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F.P.Journe Arabian Sea Blue Love Unlimited

Lot Chronomètre Bleu Byblos (Lot 157) has an impressive record and sold for $ 149,000. F.P. JOURNE Chronomètre Bleu Byblos is a unique watch that not only allows the wearer to appreciate the structure and workmanship of the rose gold movement from the front, but also uses the Arabic numerals for the hour. F.P. JOURNE presented this timepiece, auctioned it at Christie’s “Fine Watches” auction held in Dubai, conducted a charity auction, and donated the proceeds of the auction to the Rashid Centre for the Disabled in Dubai.

 Limited Chronomètre Bleu Byblos watch with hours in East Arabic

After a fierce bidding, Chronomètre Bleu Byblos was finally bought by watch collector Mr. Claude Sfeir for a high price of $ 149,000, almost six times the original estimate ($ 25,000), and the performance was quite impressive. Chronomètre Bleu Byblos is a rare timepiece (limited to 99 pieces, the lot number is 59). When the watch collector and philanthropist successfully bid on the phone at the final bid price and raised $ 120,000 for this meaningful event, the audience couldn’t help applauding! This watch was actually created by FP JOURNE to celebrate the opening of the tenth global store in Beirut. It is a brand’s first special work with an open dial design. The front of the timepiece shows the craftsmanship of the rose gold movement. Arabic numerals are set on the sea blue hour ring. Only 99 pieces can be issued. This lot is also one of them. The hour number is designed in East Arabic.
Mr. Claude Sfeir said: ‘Our success will not be complete without sharing with those in need, so I used to be passionate about participating in charity auctions. This time I won the unique watch FP JOURNE, and the auction proceeds I will also donate the entire amount to the Rashid Centre for the Disabled in Dubai. I am very pleased that international watch collectors are willing to contribute generously to this great institution celebrating its twentieth anniversary and support its representative HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum goes to help children in need. ‘FP JOURNE participates in Christie’s Dubai Watch Kindness auction proceeds donated to Dubai Rashid Center for the Disabled

Chronomètre Bleu Byblos is a rare timepiece, limited to 99 pieces. The lot number for this lot is 59

Chronomètre Bleu Byblos is a watch for charity auction. It is a new work of F.P. JOURNE, created by the brand to celebrate the opening of the tenth store in the world in Beirut. It is named after ‘Byblos’, a city full of myths. Byblos is also known as Byblos, a city located on the coast of Lebanon, north of Beirut. Chronomètre Bleu BYBLOS is the first time that FP JOURNE has adopted an open dial design. The beautiful craftsmanship of the 18K rose gold movement is displayed through the front of the timepiece, and Arabic numerals are placed on the blue hour ring. Chronomètre Bleu BYBLOS It looks like the eastern sun is shining on the blue sky of the Mediterranean. Another unique design of this watch is the FP JOURNE logo engraved directly on the movement, in which ‘J’ is carved in the image of the Phoenician letter-this represents the Phoenician name ‘ The letter ‘yodh’ means ‘hand’, which symbolizes the importance of the craftsmanship of FP JOURNE’s watch works. The value of ‘yodh’ is ten, which is the tenth letter in the alphabet and is used to represent the global number one in FP JOURNE. Ten stores are the best. Chronomètre Bleu Byblos is limited to 99 pieces. This lot is also one of them. It is designed in East Arabic as the hour number.

Lasalle Laelia Lady Series Watches # 2015

People need at least one watch that is suitable for wearing on various occasions. Nowadays, the appearance of Laelia Lady watches by Balmain makes people get what they want. It is not uncommon for women who are devoted to their daily activities to travel to the workplace, sports venues and social receptions on the same day. They usually have no time to change clothes or watches. Laelia Lady’s Balmain watch can do its best in this situation!

   Wherever you mention the perfect collision of taste and know-how, the name Pierre Balmain comes to mind. Pierre Balmain was born in Haute Couture in Paris, and at that time he succeeded in redefining the laws of fashion. Today, the essence of his charm is manifested by Balmain, a watch brand of the Swiss Swatch Group. At the same time, the group has provided Montres Balmain with valuable technical and commercial resources, as well as traditional watchmaking techniques.

   The design of the new Laelia Lady watch perfectly fits all aspects of contemporary life-work, entertainment and travel. The balanced aesthetics and comprehensive functions make it the perfect choice to accompany you around the clock. The practical size is the best example: a 316L stainless steel round case with a diameter of 35 mm and a thickness of 7.40 mm, or a pink PVD case. There are also two options for diamond-set watches: the bezel is set with 136 diamonds weighing more than 0.5 carats, or the 72 stones are grouped into 12 groups. Protected by a transparent sapphire crystal, the silver dial, black dial or white pearl dial on the center of the Laelia Lady watch with arabesque bouquet decoration is always equipped with 4 Arabic numerals and 8 hour markers, ensuring a glance Read clearly.
   This Balmain watch is equipped with a black or brown leather strap, or a ‘Grain de Riz’ chain link stainless steel strap that is very soft and comfortable to wear.
   Finally, the Laelia Lady watch is equipped with a Swiss-designed and manufactured quartz movement, ensuring that the watch’s time is still accurate and reliable over many years. If the environment determines that you can only choose one watch, then Laelia Lady is your ideal choice. With Balmain’s proven watchmaking technology, it can bring solemn elegance and understated luxury to the wearer. Who can’t dump it?
Technical characteristics
• Swiss quartz movement
• 316L stainless steel case or pink PVD case, sometimes combined with yellow PVD, 35 mm in diameter and 7.40 mm thick. Some cases are set with 136 Wesselton diamonds (weighing 0.52 carats), others are set with 72 Wesselton diamonds (0.27 carats)
• Sapphire crystal
• Various dials to choose from: silver, black or white pearl dial with 4 digits and 8 hour markers, sometimes with a classic arabesque in the center of the dial
• 316L stainless steel ‘grains de riz’ link bracelet or black or brown leather strap
• Water resistance: 50 meters
• Suggested selling price: CHF 345-1795

Glashütte Senator Series Perpetual Calendar

Glashütte Senator Series Perpetual Calendar

The design is unique. The leap year display is located below the 12 o’clock brand logo. It rotates one space per year. The red L represents the leap year. Self-winding Cal.100-07 movement with stop-seconds time adjustment function. Case diameter 44 mm
The concept of the following day watch can be said as broad as possible. In the huge watch family, the watches that do not have the qualifications of Rip are rather few. Choosing a watch is not only a technical task, but also an individual one. Especially for non-watch enthusiasts who wear it for the purpose, they often have to spend a lot of time just asking for opinions, and they missed the opportunity to buy a new watch in the New Year to torment themselves.
As a daily watch, a calendar display is required. Tables with calendar functions abound, and are divided into multiple varieties such as single calendar, double calendar, full calendar, annual calendar and perpetual calendar. The most common of these is the single calendar, which has the advantage of being clear and easy to read. And rich in style, no matter the high, middle and low-end brands have corresponding main products.
Dual calendar refers to the day of the week calendar, dual calendar refers to DAY, DATE & mdash; & mdash; DAY corresponds to the day of the week, and DATE corresponds to the date. Compared with the single calendar, the double calendar only adds one function, but the positioning has changed radically. Because basically benefiting from this new feature are the middle and senior executives in various companies, and the meaning of controlling time is more obvious, so the dual calendar is also recognized as the most business day wear watch.
The leap year calendar only needs to be manually adjusted once a year, which is very worry-free for daily wear. Unfortunately, the options available are relatively limited. Since the launch of this ‘quasi-perpetual calendar’ product by Patek Philippe in 1996, only a few watch factories such as Bulgari, Audemars Piguet, Omega, Breitling and others have followed up. As for the pure annual calendar (only showing the month and date), it is not a second person except Omega.
The full calendar and the almanac are easy to be confused in appearance, especially the models with moon phases. Among them, Patek Philippe’s almanac and Blancpain’s full calendar moon phases. Their dials are rich in content, including the day of the week, calendar, month, moon phase, and minute hand, and the layout is orderly. Not only enthusiasts of watches and clocks, even laymen will be moved by it. Although there is still a gap between the price and complexity and the perpetual calendar, Patek Philippe’s annual calendar and Blancpain’s full-calendar moon phase watch have steadily entered the collection level and are the first choice of such high-end daily wear watches.
The perpetual calendar is naturally the top of the calendar family, whether it is Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 8-day long-powered perpetual calendar, Athens’ GMT perpetual calendar, Blancpain’s ultra-thin perpetual calendar and exaggerated Piaget Emperador Cusion perpetual calendar, or H.Moser’s & ldquo; The flashing & rdquo; perpetual calendar can evoke the infinite impulse of love. And what I want to recommend is a Glashütte Senator Navigator perpetual calendar that many people will be unfamiliar with. Its week, month, calendar, leap year, and moon phases are all scattered on the edge of the dial in the form of a window, which is not the same as any other watch. I was used to the traditional perpetual calendar arrangement, and suddenly I saw a unique one that just can eliminate your aesthetic fatigue.
理由 Five reasons to choose & quot; Dual Calendar & rdquo;
Functional and pragmatic: In addition to the basic time display, the DAY-DATE watch adds and only adds the day and date function. Today, both white-collar workers and otakus are used to checking dates on mobile phones or computers, and even desk calendars have been eliminated. However, the convenience and speed of watches are still beyond the reach of other tools. The design of the DAYDATE watch is clearly focused on legibility, designed to help busy office workers save time and avoid interrupting the task at hand due to viewing the calendar.
Affordable price: Watches must be more complex and delicate, and simpler and more durable. Compared with expensive devices such as timekeeping, question and answer, tourbillon, the realization of the week and calendar functions is much easier. The related technology is very mature and very popular, so the price of this type of watch will not be too high. Fully affordable. And suitable for daily wear.
方便 Easy operation: DAY-DATE watches are basically self-winding. The day and date of DAY-DATE watches can be adjusted through the crown, without the need for other buttons or contacts. Because there is no annual calendar function, the calendar needs to be manually adjusted 5 times a year, at the end of February, April, June, September, and November. Considering that today’s mechanical watches that meet the observatory’s standards also need to be adjusted every month or two, there is no inconvenience.
The grade is enough: DAY-DATE belongs to the mid-to-high end of the mechanical watch from the product positioning. It feels more formal and more commercial than the ordinary junior or single calendar. And the DAY-DATE watches are often produced by mid- to high-end brands with a certain reputation and reputation, which can definitely be used in business and social occasions.
Various styles: Chinese people buy watches to look at the style first, and the functions are not practical. In terms of style, the range of DAY-DATE watches is still relatively wide. There are more than one combination from the material, the position of the calendar window to the overall style, which meets the wear needs of all levels from ordinary white-collar workers to workaholics to professional managers, while also taking care of fashionistas and sports fans Personality claims.

Business Selection Tasting Longines Classic Reissue Series 1832 Watch

Classic vintage watches often come with a good BUF, giving the impression of elegance and classic. This is especially true of Longines’ classic replica series, with a simple and stable design and unique style. This collection is also a deep tribute to the watchmaking spirit of Longines watchmakers and pioneers. This business style watch is a premium timepiece from the Longines classic collection. Combining classics and fashion, creating a simple business watch. (Watch number: L4.827.4.92.2)

   Overall watch real shot:

   Watch details real shot:

   This Longines classic replica watch is made of stainless steel with a round case of 40 mm. The silver-white round dial is set with polished silver-plated hands and rectangular hour markers. The atmosphere is simple and quite elite.

   At 3 o’clock on the dial, there is a month display window and a calendar display window. Polished bezel design, clear three-dimensional.

   The watch is equipped with a screw-down steel crown with the Longines “LONGINES” logo engraved on the crown.

Lug spacing 20 mm

   Through the transparent synthetic sapphire case back, you can fully enjoy the smart jump of the L619 / 888 automatic mechanical movement. The movement vibrates 25,200 times per hour and provides a 64-hour power reserve. Watch style depth of 30 meters.

   This Longines classic replica watch with dark brown crocodile leather strap, calm and restrained, highlighting the elegance of the urban elite.

   Entering the workplace, many occasions make us have to choose to wear a watch with a business temperament as a match. This Longines classic replica watch has a stable and restrained exterior design, wearing an elite atmosphere on the wrist. Official price: ¥ 14100. Interested friends may wish to try it out at the Longines physical store.