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What Brand Of Seiko Watch Is It Good Or Not?

SEIKO watch is one of the most common watch brands, and his exquisite and smart appearance makes many people like it very much. But for those who do not know the watch very well, there will be questions such as ‘What brand of SEIKO watch is it, and how much is it?’ SEIKO watch is actually a ‘Seiko Watch’ brand from Japan. The following watch home will introduce SEIKO watches, friends who are not familiar with this brand can come and take a look.

   Seiko (SEIKO) is a famous Japanese watch company. Founded in 1881, the founder is Hattori Kintaro. The company’s original name was Hattori Timing Shop, which was changed to Seikosha in 1892. In 1924, the first Seiko watch was born, which opened a glorious page for Seiko watches. It is worth mentioning that Seiko not only manufactures watches, but also the largest watch movement manufacturer and supplier in Japan and South Korea, and is also the parent company of EPSON, a computer printer manufacturer.

   Seiko and Casio also infused technology into watches and advocated the development of ‘humanized technology’. Humanized technology has created an interactive connection between watch products and the wearer. This is inseparable from Seiko’s belief that ‘watches are private friends.’ The best watch should have a tacit feeling that fits the wearer, and the functions provided by the watch can bring the wearer a sense of peace and reliability and emotional satisfaction.

   The most proud of Seiko is Spring
The birth of the Drive movement. This movement is based on the dream of a young engineer, Akane Hawa: ‘How can I make a watch driven by a spring, with an accuracy of plus or minus one second per day, and a durable watch?’ So Akabane Haoka started researching in 1977. After countless failures, he finally realized this dream at the cost of 28 years. Subsequent to breakthrough technological innovations in each watchmaking process, Akabane and his team finally succeeded. In 2005, Seiko welcomed Spring
The era of Drive.

   In the movement of a mechanical watch, the escape wheel is blocked once by the fork, and then released again after a tooth is blocked, and it repeats itself. This process achieves accurate division of the energy transmitted from the mainspring. The function of dividing time comes from the back and forth swing of the balance wheel, because each time the balance wheel swings, the fork shoe will perform the corresponding action to make the escape wheel skip a tooth. The direct reflection of the result is the jump of the second hand. While Spring
The mechanical energy generated by the mainspring of the Drive generates electrical energy from the system operation; the electrical energy activates the quartz crystal oscillator, and then the speed of the sliding wheel and the pointer is regulated by continuous and smooth electromagnetic braking. The sliding wheel rotates in one direction, thereby avoiding the wear and tear caused by swinging back and forth, left and right; Spring
The movement of the entire mechanism of the Drive movement always maintains the same direction. One-way rotation solves the old problem that the traditional escapement is easy to wear for 250 years. And makes the movement of the escapement system smooth and continuous.
   Although Seiko watches are in the world’s watch rankings, they belong to five categories of people-friendly watches. However, there are also low-end models and high-end models. The prices of low-end models are more than 1,000 yuan. Usually the styles from 2,700 yuan to 3,500 yuan are the most popular. The price of Seiko high-end watches is very expensive, can reach more than 100,000 yuan.
Seiko Classic Series
   Grand Seiko Collection

   Since its birth in 1960, Grand
The Seiko series has always adhered to the unique style of clear elegance, aiming at ‘the world’s best practical watch’ and pursuing the highest level of basic functions such as high precision, legibility and durability. Grand
Seiko series watches always represent SEIKO’s top watchmaking craftsmanship.
   Premier Collection

   The Premier series combines classical inspiration with modern interpretations. It is SEIKO’s main fashion watch. Premier’s design is inspired by the beautiful beauty of neoclassical architecture. Premier is classic, modern, follows tradition, and is bold and innovative.
   Astron series

   In 1969, the first Astron watch started the global quartz revolution, interpreting the accuracy of the ‘seconds of the year’ to its peak. 2012 SEIKO
(Seiko) once again under the name of Astron, launched the world’s first GPS satellite positioning solar power watch, which can receive 4 or more satellite signals, identify your time zone and adjust to the precise local time.
   Lukia Collection

   The Lukia series was born in September 1995. It is a charming women’s watch series full of sparkling texture. The unique name of Lukia represents the temperament and personality of women: Lucid—thinking sharply, Unison—harmonious and consistent, Keen — warm and sincere, Intellectual— Smart and active, active—active.

Flyback Pointer Watches Two Breguet 60,000 Chronograph Watches Recommended

When it comes to mid-to-high-end watches, there are many brands in the market, and some top-level watches also produce watches that meet the needs of mid-to-high-end consumers. For example, Breguet, Breguet’s flyback chronograph watch is a model in high-end watches. The watch contains sophisticated watchmaking technology and classic watch complications, which is very memorable. Today, I recommend two Breguet flyback chronograph watches of about 60,000 yuan.
 Breguet Type XX 3820ST / H2 / 9W6

 The flyback pointer is characterized in that it can return to the original position when the pointer reaches the end of the scale. Generally, the hands move in a circular motion, and just return to the original position when making one rotation, so the end point is always the starting point of the next round. The function of the flyback pointer is different. The pointer that reaches the end point does not continue to advance, and immediately rebounds to the starting point, so that continuous rotation becomes a reciprocating motion. It is mainly used for 60-minute graduation and calendar indication. This watch is designed with a rotating bezel, which is good for many people who understand the watch, automatic mechanical movement, 48-hour power reserve, sapphire crystal glass wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, black dial gives a cool feeling , Silver strap is stylish and simple, with date and chronograph function, folding buckle is more convenient to wear.
 Watch details reference: Breguet Type XX series 3820ST / H2 / SW9 watch
 The brown alligator leather strap of this Breguet watch is stylish and concise. Over time, the strap is more wrist-comfortable and the screw-locked crown is easier to remove. The black dial and sapphire crystal glass form a sharp In contrast, it has a date display and a chronograph, a rotating bezel, a folding clasp, and a collection of watches.
 Watch details reference: Summary: Among the many high-end watches, 60,000 yuan is considered a fair price. At this time, the watch brand plays a very important role, because any product is full of a certain brand value in it, The more popular, the higher the brand value. In the watch industry, a brand is likely to have a history of hundreds of years, which is unmatched by other niche watch brands.