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Style Model Real Shooting 2017sihh Cartier Panthère De Cartier-cheetah Watch

Panthère de Cartier was born in the 1980s. At this year’s SIHH, Cartier’s new interpretation showed its modern style. Not only is it a precious timepiece, it is also a wonderful piece of jewelry.

   Gorgeous and unrestrained, is the aesthetic style conveyed by the Panthère de Cartier watch. Its square case is smooth and charming, soft and clinging to the wrist, like dancing on the skin. The dial is decorated with Roman numerals, and the center is blue steel hands. The unique shape shows a mature, elegant and confident female figure.

   The Panthère de Cartier watch is paired with a flexible link bracelet, which exudes a delicate dazzling light on the wrist, which is unique and memorable. With its exquisite bracelet and gorgeous design, this series of watches is suitable for daily wear and can be accompanied by grand occasions. It is the best embodiment of elegance.

In summary: the Panthère de Cartier watch is extremely beautiful and of extraordinary temperament. Can be worn as a bracelet, bracelet or amulet, just like a jewelry accessory, defining a new way of wearing a watch.
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Revolutionary Astronomical Watch: Athens’s Imagination On The Moonlit Night

Swiss Athens Watch is a grand celebration of the establishment of the specialty store. It is full of European and American style, and is the first choice of Tianmu district in Taipei. It has a high-level, high-quality living environment and quality of life. At the same time, in recent years, more and more top-level Ivanhoe homes have been located in the Tianmu area. In addition, the turnover of the first day of the opening of the SOGO Tianmu store in 2009 exceeded 80 million. At the same time, the entry of the top British motorhome Aston Martin highlighted the amazing creation of the Tianmu business district High spending power. The overall design style of the Athenian watch store still inherits the traditional marine style of the Athen watch. Unlike the display windows of ordinary watch shops, the athen watch stores are replaced by round glass windows! Customers who enter this space, while choosing the top watches of Athens, feel like they are in the ocean ship, and they immediately feel a strong ocean atmosphere.
雅典 Athens, Switzerland watch attaches great importance to the establishment of a Taiwan specialty store. This time, it also introduced five new Basel limited edition products in 2010, which are based on the best watchmaking skills and innovative design in Athens. It is bound to attract more watch collectors.
‘Imagination of the Moon’ The global tide phenomenon caused by the gravitation of the moon and the sun is completely and accurately displayed in ‘Imagination of the Moon’. This unprecedented mechanical watch can show the current tide status and trends on any particular coastline or ocean. The spring tide caused by the cumulative effect of the tidal power of the sun and the moon can also be clearly seen on the dial.
参数 Technical parameters of the Rhapsody of Athens Moon
Model: 1062-113
Movement: Athens-made UN-106 movement
Power reserve: about 50 hours
Function: astronomical watch, hands indicate the position of the sun and moon relative to the earth, moon phase profit and loss, hour and minute display, patented hour hand quick adjustment device, mechanical two-way automatic winding
Diameter: 46 mm
Surface: anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal glass
Case back: anti-glare and anti-wear sapphire crystal
Crown: Screw-in crown
Strap: Alligator leather strap with folding buckle
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Limited: 500 pieces each in red and platinum styles

Longines Omega Watches Forever Classic

For a considerable number of watch fans, there are two brands of antique watches that not only occupy half of the collection, but they also play a significant role in the development of watch history along the river. These two brands It is Longines and Omega. In the same year, their movement technology and market performance were comparable, saying that it was a glorious moment in the Swiss watch industry in the 1950s and 1960s. When I started to like Tibetan watches, I would unconsciously pay attention to the past history of these watch brands to measure their value. There is no history of antique watches, even if the quality is good, its collection value is greatly reduced, and even can only be reduced to simply show off the quality of antiques. And Longines, its history and story, is one of the reasons why the antique watch with a large amount of surviving today has become a popular collection, and also allows today’s brand to continue the DNA of the past.
Speaking of ‘sports watch’, the timing function is out of the question. The modern movement watch, Longines has not placed an order.
Chronograph is still a work worthy of Longines today, both style and practicality

Lao Sheng often talked about, watches and clocks in the 1950s and 1960s were a symbol of status and status. Modeling became the driving force of various brands, because the accuracy of the movement was limited by the materials and workmanship of the time, and technology became the killer of individual brands. The styles of Longines and Omega at that time were called for elegance and style. In fact, from today’s aesthetic perspective, they are all small watch faces, all ‘elegant’. From the technical point of view of the movement, the hand-wound movement Omega has ’30T’ and Longines has ’23Z’; automatic movement, Omega has ‘5’ series, and the Cal. 990 movement launched by Longines in 1977 is called It is the last glory of Longines. Nowadays, because of its thickness of only 2.95 mm, the design specifications of the double spring drum can be said to be the perfect ending of the era of mechanical movements. Thinking back then, the spirit of spirit, competition, and splendor, are not only the Huashan Sword in the era of mechanical watches. Longines first launched the 19CH movement with a 30-minute timekeeping function in 1878, which became the first movement in history to be accurate to 1/5 seconds. It was logically used in the 1896 Athens Olympic Games. Longines was the official timekeeper of the nine Winter Olympics from 1952 to 1992 and the Olympic Games from 1972 to 1988. Until the subsequent omega intervention, this was Longines’ proud performance in the history of sports timing.
米 Omega has ‘Constellation’ and ‘Hippocampus’, Longines also has ‘Flagship Flagship’ and ‘Conquest’. In fact, the literal translation of ‘Conquest’ means ‘conquest’. Perhaps this literal translation is not ‘elegant’ enough. Omega and Longines were both civilian daily watches, with large quantities and affordable prices, so today it is not easy to find a well-made antique Longines. The most obvious example is the chronograph, which is a boutique in Longines antique watches. The price is still high today, and it is difficult to obtain coins. The 1940s was a period when Longines began to enter the stable and mature stage of its movement development. For example, the 30CH movement after 19CH has been impeccable in terms of craftsmanship and technology. However, since the 1970s, Longines has started to use the Valjoux 72 self-winding movement from outside the factory. The self-produced 30CH movement has withdrawn from the stage of history. Of course, not only the 30CH movement, but also other self-produced ones Movements, such as the rare North American railway dedicated RR280 movement. At the same time, Omega, although slightly more famous, was both a ‘Bo Zhong’ and a co-advancing player. The so-called ‘invincible is the most lonely.’
Twenty or thirty years ago, the hottest days of the ‘self-produced’ movement were not continued, and the light of Longines is still memorable. The desire to survive in the market has become the last driving force for maintaining the brand. The self-produced movement that excessively consumes its own resources can only be replaced by the flat and beautiful ETA universal movement. Although the afterglow is still there today, it is only on the auction floor. antique. When Peter Yu shines, special times always need to find representative works that can be represented, and those that are not represented may be more exciting. At this time, Bo Zhong was gone, and each was wonderful. Today’s Longines can show fashion elegance, not necessarily noble and noble.

Earl’s Beautiful Enamel Craftsmanship Create Unique Watches For Top Vips

Earl, this talented professional watchmaker and creator of timeless beauty, has integrated his unique craftsmanship into the endless creative inspiration of the brand. To pay tribute to the Chinese Year of the Dragon, Piaget is a top-level VIP exclusive custom, using precious enamel technology to create the world’s only enamel-painted dragon totem watch, as a unique top-level collection for this year of the Dragon. Demonstrate once again the Piaget’s dedication to the development of watchmaking, and the watchmaking strength that is enough to show the world’s proud art masterpieces. Dragon, the beginning of all things
      The Chinese dragon is very different from the image of evil animals in Western mythology. It represents positive natural energy and noble virtue in human wisdom. The dragon, as one of the oldest and most admirable symbols in China, naturally contains a variety of meanings. In the subsequent Chinese history, the dragon also symbolized the positive force inherited from God, the people of Zepi, the messengers who brought good fortune. Today, the dragon still represents the virtues of the ruler’s leadership, wisdom and kindness, and the power to promote the spirit of harmony, and it is the core of the philosophy of Chinese culture. The image of the ‘Dragon’ has been tempered by Chinese culture for more than 5,000 years. Today, the Chinese nation still proudly claims to be ‘the successor of the dragon.’

Piaget Polo Special Tourbillon Theme Watch
      Taking the dragon symbolizing nobleness and wisdom as the creative element, it is made with the enamel’s pride in the grand feu enamel technique, and this year’s exclusive blessing is dedicated to the earl’s top VIP guests. The extraordinary dragon totem carved in the center of the faceplate is written with Chinese characters on the bottom cover, writing ‘Dragon’, which vividly conveys the honorable status of Piaget VIPs and leadership qualities!
      This Dragon Totem-themed custom-designed painted watch is equipped with a Piaget-relative tourbillon 608P manual winding movement, which was produced by Piaget in-house and created an extraordinary position in the field of tourbillon. Place the tourbillon frame at the end of the minute hand, the tourbillon frame will rotate once every minute, and follow the minute hand to make one rotation on the faceplate every hour. The tourbillon frame made of three titanium is installed in the Geneva corrugated movement. The movement is also finished with blue steel screws, beveling of the bridge and other parts. The case is made of 18K white gold and finished with enamel painting techniques. The Piaget painted tourbillon-themed watch with a special tourbillon theme, a special customized style, limited to one.

Filled enamel (CHAMPLEVÉ)
      When the champlevé technique is used, the pattern to be filled with enamel is first engraved on the carcass to form a recessed grid, and then the enamel is filled with a fine brush, and then multiple firing processes are performed. The gold carver engraved the carcass of the case or dial according to the design, leaving the outline of the pattern as a male pattern (protruding lines), the hollowed out groove (yin pattern), and then filling it with enamel glaze and negative The part is called taille d’épargne in French. Its edges must be as clear as possible. The gold sculptor must determine the depth and width of these shades according to the effect they intend to show. It is then heated to over 800 ° C to allow the enamel to melt; this method also requires multiple firings until the final flattening and sintering of bright surfaces. The gold sculptor and the enamelist must work closely and be highly creative, because the techniques of the two craftsmen have equally great influence on the work, especially when the transparent enamel technique is used. Glyphs appeared. At Piaget, the masters of gold carving and enamel go one step further and maintain close cooperation throughout the process, making sure that all the filled enamels from Piaget are perfect.
Piaget special tourbillon painted enamel watch
Diameter: 45 mm
18K white gold case, dial with enamel painting technique
Equipped with Piaget 608P manual winding tourbillon movement
Movement thickness: 3.28mm
Total thickness of movement case: 9.14mm
Movement case diameter: 11 1/2 1/2 minutes (about 25.6mm)
Movement gem: 27 stones
Movement frequency: 21,600 times per hour
Movement balance diameter: 7.75mm
Power reserve: about 70 hours
Movement decoration: Geneva ripples, round fish scale grinding on main splint, table bridge and tourbillon frame with edge chamfering by hand, blue steel screws
Flying tourbillon: The central axis of the minute hand runs on the dial and runs for one week per hour, while the tourbillon frame is suspended at the end of the minute hand and rotates around the frame axis in one minute per minute.
Tourbillon frame: 3 titanium alloy brackets
Tourbillon frame weight: 0.2 g
18K White Gold Folding Clasp with Black Alligator Strap
Special customized styles: only 1 in the world
Ref. G0A34714
Taiwanese Pricing: NT $ 20,051,000

To Drive A Luxury Car, You Need To Have A Watch With Enough Grade

Able to drive luxury cars, generally not too bad money, but who’s money is not brought by the wind, so I do not intend to recommend those expensive expensive watches. Today, we will recommend some watches with a price of around 100,000. A luxury sports car will basically cost millions. If it is an entry-level luxury car, it will have to be hundreds of thousands more. , Then these watches are your basic equipment.

Chopard Classic Racing Series 168593-3001

Product Model: 168593-3001
Domestic public price: 115,000
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Case thickness: 12.4 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: L.U.C 01.11-M
Case material: titanium; microblasted DLC blackened titanium
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details:

Product Model: 102717
Domestic public price: ¥ 99000
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: BVL 262
Case material: stainless steel, black DLC with high abrasion resistance
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details:
Product model: 116500LN-78590 white plate
Domestic public price: ¥ 95500
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Cal. 4130
Case material: 904L stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: rolex / 43669 /
Watch Reviews: When it comes to driving watches, I think Daytona may be the best choice. It was developed for racing orthodox. It has been launched for 54 years. No matter how it evolves, it still maintains a very distinctive racing style. However, its rounded case and increasingly gentleman-like case will not be as publicity as other racing watches, but it is a Rolex, destined to be extraordinary. This Daytona has a hard-to-find watch since its launch. It has a black ceramic ring and a white dial. When you wear such a watch, you can only say that you have vision, low-key, and good.
In summary: drive a good car, drive a luxury car, you either do n’t wear a watch or choose a watch with only quality. Although the watch is a personal item, it is a preference, but just like the old British gentleman’s style, regardless of status, aesthetics, quality Can’t mess.