2015 Basel Watch Show: Louis Vuitton Lv Three Questions World Time

Designed for those world travellers who focus on their personal style and business travellers seeking exclusive funds, Louis Vuitton’s new Escale World Time Minute Repeater watch breaks the boundaries of creativity again. It also continues to draw inspiration from the long history and legendary hard case of Louis Vuitton. In this era of increasingly blurred national borders, Louis Vuitton has cleverly blended two elegantly complex movements: the minute repeater and the world time function. The combination of the two is to reshape the contours of the new era on the basis of adherence to traditional and complex machinery, and to present a completely different watch for those who travel frequently around the world.

The ESCALE World Time Minute Repeater is equipped with a LV235 manual winding mechanical movement independently developed and installed by La Fabrique du Temps. The dial is a colorful city disk hand-painted by a technician from La Fabrique du Temps.

Cases that entice you to travel
With its rose gold (bezel, lugs, crown) and titanium (middle) case, the Escale World Time Minute Repeater is reminiscent of a long journey. Like a hard case carrying a very rare movement, the contour design of the case is inspired by the long history and travel art of Louis Vuitton, and the lugs around the case are reminiscent of the eight corners of the classic travel hard case Get metal edging design. Inspired by the design of the secret mezzanine, the Escale World Time Minute Repeater has two secret functions controlled by a minute repeater and a push-button crown.
Thanks to its 44 mm diameter, 11.75 mm thickness and slim bezel, the 24 time zones on the elegant dial of the Escale World Time Minute Repeater can be clearly read. The low-key, restrained rose gold lugs in the eight o’clock direction are converted into simple three-question pushers, which can report the home time of the watch wearer with the crown set in a pleasant voice. The sapphire crystal can be seen through the transparent case back of the mechanically-manufactured manual winding movement. It was developed and assembled completely independently by watchmakers at the La Fabrique du Temps watchmaking workshop in Geneva.
A new minute repeater
The traditional minute repeater watch according to the user’s needs, tap the local time displayed by the central indicator. In the design of the Escale World Time Minute Repeater, the watchmakers at La Fabrique du Temps have pushed the art of Minute to the top, allowing the owner who owns this watch to hear his hometown’s Time, no matter what country he is in at this moment. Setting his home time zone is easy. Just align the ‘V’ rose gold octagonal crown with the front of the dial. In this position, the rivet on the top of the crown becomes a single button, which is used to set the ‘home time’ reported by the minute repeater. At the heart of the watch, the minute repeater is made of ultra-lightweight and durable titanium material, which achieves excellent timekeeping sound quality.
Unique World Time Functions
The dial of the watch is composed of three independent discs and can be adjusted by a single crown. Independently developed and installed by La Fabrique du Temps, this World Time Minute Repeater is equipped with a mechanical manual winding movement with only 447 components and a 100-hour power reserve. The large outer ring on the outer side of the dial features the initials of 24 cities around the world on two rings. Rotate the crown to control the rotation of the ring (crown position one), so that the reference city is just below the yellow arrow pointing at 12 o’clock. The middle disc rotates permanently to display the hour, and the disc is divided into two semicircles, black and white, to distinguish between day and night. The smaller central dial uses a contrasting digital design to accurately display the minute readings. The hours and minutes are set by crown position two.
This very original ‘No-Indicator World Time’ dial was conceived and implemented by the watchmakers at the La Fabrique du Temps Fine Watchmaking Workshop in Louis Vuitton. Designed to allow the owner of the watch to instantly read the time in the 24 time zones defined and formally established by Sir Sir Stanford Fleming in 1884. Therefore, by simply glancing at the first letter of any city on the dial of the Escale World Time Minute Repeater, you can see at a glance the exact hour of the time zone represented by this city; and the yellow arrow pointing only at 12 o’clock is fixed. Let the minutes read naturally.
A dial with world colors
Historically, Louis Vuitton has provided its customers with hand-painted colored stripes on custom hard cases, initials of names, geometric patterns, and family crests. This colorful and geometric custom tradition is the inspiration behind the dial design of the Escale World Time Minute Repeater. In the exclusive workshop of La Fabrique du Temps, the craftsman needs 40 hours to draw each dial with the technique of miniature oil painting. Thirty-eight colors were drawn one by one, and they were continuously painted with extremely fine brush and stroke techniques, and then dried in an oven at 100 degrees Celsius.
The result is attractive color brightness, slightly embossed effects, and advanced color contrast. This visual effect is magnified by the space between the dial and the surface of the sapphire crystal. In order not to hinder the movement of the three movable dials on the dial, the rose gold triangle in the center of the dial and the yellow arrow pointing at 12 o’clock (the only fixed part on the dial for reading the reference city time zone) are placed directly on the sapphire crystal Below the surface.