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Bulgari Bulgari Octo Chronograph Quadri-retro Watch

Stable and sturdy, well-structured octagonal case. Avant-garde and exquisite: The new Bulgari Octo Chronographe Quadri-Retro watch from the Gérald Genta series is a successful integration of the dual world Perfect expression.

The Octo Bi-Retro watch was launched in 2010 and showcases a unique modern and sporty style. This latest creation continues a unique style and has attracted much attention in the haute horlogerie world with its strong personal style. Made of stainless steel and ceramic, this watch is full of masculinity.

At the 12 o’clock position of the dial is a large jumping time window, the inverse minute hand jumps in a 210-degree sector, the date of the retrograde movement is displayed in a 180-degree arc at the bottom of the dial, and at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock Positions are thirty-minute and twelve-hour counterclockwise timers.

City Of Hope Charm City-tag Heuer

The iconic Cullman Auditorium in Central Park in New York is star-studded. Swiss luxury avant-garde watchmaking brand TAGHeuer joins with two Hollywood brand spokespersons CameronDiaz and LeonardoDiCaprio to attend the brand’s charity event. This exclusive event is held underground at the striking Glass Globe Observatory in front of the American Museum of Natural History. The event not only gathered many celebrity stars in New York and Hollywood, but also invited business elites, fashionistas, mainstream media and well-known philanthropists from all over the world to participate. The purpose is to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy Donate money and publicize the protection of gender equality and women’s rights. On the day of the event, more than 500 guests from all over the world attended this highly regarded charity dinner. New York popular DJ Evaliciou was invited to the scene, first bringing a stylish and elegant auditorium feast to the guests, and then the New York Ballet also appeared on the stage and performed with affection. On the day, every guest who participated in the event donated at least US $ 100 to Hurricane Sandy in New York, and also contributed US $ 100 to the charity cooperation organization that Cameron Diaz participated in. Committed to protecting gender equality and women’s rights). Two spokespersons, Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz, appeared at this charity event at the same time. This is the first time that they have appeared together at the TAG Heuer brand event. During the event, the two spokespersons thundered as soon as they stood on the center of the stage. Cameron wore a black elegant Lanvin dress and confidently displayed the new LINK LADY Trilogy limited edition watch set specially made by TAG Heuer for her. And on Leonardo’s wrist, the new Link blue dial limited edition watch is also eye-catching. Subsequently, Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, Chairman and CEO of TAG Heuer, came to the stage and personally presented Cameron with a specially prepared watch set, the gold version of the LINK LADY trilogy. ‘TAG Heuer is the perfect combination of elegance and luxury,’ spokesperson and long-term partner of UN Women’s Agency Cameron Diaz said of TAG Heuer. ‘I am honored to join hands with TAG Heuer to beautify the world and help others.’ ‘Being able to meet here is because we care about the victims of this hurricane Sandy, and we are here for them too Pray ‘, said Jean-Christophe Babin, Chairman and CEO of TAG Heuer. ‘Seeing the lost expression on the faces of the affected people in the news, my heart was deeply shocked. The speechless faces seemed to be asking for outside help. We are honored to be the largest voluntary organization in New York for caring And sponsors of the organization to support them in their rescue work for victims of this catastrophic storm. ‘

The Earl Shines On The Music Journey Na Ying’s Interpretation Rate Nature

25 years in the music scene, Tian Hou Na Ying conquered the Chinese music world with her explosive voice and bold character. On the instructor’s seat of the second season of ‘China’s Good Voice’, Na Ying wore Piaget Limelight Gala jewellery watch, and turned into a fashion master.

 In ‘Good Voice of China’, the English commentary was unique and sharp. She used the bold and straightforward expression to win the audience and countless audiences. At the same time, her unique understanding of music also attracted thousands. Thousands of fans. When the Piaget Limelight Gala watch shined in front of the silver screen with Na Ying, its iconic asymmetric design became the best footnote of the ultimate personality charm of Houhou.

 The second season of ‘China’s Good Voice’ came to an end. Na Yingma kept on announcing that he had recently announced the launch of the ‘That World’ national tour. In the performance poster, Na Ying’s black embroidered gold and phoenix robe perfectly matched Piaget’s Possession ring—the golden phoenix was about to fly, and the double-ringed ring was bright and smart. Possession series embraces both circles but rotates freely. Just like Na Ying’s smooth transition between the queen of the stage and the mentor and the good friend, she interprets the harmonious work art vividly.