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Fashionable And Perishable, Classic And Everlasting

The fast-changing fashion circle is actually not so mysterious as imagined. With 10 years as the cycle, every popular element that has become popular in the season seems to be traceable in the past torrent. As the major brand designers racked their brains to compete for innovation, and strived to win the top spot this season, the real design masters calmly and arrogantly greeted the test with a ‘constant change’ attitude. Because they believe that instead of catching up with others, it is better to be the leader of the times and the industry; when the flashyness passes, the classics will last forever.

 Here, we turn our attention to the period of the First World War. In order to more easily check the time during the battle, an ordinary soldier strapped a timepiece pocket watch to his wrist. In 1918, a Swiss watchmaker named Zana Sanu, was inspired by the story of soldiers strapping watches to his wrists, and was inspired by it. After thinking, he started to make a smaller watch, on both sides of the watch. Pinholes were placed to secure the belt, and the real watch was born. In the following half century, with the improvement of the global economy, the watch industry has developed rapidly. The leather strap featuring elegant form and excellent fit has gradually expanded from the original cowhide and sheepskin to various materials such as crocodile skin, lizard skin, and ostrich skin, breaking through the limitation of form. With the liberation of cultural trends in the second half of the last century, more innovative materials have been added. The traditional leather straps that have been popular in the past seem to have been left out. More consumers who are looking for a fresh experience have begun to look more and more A variety of new materials: tough and capable stainless steel straps, comfortable and practical rubber straps, exquisite and luxurious precious metal straps, and even non-mainstream plastics and rubbers are all incorporated into watch design by major brands. In the 21st century, the development of the watch industry has entered a new process. With the popularity of watches, consumers have gradually been divided into echelons, and the demand for watches has begun by those who truly pursue quality and wearing experience. Gradually returning to the noble and elegant retro feelings and the distinguished and comfortable superior texture, this makes leather, the most original, ‘luxury’, most classic material, once again sought after by quality people.

 As a Swiss classic watch brand, Swiss Mido Watch has experienced the changes of the watch industry in the past century, and has always believed that the reason why classics endure is because they are in line with the development of the times and This process is given more and more meanings, just like a classic leather watch, in the passage of time, with the rise and fall of life, through the accumulation and transmission of body temperature, the human power of classic design is emitted.

Mido Belem Celli III Women’s Diamond Watch

 This diamond watch inspired by the arcade of Vito Emanuel II in Milan, Italy, is a classic of Mido. Its appearance pushes the elegant qualities of Mido to a peak. This watch follows the infinite arc and round design of the arcade of Emmanuel II, showing an elegant and feminine form. At the same time, the design also adds a classic element that is never out of date-the black calf leather strap, showing a low-key Unlimited luxury.

 The black crocodile-patterned leather strap with excellent texture is cool and noble under the mapping of light. With a black dial with a diameter of 25 mm and a silver gum pattern, it shows a retro and timeless fashion; the silver Roman numerals unique to the center of the dial The scale, against the black dial, complements the black calfskin strap, expressing a sense of calm and solitude; the bezel is set with 40 diamonds, which shines brightly, and is matched with the black leather strap, which is firm and soft; The hour, minute and second hands of this model are cut with beveled diamonds, and the double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror makes time easier to read; the back is transparent, allowing the wearer to appreciate the finely-crafted automatic movement. Wearing such a black calfskin diamond watch on the wrist, it is like a graceful and elegant aristocratic woman leisurely, exuding the inherent blue blood temperament.

Mido Bruner series men’s and women’s watch

 Chocolate brown, brimming with the sweetness of romantic love in the metropolis. The Chrysler Building in New York is a classic representative of metropolitan architecture, and it is also the inspiration for the Bruner series. The Chrysler Building outlines the body of the mighty shore with tough and decisive lines. It overlooks the world from a height of 300 meters and always reveals and conveys the quiet intentions of thousands of lovers.

 The brown calf leather rolled crocodile pattern strap with PVD rose gold folding buckle. This classic color and material combination conveys a love affair; at the same time, it is sweet and deep with the dial of the same color. The sculpting of water waves creates a clear sense of layering, surrounded by golden scales, showing the designer’s ingenuity; the 316L stainless steel case is plated with PVD rose gold, which fully interprets the low-key gorgeousness-high-key gold and low-key The chocolate-colored shuttles interweave, showing the unique warm atmosphere of love in the urban glitz; the rare chocolate-colored leather strap reflects the wearer’s unique taste, which echoes the dial, making the watch a classic love Over time, it has become deeper and deeper.

Mido Commander Women’s Watch

  Inspired by the Eiffel Tower’s Mido Commander series, the first mother-of-pearl watch for women is launched. The rainbow-smooth white mother-of-pearl dial is paired with a classic black patent leather cowhide strap. And help the extraordinary taste of wearers stand alone.

 Like the Eiffel Tower’s respect for curves and slant lines, this Commander series ladies watch, silver metal round stainless steel case and smooth polished bezel are like the curve of the Eiffel Tower tip to the base, smooth and agile; The clearly visible bar scales on the dial are reminiscent of the reinforced grid structure of the Eiffel Tower. The black leather strap with crocodile leather pattern and folding buckle make the entire watch infused with French romantic style and elegant femininity under the tough appearance. The 33 mm diameter case is equipped with a carefully crafted automatic mechanical movement and 50 meters of water resistance. This performance has given this watch a classic style of French women-noble and wise.

Inventory Of Three Hundred-year-old Moon Phase Watches

As a carrier of time, the regular movement of the moon phase is naturally included in the clock. As early as the 17th century, clocks had moon phase functions. The large table clock with moon phase display was the original carrier of the combination of clocks and moons. Since then, with the evolution of clock manufacturing technology and form, this function has been added to pocket watches and watches.

Patek Philippe’s New Ref. 5216 Super Complication Watch
Patek Philippe’s new Ref. 5216 watch has a legendary super complex watch with minute repeater, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, automatic return date and moon phase display. It not only pushes the minute repeater function to a new level, the tourbillon device It also means that the time is running accurately, and the moon phase display function that displays the changes in the moon’s profit and loss is also worth mentioning. The fascination of this feature lies not only in triggering poetic associations, but also in its extraordinary precision design. That is to say, the lunar phase display will differ from the actual lunar cycle by one day after every 122 years and 45 days, which is equivalent to a complete lunar cycle after every 3420 years.

Breguet Classique Gold Moon Phase Watch
As a brand with a long history and tradition in the field of fine watchmaking, Breguet launched the Classique gold moon phase watch in 2009, which shows the oldest design pattern in moon phase clocks. The semi-circular moon phase display and the carved smiley pattern on the surface of the moon are now rarely used by ordinary moon phase watches.This highly sensual design orientation is to fully expose the smiley face at the full moon for the wearer. Convey a simple and pleasant look. And in the Breguet Classique gold moon phase watch above the 1 point of the moon phase cycle display area, the clearly visible 29 and 1/2 digital identification is from the average period of the moon’s profit and loss mentioned above. In addition, the corrugated carvings of the clouds in the moon phase disk, and the star cluster that interprets the moon and stars to explain the beautiful artistic conception, all show the treasure-oriented design taste of Breguet, and also add mystery to this subtle moon phase change With hazy beauty.

Blancpain Half Time Zone Half Hunting Watch
Blancpain’s first dual time zone watch is easy to operate, and you only need to rotate the crown of the watch a few times to complete all adjustments to the date, time and reference time. The wearer can select the quick adjustment mode or the half-time zone adjustment mode by the button on the top of the crown. It is also worth noting that adjusting the reference time automatically adjusts the travel time in the second time zone. At the same time
The ingenious Calibre 5254DF design of the Pelleb Hasselbau watchmaking factory gives this watch a smooth and simple half-time zone operation.
This fully automatic movement consists of 321 parts and can store 72 hours of kinetic energy. The 12 o’clock position of the dial is the reference time display window, and the center is the half time zone and seconds display window; the day and night display window of the reference time is located at 9 o’clock, and the date replacement display window that is consistent with the second time zone is located at 6 o’clock Position; the date change (D) or time zone (T) indication is marked at 4 o’clock. This watch further highlights Blancpain’s amazing innovative spirit and has established its position in brand innovation since 2006.

Medo White Rudder Phone Core, Watch Models, Pictures Introduction Mido Rudder Phone Core Performance

Mido Helmsman series watches have been widely praised, and there are many people who pay attention to this series watches and want to buy them. So, what kind of movement does Mido White Helmman use? What are the Mido white helmsman watches? Next, the editor introduces the movement, models and pictures of a Mido white helmsman watch.

 Mido aims to create a watch with high-quality materials, precise movements, and excellent water resistance for long periods of time. Mido white rudder is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement ETA 2836-2. Compared with the ETA2824-2 movement, the performance of the ETA2836-2 movement is very good.

 The back of the table uses a transparent design to make its ETA 2836-2 automatic winding movement visible.
 Mido white rudder M005.430.11.031.00 Men’s mechanical watch from the appearance of beautiful curves, extraordinary style, no wonder so many people have a crush on it.

 The white dial design, with rivets and stick-shaped hour markers, has a special charm on it. The sword-shaped hands indicate time and are easy to read. The watch displays the day and date at 3 o’clock. Mirror sapphire crystal. Made of stainless steel case and bracelet, the case diameter is 42mm and the thickness is 10.95mm.
Detailed watch information: mido / 8562 /

Omega Released Speedmaster Apollo Commemorative Watch

Apollo 15 is the fourth of six NASA missions to the moon. Compared with previous missions, Apollo 15 made its first long stop on the moon’s surface, focusing more on scientific research. Most notably, this is also the first lunar mission to use a lunar rover.

 The Apollo 15 mission to the moon began on July 26, 1971. Four days later, the crew landed on the moon and returned to Earth on August 7. The space adventure lasted more than 12 days.

 Omega glory commemorates successful adventure

 Omega launched the Speedmaster Lunar Watch ‘Apollo 15’ 40th Anniversary Limited Edition to commemorate this significant and successful adventure.

  This is a classic moon watch: a polished or frosted stainless steel case and bracelet, a black aluminum bezel with a tachometer, and an arched table glass made of hard, non-fragile polyacrylic synthetic crystal. The logo is etched directly above the dial. The three small dials are presented on the black dial in the style of the classic Speedmaster Professional series: the small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, the 12-hour chronograph dial at 6 o’clock, and the 30-minute chronograph dial at 3 o’clock.

 Distinctive features

  Compared with classic Speedmaster professional watches, the ‘Apollo 15’ 40th Anniversary model has some significant features. The minute scale of this limited edition watch consists of blue, white and red rings-these are the three colors of the Apollo 15 mission badge. The small seconds dial has a blue bezel, the 12-hour chronograph dial and the 30-minute chronograph dial have a white outer ring and a red outer ring, respectively.

 The screw-in caseback is embossed with a lunar rover pattern and ‘apollo 15′ (Apollo 15) and ’40th anniversiry’ (40th anniversary). The outer ring of the black chrome metal case is etched with ‘the first watch worn on the moon’, ‘July 30, 1971’ (July 30, 1971), and a limited number .

 Traditional movement

 The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “Apollo 15th” 40th Anniversary Limited Edition is equipped with a classic Omega 1861 movement, which is also the manual chronograph movement that has always been used in the legendary Speedmaster professional watches.

 The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch ‘Apollo 15’ 40th Anniversary is limited to 1,971 pieces.

Some Interesting Chronographs This Year, Which One Do You Prefer

In watches, the timekeeping may be the most common complication besides the date and time indication. Of course, it is also because the timekeeping itself has certain playability and practicality. Every year, various brands will launch some Chronographs, but not really interesting, because most are mature chronographs, there will be no changes, but there are still some interesting chronographs this year, and the price is not too high, come together Take a look.
Zenith DEFY Series 95.9000.9004 / 78.R582

Product model: 95.9000.9004 / 78.R582
Domestic public price: 81900
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Case thickness: 14.5 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: El Primero 9004 self-winding movement
Case material: titanium
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: Watch review: Zenith Defy chronograph first, this watch’s breaking point is that it has a 50HZ ultra-high chronograph frequency, which means that it can be accurate to 1/100 second, and 5HZ travel time Frequency, this watch has two sets of escapement mechanism, and is independent, when the timing is off, the escapement mechanism responsible for the timing system is also stopped. Although Tag Heuer started using the double escapement mechanism in concept chronographs a long time ago, Zenith uses a different mechanism and is not a sibling. More importantly, the price of this watch is 81,900, which is lower than that of Daytona and IWC.

Athens watch sailing series 1553-155-3 / 43

Model: 1553-155-3 / 43
Watch Reviews: ¥ 127200
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: UN-155
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Details of the watch: watch reviews: followed by the Athenian sailing series Regatta, this series is designed by the Athenian watch for regattas. It uses the unique timing structure of the Athen watch to enable two-way timing-when the sailboat enters the predetermined starting point Previously, pre-voyages were performed within 10 minutes, so the Athens watch could set a 10-minute countdown and run the counterclockwise by the central chronograph second hand to count down. When the scheduled countdown is over, the central large second hand will switch to clockwise at an instant at 12 o’clock. In this process, no additional operations are required and it is automatically completed. For this reason, the Athens watch Regatta is widely praised.
Bucherer Marly Dragon Series 00.10919.08.93.01

Product model: 00.10919.08.93.01
Domestic public price: 69900
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Case thickness: 14.45 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: CFB 1970
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Details of the watch: 1970 automatic flyback chronograph movement, classic dual-subsidiary disc structure, the 7750 caliber modified by Bucherer, and the buttons use very traditional round buttons, which have an extraordinary charm.

Tudor watch series M79350-0001

Model: M79350-0001
Domestic public price: USD 5050
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: MT5813 made by Tudor
Case material: stainless steel, stainless steel fixed outer ring, engraved black tachometer scale
Water resistance: 200 meters
Watch details: tudor / 59019 /
Watch Reviews: Tudor launched the brand’s first self-produced chronograph this year-Qi Cheng Biwan series chronograph. Tudor launched the self-produced basic automatic movement from the previous two years, so it launched the self-produced chronograph. It is also very natural. Of course, this movement is not completely Tudor’s autonomy, but the product of cooperation between Tudor and Breitling, but for Tudor, compared to the previous chronograph equipped with 7750 movement, it is indeed a self-made chronograph. After the launch of this watch, of course, it is a hard-to-find watch, and it is rarely seen in domestic counters. Because it uses the Breitling B01 movement architecture, its performance is of course excellent. Some vintage elements, such as a rivet-linked bracelet. As the chronograph of Tudor’s first self-made movement, it has become the topic of this year.
Summary: The development of mechanical watch chronograph structure is very mature. If you want to innovate again, you need to break the rules. Therefore, these watches have become hot models this year because of some characteristics, technological innovation, or special significance. So which one do you like?

The Exquisite Movement Achieves The Latest Masterpiece Rado Swiss Radar True Thinline Hollow Series Watch

RADO is proud to present the True Thinline skeletonized movement watch. For those who are looking for cutting-edge design and materials, mechanical watch enthusiasts who focus on wearing comfort and excellent appearance, this shining limited edition watch is undoubtedly their smart choice. The Swiss Rado True Thinline skeletonized movement watch cleverly achieves a high degree of fusion between tradition and modernity, and is a tribute to the brand’s watchmaking tradition and pioneering spirit of innovation.

 The limited edition of RADO True Thinline skeleton movement watch is limited to 99 pieces. Each watch has its own serial number. The models are made of black polished high-tech ceramics. They are slim and only 7 mm thick. The new watch is equipped with sapphire crystal glass and case back, allowing the wearer to clearly observe the rhythm of the internal mechanical structure, and the hollow design can fully display the various delicate elements that make up this wrist watch.
Beauty of black
 Beneath the chic semi-circular cutout window on the black dial, the exquisitely decorated ultra-thin Swiss movement is appropriately placed in the center, providing unlimited power for the RADO True Thinline skeletonized watch. The extraordinary slim black movement is embellished with 21 crimson gemstones, each of which displays a unique view in an ultra-thin high-tech ceramic case. The True Thinline skeletonized movement watch combines advanced timepiece technology and excellent watchmaking technology. It is as light, hard and not easy to wear as other RADO high-tech ceramic watches, while providing unparalleled comfort and experience. Beautiful appearance.

 In the avant-garde modern appearance contains outstanding traditional watchmaking miracles, RADO Swiss Radar True Thinline really thin series skeleton movement watch fully reflects the RADO Swiss Radar’s unwavering innovation tradition in design and materials.

RADO Pure Thinline Hollow Calibre Watch
Ref: 656.0971.3.015

Movement 11 ½ ETA 2892-S2, automatic mechanical movement, 21 stone, 2-pin, power reserve up to 42 hours, black PVD coating

Case Black polished high-tech ceramic case
 Sandblasted black PVD-coated titanium case back with sapphire crystal
 Stainless steel crown, black high-tech ceramic crown
 Curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
 Water resistance: 3 bar (30 meters)
 Special engraving on the case back: LIMITED EDITION ONE OUT OF 99 (limited edition XX / 99)

Dial Black, rhodium scale
 Swingable anchor logo
 Silver minute circle, ‘RADO’ and ‘Automatic’ logo

Hands silver hands

Bracelet Three-row black polished high-tech ceramic bracelet
 Titanium Tri-Fold Clasp

Case size 40.0 x 44.6 x 7.8 (width x length x height unit: mm)

Packaging Standard packaging
 Limited Edition Certificate