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Citizen New Female Spirit Showdown 2008

‘Internal and external studies, the truest and the most beautiful’ Citizen’s new women’s spiritual activity was fully launched, and Citizen once again set off a new female spiritual trend. Former Olympic gymnastics champion and rising fashion star Liu Xuan participated in the event as an excellent representative of women in the new era. Each session of the event will invite a guest from different fields and different professional backgrounds to deeply interpret the new female spirit of “integrity inside and outside, true to beauty”, and explain inner wisdom and wisdom through spiritual dialogue and personal experience. The perfect balance between external beauty, carrying forward the new female spirit of this era, inspiring more women to discover their own hidden charm and achieving a truly new and beautiful self. The content of each issue will be announced on the official website of Citizen.
In 2007, Citizen launched the new women’s spiritual activity for the first time, advocating new women’s spirit of self-confidence, independence, initiative, and caring for society, which has been echoed and respected by many white-collar women. Citizen once again explored the new female spirit, and put forward the keywords of ‘creating beauty, interpreting beauty, and sharing beauty’. In 2008, it interpreted the new meaning of the new female spirit.
Former Olympic gymnastics champion and new fashion star Liu Xuan actively participated in the event as an excellent representative of women in the new era. She interpreted her understanding of ‘integrity inside and outside to be true and beautiful’ through her own values, outlook on life, time, and aesthetics. Liu Xuan believes that as a woman in a new era, first of all, she must have a realistic attitude to life, live sincerely, and truly show herself; at the same time, she must believe in persistence and dare to challenge perfection, no matter which stage of life she should actively pursue the beauty And happy to share with others.
With the development of society, women’s roles are constantly changing. In the new era, women will publicize their personality and independence, and care about their true needs and feelings. Glamour women in the new century will enrich their talents and wisdom and make creative contributions in various fields. And pass the best things through their own interpretation, and share with people. As a leading international watch brand, Citizen has always paid close attention to women’s needs. Through this event, Citizen has not only injected new meaning into the spirit of new women with a leading fashion watch brand, but also encouraged and advocated for a new era. Women are constantly pursuing and improving themselves towards higher goals.
配合 In line with the new women’s spiritual activities, Citizen also launched the Spring Women’s Watch ES5004-54X in 2008, which is a watch that perfectly embodies both internal and external, and is highly respected by many white-collar women. Advanced electrokinetic radio wave technology provides near-perfect automatic management. The barrel-shaped case design of the collection is equipped with a soft and moist pink mother-of-pearl dial, and the golden hands and noble silver Roman numerals are used to express the femininity and elegance. Let the wearer always exude the unique charm, nobility and taste of the new woman; ES5004-54X fully demonstrates the product development concept of Citizen’s ‘fusion of technology and beauty’, showing the inner wisdom and outer beauty of women in the new era, becoming companions Intimate care around Yiren.

The Best Partner For Business People Tasting Lange Saxonia Dual Time Dual Time Zone Watch

For those who travel frequently or need to communicate with the world at any time, the second time zone display is a very useful complication. In 1884, the International Meridian Conference in Washington, U.S.A. divided the world into 24 time zones. Since then, it is inevitable to distinguish the actual time when entering from this time zone to another time zone. For this reason, the dual time zone watch was born. A. Lange Sohne (Lange) Saxonia Dual Time dual time zone watch is designed for people who have a global footprint and a home around the world. , Coupled with Lange’s exquisite design technology, this watch has become the best symbol of the wearer’s identity. 18K rose gold official number: 385.032. 18K white gold official number 385.026.

   The dial design of the Saxonia Dual Time dual time zone watch is very ingenious, the display function is clear and easy to read, and the wearer can quickly read the home time and departure time. Not only has the exquisite design and comfortable wearing, the provision of two different materials also meets everyone’s preferences.

   As described above, this watch has two materials to choose from, this time we mainly introduce 18K white gold models. The case has a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 9.1 mm. The overall design looks simple and there are not too many fancy decorations. This may also be due to the exclusive reason for business people.

   The dial of the watch is a silver-white solid silver dial. The material of the hands and the material of the case are the same. In order to distinguish the time of each time zone, the blue needles that are in strong contrast with the tone dial are also used.

   The uniform combination in the color system provides the watch with two complete time systems. The small seconds dial at six o’clock shows clearly the time indicated by the hour and minute hands of the same color.

   The 24-hour small dial on the 12 o’clock position of the watch is also made of blue steel, which also reflects the relationship between this small hand and the blue steel hour hand showing the time of departure at the central position: The 24-hour dial linked to the starting place will provide more detailed guidance for the person wearing this watch, allowing him to know at any time whether his hometown is currently night or day, and at the same time, it also provides more time for the watch to be adjusted. Intuitive reference.

   From the appearance of this Saxonia Dual Time dual time zone watch, the blue and silver (gold) two-color hands look sharp and clear, which makes it very clear that the two represent different times-silver (gold The colored hour hand indicates the time at which the wearer is located, while the blue steel hour hand indicates the time of departure of the watch.

   In order to ensure the convenience of adjusting the local time, the watchmaker of Lange has adopted a two-button design policy. The wearer only needs to press the button on the left or eight o’clock position of the case to make this gold The hour hand jumps back and forth in hours-simple and straightforward, and indeed a great boon for watch wearers.

   The sapphire crystal case makes the movement fully visible, equipped with a completely redesigned L086.2 self-winding movement, and added a manual setting device for the second time zone display. The movement is equipped with a 950 platinum centrifugal wheel with a central automatic turntable, which effectively improves the performance of the winding and power reserve, and it can provide a 72-hour power reserve when fully wound.

   It is worth mentioning the characteristics that symbolize the quality of the Lange movement, including hand-engraved balance wheel plywood, and a screwless balance wheel and Lange’s own patented balance spring. The carefully decorated man-made movement demonstrates the highest technological achievements of Lange watchmaking. The surface of countless parts, even the hidden parts after assembly, has undergone time-consuming polishing and decoration processes. Like watermarks, these modifications make each Lange watch a unique gem.

Summary: Compared with other complicated watch functions, the two places really do not look extraordinary, and can even be regarded as bland-there is no gorgeous appearance like a tourbillon, and there is no timepiece like a chronograph watch. Fun, the simplest two-hour timepiece, just add an hour hand indicating the second time zone on the dial containing the basic functions of the watch, but just such a small visual change, let the two-time time Gained a connotation that is popular with the world. To people, the function of the two places is not the icing on the cake. It seems that it is difficult for you to find other better ways besides the two places watch, so that people can see it so easily but clearly immediately. The other time in the world is geometry. It is reported that the rose gold model is about 160,000 yuan and the white gold model is about 170,000 yuan.

Saxonia Dual Time watch in 18K rose gold
Dual Time dual time zone watch in 18K white gold details:
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