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Athens Watch And One More Wave Reached A Partnership To Present A Limited Edition Of Km Diving Watch

Athens Watch grandly announces a partnership with the well-respected non-profit organization ‘OneMoreWave’, and presents a limited edition of the diving series DeepDive kilometers to pay tribute to the organization.

   OneMoreWave aims to help disabled veterans implement surfing therapies and return them to the sea by providing customized surfing equipment and related assistance. The Athenian watch has long been associated with the sea, and the organization’s noble mission to help veterans through marine therapy resonates strongly.

   François-Xavier Hotier, President of Athenian Americas, said: ‘I have witnessed the veterans’ actions in the OneMoreWave project, which is unforgettable.’ During a visit to the US Navy Seals Commander Training Camp in Coronado, California, Referred by a friend, I met KyleBuckett, general manager of OneMoreWave. ‘The dedication, fearless courage and fellowship of the members of this organization are moving, and we hope that society will pay more attention to this important cause.’

   The origin of the Athenian watch and the United States Navy can be traced back to 1905, when the Athenian watch won the championship in the precision competition of nautical observatory timepieces, and later became the official designated timepiece of the United States Navy.

   In addition to donating funds, Athens Watch hopes to raise the organization’s popularity and raise funds for it by releasing a limited edition of the diving series DeepDive km diving watch OneMoreWave. This timepiece features a striking yellow-black design with a black DLC-coated titanium case that is water-resistant to 1,000 meters. The caseback is engraved with the ‘OneMoreWave’ logo to highlight the partnership with the organization. This limited edition timepiece was designed and designed by members of OneMoreWave to calmly cope with the pressure-changing surfing environment, and at the same time cleverly demonstrated the amphibious combat background of the founder of the organization.

   OneMoreWave was founded by the U.S. Navy SEAL community and is based in San Diego. It is a certified 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. The organization has been assisting disabled veterans since 2015. OneMoreWave owns and manages its own studio, which is designed to customize surfboards for disabled veterans and to benefit from surfing activities with unique curative effects.

   KyleBuckett said: ‘We found that surfing is actually one of the most effective therapies against depression and post-traumatic stress. When veterans are put into the embrace of the sea, they are fully living in the moment and can get temporary relief from injuries and wounds. .Our job is to provide them with the right surfing gear and actively integrate them into the growing veteran surfing community. ‘