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Three Blancpain Women’s Watches Show Different Charming Charm

A woman is flowery, colorful and enchanting, romantic and passionate, showing her beauty at all times. The famous Swiss watch brand Blancpain has launched three women’s watches with the theme of ‘flowers’. It uses mother-of-pearl engraving and painting, equipped with unique movements and complex functions exclusive to women’s watches. Let watches become the spokesperson for women, showing the different charms of women with different personalities!
Blancpain 3650-4944R-58B watch

   The flower of the pink rose is ‘forever love’, and a rose represents the only one. Limited to 14 pieces in the world, the only St.Valentin watch in Taiwan that is dedicated to the master of mother-of-pearl engraving craftsmanship. The face plate is made of white mother-of-pearl, with a delicate inlay in the center. Pink roses, dedicated to the favorites of this life.
   This delicate and vivid rose on the mother-of-pearl dial is first carved each petal on white mother-of-pearl, and then the formed relief rose pattern is cut into a whole, and the pink petals follow the elegant arc. Line, slowly blooming, after multiple passes of color treatment, the rich layering of flowers is perfectly presented. The unique pink mother-of-pearl engraved automatic dial of this watch, with the gentle swing of the wrist, is like a lady wearing a round skirt and dancing a round dance, and there is a little more joy in the elegance.
Blancpain Women’s Watch 3626-1954L-58B

   Women’s large calendar flyback chronograph, blue mother-of-pearl dial combined with blue, white and gray. It has a large calendar window with few practical watches for women’s watches. The stopwatch timer is presented in a frameless manner. Just below 2 o’clock, there is an eccentric hour and minute display, separated from the timer by an arc-engraved mosaic diamond, flying across the sky like a seagull swinging wings, and the background of the hour and minute display is a radial engraving.
   The back of the case uses a sapphire crystal back, and a petal-engraved automatic disc. You can see the mysterious internal structure and movement of the movement. The craftsman’s insistence on the art, even if it is equipped with an invisible automatic disk, it also needs to convey the beautiful and delicate woman like a flower. A woman who has a positive personality and pursues perfect personality, exudes her own self-confident charm from the inside out. Like the efforts of Blancpain on women’s watches, just to create a unique watch that belongs to women only, not only the diamonds dazzle, but also make the watch practical.
Blancpain Special Series 0062-1954F-52

   Blancpain watches
Inspired by Van Gogh’s ‘Iris’, with the mother-of-pearl dial as the canvas, the elegant and beautiful painting process shows the iris flowers and leaves are touching and touching, soft but struggling to grow straight up, metaphorizing that a woman may seem to be weak but life-threatening. Persist. Double heart-shaped sapphire inlays and royal blue paintings draw lifelike blue butterflies, blending with blue diamonds embellished with stars and white diamond iris flowers, as women can integrate into different roles, showing the best side. Bezel with beautiful diamonds, green silk strap, ultra-thin 18k white gold case with 6150 world’s smallest self-winding movement, classic platinum willow hand hour and minute hands, transparent sapphire crystal on the case back. Delicate rotating movement.

The Water Is Muddy Before You Can Touch The Fish

When shopping on Taobao salted fish, I encountered an interesting ‘Glasutti’ which cost only 7000 RMB. After opening the back cover, it was found that the movement and the brand were different. It was a ‘blank’ ETA2892, not even Longines. Someone in the comment area said ‘this is a fake watch’ or ‘changed the movement’, but in fact it is an original genuine watch. The workmanship of such a watch is completely different from what we now see. The same ‘Glashuti’, why is it so different? The town of Glashütte mentions clocks, and everyone thinks of Switzerland, but in fact, Germany created clocks before Switzerland. At the end of the 15th century, Italy and France were among the first countries to study clocks. The German watch industry was mainly concentrated in Augsburg and Nürnberg. It was once prosperous, but between 1618 and 1648, Germany destroyed the watch industry because of the Thirty Years’ War, and then fell silent behind Britain and France. In the 15th century, minerals were discovered in the Saxe area of ​​Germany, and then a ‘glass smelting plant’ was established there. This is why the name of the town of Glashütte-‘Glashütter’ means ‘glass factory’ in German. At that time, the town logo had only two tools representing mining. In the 19th century, due to the exhaustion of mineral development and the leakage of underground water in the mines and war, the economy of Glashütte town fell into an unprecedented crisis. In 1845, Fernand A. Lange, the founder of the Lange brand, traveled to Europe and returned from his studies. Seeing the decline of the town of Glashütte, he sought a government loan and started a watch business in the town. Under his leadership, he not only successfully established the watch brand ‘Lange’, but also attracted and trained a large number of watch talents, forming a watch industry chain in the town. Although it could not keep up with Switzerland, which was later, it was once the center of German watchmaking. As World War II broke out, clocks and watches, as very important instruments and equipment, had to be used by aircrafts, tanks, and warships. They would undoubtedly be controlled by the state. As a result, Lange began producing clocks for the German army. Later, when the Soviet Union hit the small town of Glashütte, it was natural and reasonable to not miss Lange. During the period, it was announced that the local watch factory was confiscated and became ‘public property.’ Later, the tabulation data, information, and tabulation instruments in the town were shipped to the Soviet Union as strategic supplies. In 1949, the German Democratic Republic, which we often call ‘East Germany’, was established. Because of the socialist system pursued at that time, on July 1, 1951, the state-owned company Glashütte Uhrenbetrieb (‘GUB’) was formed by the merger of local enterprises in the town of Glashütte, of which Including Lange. Although the watch brand Glashütte has always claimed that it originated in 1845, it is actually more reasonable in 1951. Because although Glashütte was a merger of these local businesses, they were not voluntary. The characters of the core management have been taken out by T. If they do not cooperate, they will be punished with revenge. For example, the founder of Hyundai Lange was sent to mine …. The watch factory in the era of GUB Glashütte was bombed and the equipment drawings People who have been robbed, management is controlled, and uncooperative are used as hard labor. In addition, the East German government only requires that the basic timing requirements be met. Everyone can imagine what good watches GUB Glashütte can produce under such circumstances? GUB Glashütte watch movement This is a GUB Glashütte watch. The difference may not be obvious on the front. Once the back cover is opened, it is simply unbearable. It does not have the taste of ‘German watchmaking art’ mentioned today. Because it is a state-owned company, there is basically no need to worry about losing the market because of workmanship. Anyway, there is a stable and monopoly market and state support. GUB Glasutti did so from 1951 to 1990. In October 1990, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the suspension of the East German government meant that GUB Glasutti’s good days had come to an end. Their watch products could not be sold at all in an open market environment! This is similar to the situation in which many state-owned enterprises and collective enterprises went bankrupt because they could not bear the wave of the market economy after China’s reform and opening up. What’s more exaggerated is that as many as 2,500 employees of state-owned enterprises that have survived for many years, GUB Glasutti suddenly became a hot potato. At that time, the missing East German companies such as GUB Glasutti were hosted under the German Trusteeship Commission (Treuband). Lange had wanted the government to return the old family homes confiscated in 1948. The German Trusteeship Commission (Treuband) The answer is that this building now belongs to GUB Glasutti and is located in the best location of Glashuti town. The return condition is that Lange buys all of GUB Glasutti and also takes care of 2,500 people after the work. Lang Ge is not stupid, he must have rejected it. As a result, GUB Glasutti worked under the management of the German Trusteeship Committee (Treuband) from 1990 to 1994. During this period, a French movement factory, France Ebauches SA, found GUB Glasutti cooperation, of course, it is not the case Its technology is not its brand, but because of the low economic level of East Germany, which can save a lot of labor costs … In 1994, things finally turned around. The entrepreneur Heinz W. Pfeiffer bought GUB Glasutti from the German Trusteeship Commission for 13 million marks. The first thing after Heinz W. Pfeiffer came to power was to change the name of the brand, from the previous ‘GUB’ or ‘Glashutte’ to ‘Glashutte Original’, adding an ‘Original’ to indicate the difference, he himself I know the watches in the GUB era are good or not. I want to draw a clear line from the bad products produced between 1951 and 1994. Today, we usually call ‘Glashutte Original’ ‘Glasutti’. Strictly speaking, it should be ‘Glashutte Original’. In addition to the renamed GUB Glashütte watches using ETA movements, Heinz W. Pfeiffer even paid for a large number of watches produced in the GUB Glashütte era to avoid these rotten goods produced that year affecting the ‘Glashutte Original’ business. During this period, Glashütte used the rough ETA movement mentioned at the beginning of this article. Heinz W. Pfeiffer of the ‘Glashutte Original’ movement in the Heinz era is determined to make ‘Glashutte Original’ into a high-end brand. In addition to renaming, he also worked on the movement, such as re-improving and beautifying the movement developed in the GUB era. After a moment, then packed into the market. However, although ‘Glashutte Original’ in this period sounded high-end, the actual workmanship was similar to Tissot and Longines. If you consider stability, it is not even as good as ETA. Breguet’s ‘Glashutte Original’ is even more deadly. Like GUB Glasutti, it can’t find the brand’s style. Its watches look like some brands, such as Rolex, Breguet … and today we see ‘Glashutte Original’ actually appeared after 2000. Because in 2000, the Swatch Group bought the ‘Glashutte Original’ brand, which not only continued the positioning of Heinz W. Pfeiffer, but also clarified the brand’s style, which is to make German watches, not Swiss watches today, tomorrow. French table. At the time, eccentric design, gooseneck fine-tuning, gold sleeves, blue steel hairspring, three-quarter plywood, etc. Although not all original Lange design elements, but after these combinations, they have been popular Accepted and recognized as a ‘German watch’. So ‘Glashutte Original’ was included in the Swatch Group and launched the brand’s ‘Pano’ eccentric series, and began to transform and promote itself as an authentic German watch. The story spans more than 170 years, and the content is a bit long, so let’s summarize it at the end of the article. Period of ancient legends: The Glashütte brand existed in name from 1845-1951, but in fact did not exist. The first period: 1951-1990 GUB Glashütte. The second period: 1990-1994. The third issue of GUB Glasutti: 1994-2000 ‘Glashutte Original’ controlled by Heinz The fourth issue: ‘Glashutte Original’ controlled by Swatch from 2000 to the present. In general, watches with the trademark ‘Glashutte’ are more The better you do, but the first and second timepieces suck, so you better not buy them. Previously, the information at home and abroad was not smooth. Many traitors bought such watches back to China and sold them at the price of ‘Glashutte Original’ … and the prices of such watches were as low as several hundred yuan abroad. In addition, the third issue of Glasutti, although it is also ‘Glashutte Original’, but neither the workmanship nor the brand style is accepted by the mainstream market. Buying it and risking it in your hands is very risky. If you don’t particularly like it, be careful! When buying Glashütte, ordinary watch friends please look for the Swatch Group version after 2000! —END —