2014 There Will Be A ‘watch’ Soon.

Adhering to the brand concept of ‘innovation, originating from tradition’, the official Swiss APP of the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot is officially launched today. Since its establishment in 1853, Tissot has been a pioneer in watchmaking and innovative technology. This innovative spirit is reflected not only in a wide range of products, but also in active and changeable marketing methods and communication tools. In 2014, Tissot China, while offering exquisite watches to consumers, also brought a mobile APP that integrates practicality, entertainment and service. Through this official app, consumers can instantly check Tissot’s store and repair network, products and activities information, and the first-hand accurate data is under control.

In addition, Tissot China’s official app is more fun and interactive-I hope to ‘play with the times’ with you and win exciting prizes! As soon as the year started, the very competitive “Time Snatch Battle” hit hard! Users only need to download the APP, accept and complete the official city sign-in task in real time, and then they can participate in the valuable ‘snatch’ of luxury watches. This event is open to the whole country. The participation mode is simple. While accepting the challenge of the ultimate task, the participants can also increase their chances of getting lucky and winning prizes by means of ‘match friends’ and ‘collect badges’.