Tiger TAG Heuer, Tudor, Bucherer, Longines, Omega and many other famous Swiss watchmaking brands, there are some very classic styles. In fact, in-house purchases of luxury watches have long been an open secret in the industry. Regardless of Richemont Group, Swatch Group, Cosmopolitan Group and major distributors, there are in-store purchase meetings almost every year. Open to the public, you need to invite or acquaintances to participate, but in general, as long as you know the time and place, you can actually enjoy the discount directly.

    The discount of the in-purchase activity of the Hengli World Watch Center is still very tempting. For normal purchases, according to the industry’s general discount level, it is about 10% off, and some brands of internal purchases can enjoy less than 40%. At the same time, there are indeed some watches worth buying at the in-app purchase meeting, but the good ones don’t wait for anyone. Interested friends hurry up.

More details:
Activity time: June 28th-July 3rd, 2016
Address: Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, Xidan Shopping Center, 120 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Opening hours: 10: 00-18: 00
Explained that users of ‘Watch House’ will get more benefits

Breitling Sponsors Reno Flight Race Again

For many years, Breitling has sponsored the performances of many extraordinary performance teams around the world, resulting in a very high appeal in the flying industry. Ive also participated in this performance mission. Won countless applause and support from the audience. Yves was one of the earliest players of the Breitling Flight Watch.

 The House of Watches learned that, founded in 1964, and until 2013, the Reno flying race has been going on for half a century, and each race has won countless excitement and stunning looks. Every September, hundreds of spectators gather in the desert of Nevada to enjoy the famous ‘Tower’ competition. Airplanes can fly at speeds of more than 500 miles and only a few feet above the ground. As the main sponsor of the event, Breitling actively supports this bold and in-depth competition.