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Cartier’s ‘core Motion’ Party

Watch leader Cartier chooses the newest landmark in Shanghai at the private party space of Rock Bund, Shanghai’s new fashion landmark, on the night of September 17th. Equipped with Cartier’s first self-made automatic movement 1904MC, this movement is known as a breakthrough in Cartier’s century-old watchmaking history. That night, Cartier’s ‘Core Motion’ party attracted male elites from all walks of life to celebrate the birth of another classic masterpiece; Liang Chaowei, Li Zongsheng, Zhang Zhenyue, Ruan Jingtian, Su Youpeng, Gao Yixiang and other male celebrities participated. Even more ‘Xingdong’ party star-studded. The newly launched Cartier Caribo watch series has been hailed as one of the breakthrough innovations, continuing Cartier’s watch legend. The 1904MC movement it carries, bearing in mind Cartier’s first watch created in the world in 1904, is full of ambitions for the future. At the same time, it is retouched with a modern overall design and details to build a wonderful balance of power and beauty for men. Cartier China Chief Executive Ms. Jian Yawen said, ‘As Cartier’s first watch specially created for men’s elites, the Caribo watch has caused a wave. In China we are also confident and look forward to it becoming a modern elite Great portrayal. ‘

Slim Wrist Craft Brief Comment On Jaeger-lecoultre Ultra-thin Master Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre, the top Swiss watch brand with more than 180 years of history, can be said to be a beautiful landscape in the watch industry. It was born in the Jura Valley in 1833. After nearly two centuries, Jaeger-LeCoultre Among the top masters of watches. The ultra-thin master series watches are Jaeger-LeCoultre’s cutting-edge skills in interpreting the brand in a modern style, and also the best articulator of minimalist philosophy, perfectly presenting the superb realm of Jaeger-LeCoultre in the field of watchmaking. Today’s Watch House brings you an ultra-thin master series tasting. The official watch model is: Q1292520.


   Jaeger-LeCoultre ultra-thin master watches enjoy a high reputation in the watch industry and are sought after by many watch lovers. The slim case brings the ultimate lightness, and the thin case contains the outstanding machine made by Jaeger-LeCoultre craftsmanship. core. This watch fully reflects the essence of Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking for many years, please follow the editor to feel.

   The simple design of this watch highlights the watchmaking philosophy of the high-end brand. The 39mm case is the best size for men to wear, and it will not look overly flamboyant, but it will not give you a gentle feeling.

  The watch explains the outstanding achievements of Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking. The only 4.05mm thick case brings an extraordinary slim feel, while also emphasizing the extremely fashionable and modern style. The watchmaker’s exquisite skills also challenged the watch’s movement design.

    The watch strap is made of high-quality crocodile leather. From the picture, you can see that the surface of the wristband has a clear texture and excellent texture. As a top watch brand, Jaeger-LeCoultre is very careful in the selection of materials, so it brings comfortable wearing feeling and very good wear resistance.

   From the side, the ultra-thin case of the watch gives a bright feeling to the eyes. The 18K rose gold case is finely polished by the watchmaker and exudes a bright metallic luster.

   The watch dial does not have too much decoration. The simple dial surface brings a fresh feeling, adhering to the simple and refined watchmaking philosophy of Jaeger-LeCoultre. The linear time scale becomes the protagonist of the dial, and it matches the dot-second scale, like a streamlined black-and-white stick figure. The 18K rose gold sword-shaped hands are fixed at the center of the dial through the same axis. The 12 o’clock position is a classic LOGO, highlighting the meticulous Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking, also played a role in embellishing the dial.

   The upright lugs are also made of 18K rose gold. To match the slimness of the case, the design of the lugs is also exquisite.

   With the exquisite workmanship of the dark brown alligator leather strap, it emphasizes the rigorous selection of Jaeger-LeCoultre watches. The leather strap is delicate and the texture is clear. Only by selecting this noble material can we match the high quality of Jaeger-LeCoultre watches. An 18K rose gold pin buckle echoes the exquisite case. From the picture we can see that the buckle is extremely rounded by the watchmaker’s finely polished edges, and the Jaeger-LeCoultre classic logo appears on the side of the buckle. It highlights the superb craftsmanship of Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking.

   The watch uses a dense bottom design. Although the operation of the internal movement cannot be truly seen, the rigor and refinement of Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmaking can be felt only from the design of the bottom case. Jaeger-LeCoultre turned long-standing handicraft skills into masterpieces of art on the wrist, enabling each wearer to experience Jaeger-LeCoultre’s extraordinary craftsmanship.
Summary: The Jaeger-LeCoultre Q1292520 watch is an outstanding artistic expression. The simple design continues the consistent style of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Series. The watch achieves the ultimate in ultra-thin experience. The 4.05-mm-thick case only contains one. A movement with powerful functions not only tests the watchmaker’s patience and skills, but also highlights Jaeger-LeCoultre’s outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship.

Rachel Weisz Incarnates Cleopatra To Perform Bulgari Snake Series

Bvlgari (Bvlgari) reinterprets the iconic Cleopatra’s legend in a modern way with its iconic elements, Rachel Weisz (Rachel Weisz) turns into a contemporary goddess interpretation A new advertising campaign, shot by photographer Annie Leibovitz. In Bulgari’s world, the serpentine theme has been one of the most distinctive brand symbols since the 1940s. Its snake watch has become a banner work, one of which is a specially customized snake wrist. The masterpiece of the watch belongs to Elizabeth Taylor, this watch has been wrapped around her wrist when shooting ‘Cleopatra’ in 1962. To this day, the world-renowned snake-like legendary design continues to reach its peak of perfection, cleverly interprets the Bulgari brand’s creative spirit, and continues to write the most magnificent pages of history for this ancient jewelry company that originated in Rome. Rachel Weisz incarnates Cleopatra as a contemporary Bulgari goddess-beautiful, sexy, out of reach, and control. This is the pursuit of eternal beauty enlightened by the goddess Muse. It is also a symbol of the incredible power of benevolence. It is a unique beauty that condenses the classic style with contemporary language. The ancient symbol-the serpentine shape brings power back into sight, reaffirming Bulgari’s tradition of stylizing natural elements. Anne Leibovitz, a world-class photographer, this strong-willed and adaptable woman is famous for her unique portrait photography style. The power of a woman captured by her lens, What is vitality and charm?
    A magnificent background is necessary-the heavy gray-tone boulder, reminiscent of the ancient and small temples of ancient Egypt, is an important place to worship and pray. The most primitive and spiritual deviations evoked by geological structures represent a compliment to origin.
    The spotlights form a series of portraits around the latest Bulgari Serpenti jewelry, watches and glasses. Winding and flowing, each piece of jewelry is a work of art, carefully crafted by Bulgari’s jewellery masters in its Roman workshops.
    The long-lasting charm of the Serpenti series of rings, bracelets and jewellery watches has reborn the symbol of the eternal youth of the snake. The cornerstone design in Bulgari’s glorious history. One lap, two laps, three laps … Stunning winding recreates its eternal charm.
    Each product perfectly blends the serpentine figure of the snake with the elegance and simplicity of abstract geometry. Platinum, gold and rose gold show subtle color changes. Gleaming baguette-cut diamonds and colored gemstones also interweave clear and deep dialogue , Condensed into a unique beauty, renew the classic style with contemporary language.
    The new Serpenti series of commercials will be broadcast from September 2012 to June 2013.

Radar Opens New Store In Mushrif Mall, Abu Dhabi

Radar, known for its innovative materials and designs, will open a new branch in Abu Dhabi to continue to expand its global market share.

    This new store is located in Mushrif Mall, a majestic building that blends traditional Arab and contemporary European design. The radar shop has a huge shop window, showing all the passers-by the brand’s iconic black sparkling display stand, perfectly presenting the latest watch series.

    The modern sleek counter showcases the brand’s latest models, such as the radar True Thinline, a breakthrough in high-tech ceramic innovations, the dynamic chic watch radar D-Star in a variety of materials, and previous wristwatches Table series.