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Fei Yada Spokesman Gu Tianle Appeared In Harbin

On August 23, 2014, Gu Tianle, the brand spokesperson for Fiyta, will be unveiled in Harbin, a famous city in the snow and ice, at the Nangang Store in Songlei Commercial Building, to hold the new “Fidelity of Time” 2014 photographer series watches At the press conference, the latest watch styles released this year will be displayed to the guests. In this famous northeast city with the reputation of ‘Pearl City under the Swan’, Fiyta will meet you to record the most beautiful moments together.
  Photographer series discovering time stories
  At this conference, Fiyta will bring you 2014 new photographer series masterpieces. The Fiyta Photographer’s Watch series uses cutouts, threads and other elements to interpret design inspiration from the retro or modern camera on the wrist. The design of the hollow dial can provide insight into the beauty of the movement of the movement, and the bottom cover of the watch is a wonderful reproduction of the ‘camera lens’. The shape of the inner surface of the disc is inspired by the lens picks of old cameras; the inner scale of the disc is inspired by the rotation of the camera. Retro rose gold, strength and beauty are in harmony. The charm of the photographer lies in the beauty of the moment and the true meaning of life. Every little bit of leaps and bounds in his eyes. The ‘quality’ of time is reflected in life and saves time. The Fiyta photographer series discovers the story of time along the way and captures the happy time.
  Star Airborne Writing Love Time
  At that time, Mr. Gu Tianle will be present at the conference site and communicate with the guests at zero distance. In addition, Gu Tianle participated in the design of the photographer’s special charity watch series, which will also be exhibited at this event. This watch is inspired by the mechanical camera shape, the classic all-black design, embellished with fluorescent green, giving the watch a modern electronic camera with a sense of technology. With a pin-and-dial structure, it brings an innovative reading experience. This watch is available in three styles. Firstly, you can use the threaded ring of the watch itself; secondly, it is mysterious and cool with a leather-like cover; thirdly, the connection ring of the ‘camera lens edge’ is screwed to make the camera lens look more vivid. A variety of style changes, as if the watch ‘face change’, increase the fun of playing, and suitable for a variety of occasions. Limited edition of 100 pieces worldwide
  Fiyta has always believed that helping more people realize their dreams is the dream that is more enjoyable. For many years, Fiyta has been dedicated to charity. This year, Fiyta has designated this watch as a ‘charity special model’ and donated the sales proceeds to the ‘China Teacher Development Foundation’ to fund poor teachers in Yunnan and Guizhou. Passing on dreams is endless, which will express the spirit of big love dreams contained in the Fiyta brand.

  Details of the event
  Those who buy Fiyta watches from August 16th to August 31st will have the opportunity to receive exquisite gifts, and have the opportunity to personally take a photo with Gu Tianle at the conference site of Songgang Commercial Building Nangang Store to experience the new photographer series together. Watch. During the event, there are special table purchases. For details, please contact 0451-536654668.

Watch configuration
Model: GA8488.BBB
Name: Fiyta Photographer Series 2014 Charity Special
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel, IP black plated
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire crystal
Bottom cover: perspective, engraving lens form
Strap: stainless steel, IP black plated
Diameter: 42mm
Waterproof: 5ATM
Limited: 100 pieces
This watch is currently available for pre-order

Model: GA8482.WCW
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel
Mirror: Sapphire glass
Bottom cover: perspective, engraving lens form
Strap: stainless steel
Diameter: 42mm
Waterproof: 5ATM

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Tag Heuer Calella Calibre 1887 Chronograph Mclaren 40th Anniversary Special Edition Released

To pay tribute to the most successful partnership in the field of motorsports-TAG Heuer and Mc Laren team launch the new Calella Calibre 1887 chronograph to celebrate McLaren team 1974 In 40 years, he won the first F1 championship trophy.

   In 1964, in order to pay tribute to the most difficult road race in the racing world at that time, the Carrera Pan-American Road Race in Mexico, Mr. Tag Heuer, the fourth generation of TAG Heuer, personally developed the Carrera Carrera series of watches He is well versed in motorsport. He knows that only watches with wide and clear dials and water-resistant shock-proof cases can go hand in hand with them in the tough competition environment. In the 21st century, racing is still the eternal source of inspiration for the Carrera series, and the development of watchmaking technology also promotes the development of motorsport.
   The new Calella Calibre 1887 Chronograph McLaren 40th Anniversary Special Edition has a white dial with 3 auxiliary chronograph dials, and the iconic orange-inlaid central chronograph hands of the McLaren sports car. Scratch-resistant ceramic bezel with speedometer scale and special ‘McLAREN 1974 EDITION’ inscription. The caseback is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and is engraved with a special ‘1974 McLAREN’ logo and 40th anniversary lettering. Hidden under the watch is TAG Heuer’s 100% Calibre 1887 movement. The exquisite black dial is decorated with two gray stripes and a red line, while the hands and the hand-assembled Arabic numerals are treated with a special ‘black gold’ coating. The 43mm polished stainless steel case with black rubber strap with embossed tire pattern, real racing allusions and professional racing design, is a rare and amazing timepiece.
Retail Price: 42,800 RMB
About TAG Heuer:
   Since 150 years, TAG Heuer has established a supreme reputation in the watchmaking industry. It has been regarded as a pioneer in the Swiss watchmaking industry. From a high-end hand-made watchmaking family, it has gradually grown into the pursuit of perfect technology and from A high-end avant-garde watch brand that does not succumb to pressure.
   Faster, smaller, more powerful, more precise: TAG Heuer has chosen to accept the challenge, sweep through all difficulties, and lead the field of watchmaking to a new and unknown area.
    In 1860, TAG Heuer was founded by Edouard Heuer in Saint-Imier. With infinite technological innovation, it has made many remarkable achievements in the field of high-end watchmaking, making watches in the world. Many ‘firsts’ are left in the first roster: the world’s first oscillating gear was invented in 1887, and it is still a key component of contemporary chronographs; the Mikrograph, created in 1916, is the world’s first accurate 1 / 100-second stopwatch; created the world’s first automatic chronograph movement with an automatic rotary axis in 1969; Monaco V4 Tourbillon, the world’s first belt-driven tourbillon watch in 2014.
   As a watch brand of the LVMH Group, TAG Heuer has always pushed time control to a new level of coexistence of luxury performance and precision. Its outstanding design and craftsmanship have made it the foundation of the Swiss watchmaking elite organization, the Foundation for Fine Watches (FHH). At the same time, at the Geneva Watch Awards, Carrera Mikrogirder won the ‘Golden Hand’ award, the highest honor in the world of watchmaking, with its ultra-precise accuracy of 5 ten thousandths of a second.
   TAG Heuer has always cooperated with outstanding people in many industries, because like TAG Heuer, they also change the era in their field and leave their own indelible mark: the 2013 Golden Globe winner Cristiano Ronaldo; F1 Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes team and its champion Jenson Button; five-time Grand Slam winner, tennis champion Maria. Maria Sharapova; the new FIA Formula E Championship is the world’s first electric racing series Formula E; Sébastien Ogier and his World Racing Rally Championship team Volkswagen Team ; Monaco Automobile Club and Monaco Grand Prix; actor and driver Patrick Dempsey; and legendary movie superstars Cameron Diaz, Steve McQueen, and Shahruk ( Shah Rukh). Like these exemplary men and women, TAG Heuer never follows It is leading the direction; never beaten track, it changes time.

Jaquet Droz Jacques Dro Builds A Fantasy Starry Journey

The popular Korean drama ‘You From the Stars’ has ended perfectly, and the love of the episode beyond time and space has moved countless audiences. Maybe you have begun to fall in love, but as a star fan, do you know that the concept of ‘time’ comes from human observation of the laws of the sun and the moon, thus generating units and calendars that measure time? .

 If you ca n’t keep you from the stars, let’s spend time on your wrists, and you can see a bright starry sky between square inches, bringing unlimited imagination. To this end, Jaquet Droz has carefully selected three starry element watches from the Paris collection, ‘wearing’ you into a journey of time and space and experience the ultimate beauty.

Time Star (The Heure Céleste)

 Look up at the sky and feel such a vast and starry sky. The Heure Céleste collection embraces the ultimate dream-that is infinite. The entire galaxy is painted with red gold on a blank canvas of onyx, and the stars are diamonds. The Heure Céleste subverts the basic principles of watchmaking, breaks through the limitations of drawing, and reflects this wonder through an innovative bezel and sapphire crystal. This three-dimensional dream is concentrated in a 41 mm case.

 How to show the extreme beauty of the starry night sky is the challenge faced by The Heure Céleste. This series of watches conceived and designed by Jacques Dro, decorated with sparkling diamonds, perfectly shows the night sky full of dreams, as if a frame freezes the magical moment into the eternal photographic work.

 The Heure Céleste watch exudes joy and sparkles, which is so eye-catching. The watch’s red and gold case is set against a precious diamond-encrusted setting, revealing its elegance. The ingenious use of beautiful diamonds shows the gorgeous style of watches.

Jaquet Droz builds a fantasy starry sky journey

The Heure Céleste J005023521

Black Onyx Dial

18K red gold case and sphere

Spherical setting with 123 diamonds

Buckle set with 24 diamonds

0.77 carats total diamonds

Self-winding movement

68-hour power reserve

41 mm diameter

Price: ¥ 278,500

Petite Heure Minute 35mm series

 Jacques D’Oro has always been committed to combining traditional technology and innovative ideas, and this time is of course no exception. The brand chooses a case with a diameter of 35 mm to create a delicate and elegant women’s watch, which is determined to inherit the exquisite craftsmanship of watchmakers.

 Jacques Dro has specially equipped the Petite Heure Minute series with a new case with a self-winding mechanical movement 2653, allowing women to easily capture the fleeting moments, leaving a series of happy memories, full of sincerity. Sophisticated mechanical techniques complement the feminine elegance of the charming Chamber.

 The unique dial technology of Jacques DeRobe is the culmination of manual technology and aesthetic craftsmanship. Put on the Petite Heure Minute Aventurine watch. The deep blue aventurine dial matches the crocodile leather strap, triggering romantic imagination and taking you to the stars. The layout is symmetrical and uniform, and the aesthetic feel is like classical architecture, and the touch is as delicate as precious fabrics. After some research and development, the brand finally found a strap material that perfectly matched the color and luster, creating a flawless wrist watch.

 Petite Heure Minute 35MM J005000570

Aventurine dial

Stainless steel case

Self-winding movement

68-hour power reserve

35 mm diameter

Suggested retail price: 72,000 RMB

Petite Heure Minute 35 mm women’s watch

 Jaquet Droz Petite Heure Minute 35 mm watch pays tribute to the charm of today’s women with stainless steel and mother-of-pearl! For the first time, Jacques de Ronaldo chooses all-steel steel for women’s watches. The stainless steel on the table and the diamonds of the dark blue mother-of-pearl and the stars are brilliant. The noble and elegant mother-of-pearl is carefully carved and cut into a unique disc with brilliant light; as the wrist shakes, the light and shadow change, showing a royal blue, aqua blue, cobalt blue or indigo blue tone. Legend has it that the seven-pointed star is a symbol of mystery and powerful magic. Eight seven-pointed stars are scattered on the dial rays, which outline a magnificent and deep night sky.

 This homage to today’s women combines the finest contemporary watchmaking craftsmanship: a built-in Jacques de Roche 2653 mechanical movement with a 68-hour power reserve and a bezel set with 160 diamonds. The glory of the sun and the mystery of the night are perfectly blended here. Petite Heure Minute 35 mm combines all the charm of women into a new jewellery watch of the elegant poetic-Elegance Paris series.

 Petite Heure Minute 35mm J005000170

Dark blue mother-of-pearl dial with sunray stripes

Stainless steel case set with 160 diamonds (1.016 carats)

Self-winding movement

68-hour power reserve

35 mm diameter

Suggested retail price: RMB143,000