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Hong Kong Lange Store Opens Grandly

After the establishment of exclusive German watch brands Lange in Dresden, Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul, the brand’s fifth store opened in Hong Kong. Watch connoisseurs in the city and in China will be able to experience art works with ‘Made in Germany’ quality assurance in Asia’s premier luxury concentration.
The main entrance of Lange’s Hong Kong store
    Anyone who has visited the Lange factory has the opportunity to see the detailed work behind the master watchmaker. They are dedicated to the watch with the “Langer” signature, craftsmanship, precision and enthusiasm. However, the journey from Hong Kong to the clock city of Glashütte, located near Dresden, the baroque capital of Saxony, is a long journey. Since 1997, connoisseurs in Hong Kong have been able to appreciate Lange’s masterpieces at authorized dealers, and the newly opened Lange Hong Kong store further takes the extreme precision, quality and atmosphere of traditional German watchmaking to a deeper level Way to present to customers.
The decoration and atmosphere of the Lange store in Hong Kong not only reflects the superb craftsmanship and innovative technology of Lange watches
    The Lange store in Hong Kong has been grandly opened in Hong Kong’s high-end retail market base, 1881 G11, Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon in mid-June, bringing customers a different luxury experience. Visitors can learn about the history and philosophy of Lange’s watchmaking skills in an environment full of Lange’s classic style. Quoting Mr. Franck Giacobini, managing director of Lange Asia Pacific, ‘Lange watches are very popular with collectors, connoisseurs and watch enthusiasts in Hong Kong, as well as in China. The establishment of the first exclusive store in Hong Kong will enhance The brand’s image can further strengthen the brand’s relationship with many supporters. ‘
The details in the store highlight the Lange spirit
    Lange, famous for its unique mechanical arts, is closely related to the family business founded in 1845 by Dresden watchmaker Ferdinando Adolf Lange. Earlier in that era, Lange’s pocket watches were internationally renowned for their high quality. Those works are still highly sought after at auctions, and their prices continue to be high with outstanding results. However, this family-owned company was nationalized after World War II, and the name of the brand was rarely seen in the watch industry and became a legend in the collection industry. Until 40 years after the reunification of Germany, Ferdinando Lange’s great-grandson, Walter Lange, could reshape the family business, making Lange once again the leading brand of precision watchmaking, and the most prestigious Swiss fine watch Brands go hand in hand. Since the reconstruction of the watch factory, Lange’s watchmakers have been carefully crafting watches with gold and platinum cases. The Lange workshop produces only thousands of watches with its own movements and perfect quality every year. In the past 20 years, Lange has launched 40 self-developed movements, which are assembled in excellent Lange watches, including LANGE 1 with iconic dial design and patented big date display; limited production of 101 pieces , TOURBOGRAPH ‘Pour le Mérite’ which integrates the three functions of tourbillon, double-tracking timer and sesame chain transmission system; and LANGE ZEITWERK, which has won many international awards by displaying hours and minutes with mechanical jumping characters.
    Lange stores in Hong Kong, like Dresden stores, also reflect the brand philosophy of ‘traditional essence, outstanding’. The interior decoration and atmosphere of the store not only reflect the superb craftsmanship and innovative technology of Lange watches, but also the details of the store show the Langer spirit everywhere: the Langer grey walls in the room and the local acacia wood create a comfortable contrast, showing the relevant The latest technology in communication, display and security. The display case is made of light-transmitting hard material ‘Luccon’, which complements the light-colored sandstone flooring commonly found in Dresden architecture. However, the essence of watchmaking is the protagonist: almost all watch series carefully crafted in Saxony can be viewed up close at Lange Hong Kong.