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Painted Horses Get Their Feet First, Longines Global Equestrian Championship Is Not Hot First

On May 28, nineteen beautifully-painted art horses made their way to the main stadium of the Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship. As the equestrian event with the highest level, the largest international influence, and the strongest viewing event ever held in mainland China, the event has received enthusiastic support from all sectors of society. Recently, CITIC Pacific Plaza has donated all of its nineteen art painted horses as the treasures of the year of the horse to the event operator Jiushi event company, expressing its good wishes for the successful global equestrian event.

Mr. Shushu Liu, the director of the promotion department of CITIC Pacific Plaza, representing the donor of art painting horses, said that it is an honor for CITIC Pacific Plaza to stand up and support the competition.

Every piece of art is painted by the works of young artists from different countries in Asia

Mr. Gu Jiqing, Deputy General Manager of Jiusi Event, awarded a commemorative certificate to CITIC Pacific Representatives

 These extremely artistic and colorful horses are designed by young Asian artists, and their artistic creations are integrated with their exquisite creativity and unique ideas. These artistic painted horses will become an artistic landscape in the equestrian arena during the event, corresponding to the wonderful equestrian events.
 During the event, audience friends can interact and take photos with the artistic painted horses at the arena. The operator of the event will also launch a series of interesting WeChat activities around the participating horses and artistic horses. There will also be a signing session for riders and equestrian training , As well as fun activities with traditional equestrian events, rich interactive activities will help everyone appreciate the unique culture, connotation and aesthetics of equestrian sports. It is hoped that the event can bring more wonderful experiences and memories of horse culture to the audience.
 Today, while the artistically painted Ma Jiezu first entered the arena, participating European horses have gathered at the Liege Airport in Belgium, waiting for the first trip to China. On May 31st and June 2nd, the highly anticipated distinguished horse racing will arrive in batches. Spectators will soon appreciate the orthopaedic postures of these European horses at the equestrian stadium directly south of the China Art Palace from June 6th to 8th.
As a special guest of this event, the artistic painted horses presented in front of everyone today will be eagerly looking forward to the unveiling of the Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship and the blessing of ‘success to the horse.’ The event is coming.

Let us look forward to it together!