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Cartier Love Huacai Valentine Sweet Gift

The honey whispered a fragrant fragrance, concerned about the gaze to release the intense heat, accompanied by the quiet fall of Valentine’s Day, the cold winter gradually faded out of the plain Chinese clothing, blooming a beautiful early spring colors. Cartier, who understands the true meaning of love, draws sweet inspiration, and uses classic flowers to set off classic works and outline true love.
The brilliant Trinity tri-color gold series is transformed into a translucent morning dew, and love is given to all things; the delicately crafted blue balloon watch witnesses the passage of time and welcomes the opportunity with the steadfastness of love; colorful and fashionable accessories for men and women will The graceful gesture of moving love is transformed into a colorful and intoxicating beauty; the limited edition red MARCELLO HOBO handbag has a unique and extraordinary meaning, staying in precious memories and continuing the vow of happiness.
Romantic and charming rose gold, pure and firm white gold, long-lasting shining gold, condensing the three most beautiful emotions in the world-love, friendship and affection, intertwined into the Trinity three-color gold series, which will deepen the sincere emotion As an endless warm current flowing in the heart, the loneliness of winter is eliminated, and the vitality of life is inspired. The beautifully embellished bright diamonds and the magnificently beautiful red safflowers complement each other, and engraved the fiery love and passion into a moving and eternal picture.
的 The blue balloon series watch created with the spirit of innovation beyond time and space has become the best testimony of true love. The light and flexible round dial with noble and elegant sapphire crystal mirrors together carries the seconds of time spent together. The deep sapphire at the crown and the clear diamonds surrounding the dial, such as the shining stars shining around the world, give everything a warm and holy light. , Interpreting the purity and sublimation of love.
The exquisite Cartier accessories series also show the touch of life with the beauty of details, and the fullness of the rich and sweet depiction awakens the deepest true feelings in the heart. The limited edition red MARCELLO HOBO handbags under the flower clusters are thoughtfully used soft red calfskin and unique water snake skin in the same color to achieve their exclusive love classic.
Love is the sweet nectar of the resurgence of all things, love is the light of life that shines on the earth, love is the source of warmth that deeply penetrates into the heart, Cartier has turned precious precious emotions into beautiful series of works, for the lovers. Praise on the gorgeous spring day.

2015 Audemars Piguet Cup Celebration Party

The ‘Audemars Piguet Cup’ of the international first-level competition was held on April 26 at Sha Tin Racecourse. This event is sponsored by the world-renowned Swiss luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet for the 17th consecutive year. Attract local and overseas strong horses to compete for the championship. The total prize money of this year’s event has jumped to HK $ 20 million, and competition is bound to increase fiercely.
(Left to right) Mr. Fan Wei, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet Greater China, Mr. Tim Sayler, Director of Marketing, Mr. Zhong Chuhong, Dr. Ye Xian, Chairman of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, and Mr. Yingjiabai, Chief Executive Officer, presided over the toasting ceremony and wished Audemars Piguet’s Cup success.

   In order to be serious, Audemars Piguet and the Hong Kong Jockey Club held a grand celebration party at the Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong on April 24, and invited the famous red star Ms. Zhong Chuhong as a special guest. Dressing gracefully and luxuriously, she wore an Audemars Piguet Million Series 5201 watch in Hong Kong with a value of HK $ 2,230 million, showing her extraordinary elegance. Ms. Zhong Chuhong expressed her pleasure to participate in today’s celebration party and appreciated the common values ​​of excellence, elegance and innovation of Audemars Piguet and the Hong Kong Jockey Club. A group of horse owners, jockeys, trainers and celebrities in the city include Lin Jiankang, Ms. Ouyang Miaozhi, fashion designer Ms. Zhang Jiewen, Ms. Zhang Baohua, Ms. Zhang Yaorong’s daughter, Zhang Lifang, Ms. Zhuang Sihua, and Mr. Tony’s son, Mr. Chong En. And Wan Liangren, and others also came in person to enjoy the unforgettable time of Yixiangyingying.
The party officially began after a brand new and stylish Symphony Laser Dance performance.

   A giant tent is set up in the horses of Happy Valley Racecourse. The bright and gorgeous Audemars Piguet Cup celebration party scene is dominated by silver gray, inspired by this year’s ‘Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series Queen’s Cup 2015 Limited Edition Chronograph Stopwatch’ , With 360-degree eye-catching flashing lights and high-tech image projection effects, creating a strong dynamic and rhythm. With the bright lights of the wine, 350 guests were intoxicated by the charming atmosphere. The on-site display cabinet displays the ‘Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series Queen’s Cup 2015 Limited Edition Chronograph Stopwatch’ specially launched for the event.
The theme of the party is the continuous pursuit of excellence, elegance and innovation by the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

   The party officially began after a brand new and stylish Symphony Laser Dance performance. The Hong Kong Jockey Club Chairman Dr. Ye Xi’an took the stage to give a speech, welcome all distinguished guests to the night of the Audemars Piguet Cup celebration party, and expressed that they are very happy to cooperate with the Hong Kong Jockey Club in the past 17 years, bringing the world-renowned ‘Audemars Piguet Cup’ to the public. 》 International horse racing event. Audemars Piguet Greater China Chief Executive Fan Wei and Marketing Director Tim Sayler also look forward to the ‘Audemars Piguet Cup’ competition and thank the Hong Kong Jockey Club for their support over the past 17 years. Subsequently, Miss Zhong Chuhong presided over the toasting ceremony with Dr. Ye Xian, Chairman of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Mr. Ying Jiabai, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Fan Wei, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet Greater China, and Mr. Tim Sayler, Director of Marketing. The ‘Cup’ went smoothly and each participating horse was able to achieve another impressive performance.
   The wonderful finale performance was presented by Tap Dogs, an internationally renowned Australian dance group. Tap Dogs even choreographed for the 2015 ‘Audemars Piguet Cup’, combining accurate beats to bring guests a bloody tap dance performance. The stage design and 360-degree twinkling lights and projections make guests fully engaged in the party.

Jackson: The Whole World Is Within Reach

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grand Tourbillon Painted Asian and Australian Continental Enamel Watches
Movement: 978 mechanical movement
Case: Platinum case
Dial: Enamel dial, Asian and Australian enamel painted pattern, 6 o’clock
Tourbillon mechanism
Strap: Black alligator strap
Limited: 20
     In the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grand Tourbillon Painted Enamel Watch, the sparkling vast ocean fills the continent of Asia and Australia. In the Asian territory, the borders of China, Mongolia, Russia and other countries are clearly visible. Mountains, lakes, and hills and gullies are distinguished by multi-colored decoration, and they are scattered. Australia’s land is integrated with the tourbillon mechanism at 6 o’clock. When dwelling on the small islands scattered like a pearl, the entire world It also seems to be within reach.