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Highly Complex And Unique Design Franck Muller Luxury Watch

The brand FRANCK MULLER started as an independent designer. Its avant-garde creativity and subversion of the traditional time reading concept have swept the high-priced watch market in just over 10 years.
    The well-known watch brands that most people are familiar with have a history as short as 50 years and as long as more than 100 years. These times not only help the brand to gain popularity, but also a guarantee of watch quality.
    However, FRANCK MULLER, a watch brand that has quickly become popular in the past 10 years, despite these strong backgrounds, can still emerge in the high-priced watch market, and the reason is very intriguing.
   Franck Muller, a watch designer with the same name as his brand, was once a member of the Independent Watchmaker’s Association (AHCI). The watches created by watchmakers in this association all advertised a high degree of complexity and uniqueness. It is the reason why FRANCK MULLER became popular afterwards.
   After the brand named FRANCK MULLER was formally established in 1983, several highly distinctive watches such as Crazy Hours and Color Dreams timepieces have shown FRANCK MULLER’s creative and complex brand characteristics. .

Classic Legend Returns Taste Tudor’s New Heritage Chrono Blue Watch

In the eyes of many people, Tudor is a brand that cannot escape the Rolex’s shadow. Of course, under the Rolex’s aura, Tudor can be said to be standing on the shoulders of giants. But over time, Tudor has developed a unique personality on both the brand and the product. At the same time, it has also attracted a large number of watch fans. Among the legendary Tudor chronographs, the Tudor ‘Montecarlo’ chronograph (model 7169), which is most familiar to watch lovers, can be regarded as a representative of classic watches. Since its introduction in 1973, the watch has launched a number of different models, the most notable of which are blue, gray and orange models. Although this watch has only been produced for a few years, its rare and historical value has made it not only popular among collectors today, but its value has risen steadily. Official model: 70330B

 This chronograph is both fashionable and elegant in the 1960s and 1970s, and exudes warm, charming and carefree Mediterranean characteristics. In order to make this legendary chronograph watch reappear before people, Tudor watch has been redesigned to present the new Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue.

 In the production process, the design method adopted by Tudor is the same as the Heritage series watch launched in 2010. It is not a purely new watch, but a unique interpretation of time, style, and past, present and future. The distinctive aesthetic design of this historical model remains unchanged, loyal to its original spirit and retaining its main features.

Appearance articles:

 Blue was once revered as a trendy hue, and blue, gray and orange color combinations are representative of modern style. Although the changes in the design of the appearance are not great, every slight adjustment has witnessed the progress of the brand. Equipped with a stainless steel polished and frosted case with a diameter of 42 mm, a slight increase from the previous 40 mm diameter.

 The watch is equipped with a two-way rotatable bezel and inlaid with plated blue aluminum. The bright colors make reading time a simple or even a pleasant thing. At the same time, the super strong technology also makes this watch waterproof to a depth of 150 meters, which can meet the needs of shallow floating.

 The watch’s new dial design can still be said to comply with the classic design. The three-dimensional hour markers on the surface each have two metal bevels, and the two corners are filled with SuperLuminova luminous materials to ensure clarity and legibility.

 Unique stainless steel screw-in winding crown with triple waterproof system, chrome-plated pits on the edges of the crown and buttons, and the crown is decorated with a blue lacquered shield logo.

 In order to make Tudor’s new Heritage Chrono Blue more perfect, the watch comes with two straps: one is a discount stainless steel strap, and the other is a reinforced textured strap with a buckle. The textured strap is made in cooperation with a long-established traditional textile workshop. Its color tone and the unique color of the surface cleverly ensure comfortable wearing.


 Two chronograph dials are set in two blue trapezoidal patterns, one is the small seconds dial at 3 o’clock, and the other is the famous 45 minutes that wrote a new chapter in the history of Tudor chronographs in the 1970s Time counter at 9 o’clock.

 The date display window at the six o’clock position also matches the overall black and white, which is easy to read and clear.

Movement articles:

 The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement of the Tudor Model 2892, which is equipped with an additional chronograph function, which provides a power reserve of about 42 hours when it is fully wound.

To sum up: The original Royal Blue watch launched in 1973 combined with a lighter gray tone than the previous model, creates a watch that is suitable for both land and sea, exudes Mediterranean passion and freehand. The distinctive aesthetic design of this historical model remains unchanged, loyal to its original spirit and retaining its main features. The Tudor Design Workshop adds many modern elements to the watch, not only re-interpreting its iconic spirit, but also giving it an eternal style, making it a ‘classic tomorrow’.

Zhenith Zenith Collaborates With Bwd To Customize Personal Watches

In the high-end watch industry, when it comes to ‘refitting’, many watch friends should think of the Bamford Watch Department (BWD) founded by George Bamford, from Rolex, Audemars Piguet to Bao Gree, now under the action of Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, BWD has become the official designator of Zenith.

In fact, for the Zenith brand, you can feel Jean-Claude Biver’s dedication to it, not only at the Basel show in March, but the preview will be launched in Zenith. Equipped with a revolutionary movement with a new concept balance system, it is now seeking the industry’s top couture watch manufacturers to provide Zenith watch friends with unique and unique watches. ‘The Zenith watch is actually awesome, but unfortunately it is not receiving much attention now. I think BWD will be of great help and give us another chance to show its beauty to the world. My high spirits are back Now, and I hope everyone will come with me. ‘Jean-Claude Biver said excitedly in the interview.

All Black tuning style is BWD’s most iconic fame

BWD’s modification technology can be said to be based on the visible aspects of the watch’s appearance, and it can be transformed in detail. From the case, bezel, dial and hands, as well as the application of luminous paint, can be modified according to customer needs. George Bamford was founded in 2003 by BWD. The early modification styles were mostly All Black tones using high contrast contrast to outline the lines. However, the first modification style launched by Zeni seems to be deep black. Gray is the basic tone, but there are also more eye-catching styles that retain the original color of the case and the handle.

In the BWD studio headquarters nicknamed ‘The Hive Base Camp’, every modified watch will undergo basic performance tests such as waterproofness, accuracy adjustment, and so on.

However, it is somewhat doubtful that the subsequent maintenance energy is separated from the responsibility. Take Rolex as an example. All watches that have been modified by BWD will be rejected by the Rolex Service Center. They cannot accept the original maintenance. After Zenith has established an official authorization relationship with BWD, in the future, the regular maintenance of modified watches, or if there is a need for troubleshooting after the modification, what is the counterpart unit for customers to seek assistance? What accountable unit is causing the problem? …… The various situations that may be faced in the future are also future issues that must be carefully planned and coordinated by both parties.

These BWD watches, transformed by senior watchmakers, can faithfully highlight the personal taste and style of beloved customers.

In addition to the difficult hollow-out models of the Defys series, the Zenos Tipos, Pilots, Heritage and El Primeros watches are all BWD models that can be personalized.