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Extraordinary Watchmaking Technology Brief Review Of Athens Classico 鎏 Gold Series Watch

Internationally renowned Athens watch, named in 1846 after the founder Ulysse Nardin. In his early years, Nardin taught the technology of watchmaking factories by his father. Then, under the guidance of two famous watchmaking giants, Frederic William Dubois and Louis Jean Richard-dit-Bressel, the technology reached its peak. In 1846, Ulysse Nardin began to make chronographs and alarm clocks for shipping companies. However, due to the downturn in 1970, it was finally received by a group of investors led by Rolf Schnyder in 1983. Today, Athens watchmaking has become a leader in the watch industry, and continues to introduce innovations in the watchmaking tradition, producing a series of wristwatches. Today’s Watch House brings you a brief review of a Classico 鎏 gold series watch, the official model: 8276-119-2 / 31.

  The Athens Classico 鎏 gold watch series, inheriting the 167-year watchmaking tradition, perfectly combines extraordinary watchmaking technology and design aesthetics. This watch is simple and restrained in appearance, equipped with an automatic movement with small seconds and date display.

   The watch has a diameter of 40 mm and the case is made of 18K rose gold. The low-key and restrained appearance is the best interpretation of the gentleman’s temperament. A pair of lugs with unique shapes and sharp edges and corners are enough to prove the ingenious intention of the watch designer, and also to show the dignity of the Athenian watch.

   The rounded lines of the case bring a sense of comfort. The case is polished to give off a strong metallic luster. The sapphire crystal glass is processed by the watchmaker to have a special arc. It is perfectly embedded in the case and transparent. Abrasion-resistant and has excellent anti-glare properties.

   On the side without the crown, you can clearly see the outline of the watch. The case, lugs, and strap form a perfect arc. The side is engraved with the number of this watch. It is intended to tell everyone that this watch is in Athens. Block 336 produced in the series.

   The dial design is simple and generous, without too much decoration, highlighting the low-key introversion of the watchmaking in Athens. The time scales in the dial are displayed with large Roman numerals at 3, 9, and 12 o’clock. Click below.

   The crown is located at 3 o’clock, the precise gear pattern brings comfortable feel and perfect visual enjoyment, and the top has the classic Athens logo.

   The 6 o’clock position is a small seconds dial. The gold outer ring design and the dial time scale form a unified hue, which shows the high-end atmosphere. The black Arabic numerals and bar markers are used to display it. Below the second dial is a date display window, which can accurately display the date of the day. The word SWISS MADE (Swiss Made) is marked at the bottom, which is intended to explain the precision of the Athenian watch.

  The watch uses a pin buckle, which is also made of 18K rose gold and is engraved with the Athens brand logo, which not only serves as the brand’s imprint, but also plays a perfect embellishment role.

  The watch has a back-through design, and the movement of the movement can be clearly seen through the sapphire crystal. The mechanical feel is more real. The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, which can provide the watch with 42 hours of kinetic energy reserve. The bottom of the case and the movement are clearly engraved with the Athens brand logo, and the subtleties show the exquisiteness of the watchmaking in Athens.

Summary: As an old watch manufacturer with a history of 168 years, Athens has inherited the brand history and is constantly innovating in development. Its multi-series wristwatches have become the favorite of watch lovers today. The domestic reference price of this watch introduced today is 105,836 yuan.
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Dedication Mother’s Day Various Watches Style

In the era of big data, it’s a bit OUT to use only words like deep love and warmth to describe mothers! Modern women’s styles can be described as diverse, fashionable, capable, hard-working, elegant, hot and so on. As Mother’s Day is approaching, watch brand celebrities have tailored their own unique watch styles for mothers of different styles, offering warmth to Mother’s Day.

Fei Yard Heart String Series: wonderful time, touching heart

Take a gift of time and feel the flow of ‘love’ on your wrist. Maternal love is accompanied by the rush of time, flowing in the story of seconds, and it is better with time. ‘Heart String’ shows the beautiful image of mother’s intelligence and elegance.

The shape of the watch is full and round, like a full moon; the dial abstracts dark lines such as light feathers and phoenixes with fine lines, revealing tenderness; the shell material is mysterious and moisturizing, and it also shows infinite style. The strap link fits perfectly on the female wrist. There are different styles of mechanical core and quartz core.

Roger Dubuis: Avant-garde + bold

 Roger Dubuis Excalibur 36 King Series Joaillerie Jewellery Watch

It embodies Roger Dubuy’s iconic avant-garde and decisive spirit. Bezel set with 48 diamonds, total weight 0.99 carats, diamond + rose gold, highlighting the ultimate luxury charm and gorgeous charm. A rhodium-plated satin sunburst complements the rose gold ring. The exquisitely slender black transfer Roman numerals and the small snail-shaped seconds dial at 6 o’clock show the distinctive features of the brand.

Similar to the Roger Dubuis Excalibur 36 King series, there is also the Velvet famous series, which emphasizes curves and strong beauty, bold and exquisite style.

 Roger Dubuis Velvet 36 gold watch

Athens ‘Jade Delicate’: Exclusive for Women

The source of exquisite jade jade is Mr. Rove Schneider, the former CEO of Athenian Watch, a female-only movement designed for his wife, which is also a wisdom treasure of the Schneider family.

‘Jade Delicate’ design is full of creativity. The buttons at the 4 o’clock position can control different adjustment functions. The movement is wound up, and the date and time are adjusted forward and backward. The details are set warm and protect the women’s nails from being damaged when the crown is pulled out.

The watch is decorated with 4 blue emeralds, emeralds and diamonds, and the dial is made of luxurious mother-of-pearl. Jade is highly revered in Chinese history, and the elegance and depth of jade are comparable to gold diamonds. This watch is paired with precious stones that symbolize happiness and well-being and exquisite chronograph, adding a touch of elegance to women’s wrists.

 RADO Radar Isa High-tech Ceramic Touch Series: Fashionable Hot Mom Fashion

腕表 This watch subverts the traditional crownless design, setting the time by touching and swiping with your finger on the edge of the case.
White pottery: stylish hot mom, black pottery: trendy cool mom

系列 The design of this series of watches is very simple and quite amazing; the time setting uses smart touch technology. White ceramics show the beauty of lightness and agility; while black ceramics are full of personality, which shows the urban women’s leisurely and unique style.

芝 GP Girard Perregaux Cat’s Eye series: Peony wins, luxurious and moving

Cat’s Eye Bloom stainless steel watch sculpted in ‘peony lace’ shape. The dial is polished by hand with a mother-of-pearl and fish-like mesh background, and then covered with peony lace; the outline of the peony line is made of three-dimensional texture with seven layers of yarn, and the last two layers of yarn are coated with gold or silver powder to create a shiny and luxurious effect. Strap in grey or almond crocodile leather with steel folding clasp

Bezel set with 64 sparkling round diamonds and dense anti-glare crystal glass; from the transparent case back, you can see the structure of the GP Girard-Perregaux GP03300 self-winding movement, steel pendant, GP logo texture carving, and splint At a glance, the beautiful polishing and finishing of the bottom plate; the movement can display hours and minutes, and the power reserve is about 46 hours.