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Swiss Radar Serves As The Official Timekeeper Of The World Intellectual Elite Games

RADO is proud to announce that it will continue to cooperate with the World Intellectual Elite Games. So far, it has been the official timer of the competition for four consecutive years. The competition was held in Beijing from December 11th to 17th, and many of the world’s top players will compete in five competitions: bridge, chess, draughts, Go and Chinese chess.

  Every year, the World Intellectual Elite Games attracts more than 150 players from about 40 countries around the world. In this contest of strategic consciousness, thinking agility and concentration, they fully demonstrated the power of human intelligence and the ability to break through obstacles and challenge limits. For any professional level competition, accurate timing is essential, and in strategic competitions, every minute is counted. RADO is proud to be the official timer for the 2014 World Intellectual Elite Games.

  The World Intellectual Elite Games will be broadcast in 36 countries or regions, including China, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Eastern European countries. Exciting matches will also be uploaded to its official website ( As the official timer for this event, RADO will not only appear on the scene of the Beijing International Convention Center to accurately time each game, but also appear in all TV reports.