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The Stars Wear Bvlgari Jewellery And Shine At The Opening Ceremony Of The 20th Shanghai Film Festival

[June 17, 2017, Shanghai] Tonight, the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival has officially opened. Bulgari, as an official partner, witnesses the annual film event. Numerous stars, outstanding directors and producers from home and abroad shined.

The well-known director Xu Anhua wore a Bvlgari antiques collection jewelry and made the finale with the film ‘When Will the Moon Become’. Bulgari colored jewellery lit up her black dress, with an elegant temperament. She has won several Golden Horse Awards and Golden Awards several times, and has established a unique film style, looking forward to her new works.

The charming Italian national treasure actor and ‘Bang girl’ Maria Grazia Cucinotta in an elegant long dress came a long way. The Bvlgari antique collection series is set with rare red, sapphire and diamond necklaces and earrings. Gree is bold and unique.

This film festival attracted many domestic front-line actors to join in the event. The famous actor Yu Nan became a judge of the 60th Berlin Film Festival and a judge of the 16th Shanghai Film Festival after winning international films several times. This time, he brought his new work ‘The Longest Shot’ to the show, and he wore an elegant dress with Bulgari Platinum jewelry diamond ring with high aura.

The crew of ‘Jingcheng No. 81 2’ dazzled on stage. Acting actor Mei Ting wore an emerald necklace and ring from the Italian Garden’s High Jewelry Collection, with platinum diamond earrings, dignified and elegant, yet elegant.

Zhong Xinjun wore the Le Magnifiche series of high-quality jewellery necklaces, the source of Bvlgari’s colorful colors, sparkling diamonds and elegant and quiet sapphires complement each other, highlighting the beauty of Italian color.

The elegant goddess Zhang Jingchu and the crew of ‘Grand Theft Auto’ attended. The Bvlgari Antique Collection platinum diamond jewellery and Divas’Dream haute jewellery ring set off a sweet, sweet and serene temperament. Looking forward to her performance in the new film.

The appearance of popular young actresses adds beautiful scenery to the red carpet. They have emerged in various major films, provoked the girders, and become a new force in Chinese movies.

Zhang Tianai took the stage for the second time with two new works of Zhuan Zhuan and Father and Son Soldiers. The Bulgari Italian Garden collection of white gold emeralds, diamond earrings and rings illuminate her overall shape. The goddess Fan is full.

When debuting with ‘Father and Son’ director Yuan Weidong, Zhang Tianai chose the dazzling Bvlgari antique collection earrings and high jewelry series ring, and Yuan Weidong chose the Bulgari Octo Roma watch.

Lin Yun went to the red carpet twice with ‘God of War’ and Disney’s first Chinese love movie ‘If the Prince Asleep’ and wore Bulgari high-end jewelry series and Serpenti series of white diamond jewellery. It also showed her elegant beauty while being smart and cute .

Wang Likun and Li Yuan made their debut together with the new film ‘Love in Manhattan’. Wang Likun’s elegant blue skirt wore Bvlgari high jewelry series earrings and rings, elegant and eye-catching. Li Yuan wears Divas’Dream series jewelry, she is full of frankness.

Yan Yikuan, one of the main creators of the opening film of this film festival, ‘Feng Fei Fang Fei’, wears Octo Finissimo skeleton watch and B.zero1 black ceramic diamond ring of Bvlgari series.

Powerful actress Qin Hailu transformed for the first time as a director, her stance and the Bulgari cool golden Serpenti dinner bag complemented each other, demonstrating capable and exquisite femininity.

Xu Lu, who was nominated for Best Actress in the Asian Newcomer Award for her role in ‘Flash Girl’, wore Divas’Dream earrings and rings, and dazzling diamonds sparkled her, showing a fresh and refined beauty.

Actor and singer Xue Kaiqi wore Divas’Dream high jewelry series and Parentesi high jewelry series, and appeared elegantly with’ Girlfriend 2 ‘crew.

Why Are Louis Vuitton’s Watch Series Named ‘tambour’

In the 14th and 15th centuries, the French began to use the drumming method to tell the time. At the beginning of the 16th century, German watchmakers invented an iron clockwork and escapement. The timing device of the mechanism was named ‘Tambour’ because its shape is similar to that of a drum in an instrument. As the world’s first founder of portable timepieces, “Tambour” surpassed the large and horizontal table clocks of the same period in terms of practicability and convenience. Object.

 Louis Vuitton Tambour bijou secret jewellery watch with multi-colored semi-precious stone dial.

 Since 2002, Tambour has also become the icon of Louis Vuitton watches. Since then, Louis Vuitton has begun to explore the field of fine watchmaking. Compared with the thin round watches commonly available on the market, the Tambour watch designed and manufactured by Louis Vuitton has a taller and thicker case, the sides are almost perpendicular to the bottom, and the raised plate is like a reduced version. Tambourine. Its structure is unique but not complicated. Except for the presbyopia pattern on the crown and the 12 letters of ‘LOUIS VUITTON’ engraved on the side of some cases, the Tambour series has almost no extra decorative elements. This also makes it look more holistic, like a delicate container, ‘hiding the mystery of time’. At both ends of the case, the metal movable lugs are like the handles on a suitcase, which is firm and flexible.

 In 2002, Louis Vuitton opened its first watchmaking workshop in LA Chaux-de-Fonds, the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry, which can be expanded to accommodate 50 employees. Around this watchmaking workshop, Louis Vuitton began to improve its watch manufacturing process in all aspects. In the same year, Louis Vuitton launched the first Tambour series watch-Tambour LV 277 chronograph, taking the first step into the ranks of fine watchmaking. Since the launch of the Tambour series for 11 years, Louis Vuitton has combined the brand’s own DNA, such as travel, sailing, and the classic pattern of “Monogram”, and has launched Orientation positioning, Diving diving, LV Cup Regatta Louis Vuitton Regatta, America’s Cup There are more than ten boutique series including regattas, Capsule Voyage timing, and Bijou women’s jewelry watches. In addition to presenting the brand’s traditional values, Louis Vuitton has also made breakthroughs in the professional technical field of watches: Tambour Spin Time watches, which indicate time through 12 rotating cube hour markers. Louis Vuitton has its exclusive technology patent, Tambour The Minute Repeater GMT minute repeater watch is also the original of Louis Vuitton. At this point, the army of Louis Vuitton has seized the commanding heights in the field of fine watchmaking, and its momentum is the same as its decision since 1997 when it decided to dominate the fashion industry.

2013 Sihh Preview Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Watch

Since its introduction in 1993, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore series has been popular with watch fans for its unique masculinity and extreme sports style. At the 2013 Geneva Watch Fair (2013 SIHH), which will be held from January 21 to 25, 2013 local time in Geneva, the brand will bring a new Royal Oak Offshore Grande Complication watch to shine Debut.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Complex Watch
   The new Royal Oak Offshore Large Complication Watch uses a 44mm diameter case made of titanium alloy with anti-glare sapphire crystal, black ceramic bezel, crown and buttons, sapphire dial, The dial is decorated with Royal Oak rose gold fluorescent hour markers, hands, and silver white inner ring. It has a minute repeater function, perpetual calendar, chronograph chronograph, hours, minutes and small seconds. These functions are realized through the Calibre 2885 self-winding movement equipped with the watch. Through the sapphire crystal back, this movement composed of 648 parts is clearly visible. Under the unique open case back, the pure gold rotor is at a glance . This pure gold oscillating weight is black-coated and perfectly complements the contemporary style of the overall design. The exquisite design is inseparable from the hard work of watchmakers. Every time a movement is made, a dedicated watchmaker devotes 700 hours of working time to create it separately.

   Functionally, this self-winding mechanical movement is equipped with four outstanding functions, three of which are traditional complex functions known to the watchmaking industry. In addition to the function of displaying the standard time, the watch also has a chronograph function. Through the complex function of chasing the needle, the watch can also measure the interval time. At the same time, it includes a minute repeater function. It sounds at the minute. In addition, the watchmaker added perpetual calendar complication with moon phase display. 45 hours power reserve. 20 meters waterproof. Comes with a white rubber strap. Limited to 3 pieces only for reservations.

Greubel Forsey Launches 30 ° Twin Tourbillon Edition Historique

In the spirit of originality, Greubel Forsey decided to end the era of the 30 ° double tourbillon with two unique ‘Edition Historique’ series in 2010:
 * 11 pieces of 5N rose gold, and
 * 11 pieces in platinum
The end of the 30 ° double tourbillon era will serve as an eye-catching sign for the brand: the bold exploration of the double tourbillon and the formation of later creative ideas have made this industry deeply integrated into history. After six years of successful journey, this decision to end the era of the 30 ° double tourbillon will also allow everyone to see the brand inject new energy into the system of innovation and exploration of new processes.

5N Rose Gold 30 ° Dual Tourbillon Edition Historique
The complexity of this watch is not limited to the construction of the tourbillon system, but is also apparent in other aspects including the new dial. The gold dial is a combination of three sapphire crystals. These complicated mosaic crystal carvings with 3D effects enhance the overall visual effect.
The bevel-embossed bezel has a novel appearance that is eye-catching and retains the essential characteristics of Greubel Forsey’s early design style.

30 ° Twin Tourbillon Edition Historique in Platinum
Like other Greubel Forsey watches, the 30 ° double tourbillon also expresses the idea of ​​the brand creator. Through the perfect appearance, you will also find 3D graphics fixed on the edge dial of the case and the hand-carved curved design presenting the wisdom and perfect craftsmanship of the creator.
Original source: GreubelForsey
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Continuation Of Cooperation Between Plum Watch And Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base

Since 2009, Mr. Daniel Schluep, President of TITONI Swiss Plum Watch, has received the assistance of a panda named ‘Rui Rui’ from the Swiss Minister of Economy during a trip to China After raising, the cooperation relationship between Plum Blossom Watch and Sichuan Panda Breeding Research Base also started, and promised to support it in the future. Then Plum Blossom adopted a second panda in 2010. Due to Plum Blossom’s support for environmental protection and Mr. Slop’s personal love for Chinese culture, the Swiss watch company decided to adopt a third baby panda, ‘Heidi’. The name ‘Heidi’ is derived from a very famous novel published in the early 20th century. The heroine in the book is ‘Heidi’. This decision also fully reflects the love of Plum Watch, a Swiss watch family business, for the deep relationship between Chengdu and the local people.