A List Of Your Watch, There Is Always A Place For ‘it’

It is also a coincidence that I received the reader’s consultation information every day. I received a feedback from a girl the previous week: ‘Bulgari’s snake watch is so beautiful, I decided to give up other options.’ I glanced over our chat history. About 4 months ago, I gave her 4 directions (but I first helped her to eliminate the overly masculine Rolex with a budget of 60,000 to 80,000)-the remaining 3 choices were Represents classic, popular and individual. I remember what she said to me at the time: ‘I really agree with the respected heart that Sister Bunny said. What’s the point of not like it at first?’ So this final decision was not surprising to me-Bulgari’s new snake watch this year just happened One week, she took it decisively and gave me a picture. Rabbit will show you a more luxurious version later. A few years ago, I did not dare to recommend such a watch to everyone, because I would always consider the stage of buying a watch, the degree of acceptance, etc., but the reader said ‘I love Beautiful love shines without hitting the watch ‘, a pair of domineering I like, but let me completely dispel worries. So on the girl’s watch list, I decided to seriously add it-let you chase your dream watch without any worry. When it comes to Bulgari, the ‘snake’ must be an iconic existence, and after two years of thinking, I was surprised to find that men have begun to list Serpenti watches as gifts for their wives-after all, they love them Money is not spent unjustly. Serpenti’s name, along with its evolutionary history, has always represented a strong style. Rabbit decided to give everyone a visual feast today. The Serpenti bracelet watch was born in 1948 and is combined with the famous Tubogas craftsmanship (inspired by the design of the gas pipeline, written by the rabbit before). It was just that rectangles were used to express the manners of snakes. Compared with the abstract expression in the mid-1950s, the design of spiritual snakes became more and more realistic-the form of snakes came out. For example, the Serpenti watch case has a snake head shape, and the dial is hidden. These two pieces are from the 1950s. Serpenti was the first watch series created with animals as the theme. The bracelet was basically a flexible tube design. In the 1960s, even snake scales were designed-each piece was made by Gold pieces are hand-carved. The use of colors is also very bold. Bulgari’s big collector Elizabeth Taylor has collected a total of 16 jewelry collections, one of which is the Serpenti bracelet watch from this era. In Taylor’s collection, the snake’s head and tail used diamonds. In the 1970s and 1980s, we saw Serpenti bracelet watches in various geometric shapes, and the classic Tubogas was back. For Bulgari, the snake’s shape has provided too many design inspirations, and the Italians have always been good at luxury creations, and there are endless gorgeous works, such as hidden high jewelry watches from 2011. If you compare luxury, Serpenti bracelet watches have never lost, but for many girls, these collections may not be financially accessible, and the second is limited daily wear. Appeared, found a perfect balance between luxury and daily wear. In fact, as early as this year in Basel, the rabbits have tried all the new products-I even put 2 and 3 watches on my wrist together, feeling that they fit the skin and radiant. Although the bracelet is very handy, even my fleshy arm looks great. The new Serpenti Seduttori watch is inspired by the Serpenti watch series, but the strap design of the gas pipe has changed. Its dial is shaped like a drop-shaped snake head, retaining the most classic logo, and the case is delicate and thin. The decoration of the convex egg-faced cut gem is very in line with my need for beauty. When it comes to the bracelet, although it is a traditional form (not a three-dimensional design), it still borrows the shape of a snake scale and has hexagonal links. The hand feels very flexible, so it feels like a closet and fits perfectly to the skin. Before the rabbit showed you the pavĂ© diamond style (consistent with the rabbit’s most luxurious try-on style), and a total of two pieces. In fact, this series has three choices of 18K white gold, gold and rose gold. Diamonds are also divided into several categories based on demand. This is two versions of 18K rose gold, which are divided into two types: bezel-set diamond and non-set diamond. Similarly, the gold version also has 2 options. The price is more than 150,000. It also appeared in our choices, satisfying the desire of some girls who want both personality and modest low-key (and more than 30,000 can get the entry model). If you want a layered design, you can choose the gold style (rabbit must emphasize that my personal favorite gold is just the strap gold). The stainless steel bracelet with the rose gold bezel is neither exaggerated nor changed (also Readers’ choice at the beginning of this article). It is also divided into models without and with diamonds. The prices are 51,000 yuan and 83,000 yuan, respectively. It is undeniable that girls are fascinated by the shape of snakes. I am no exception. When I see it in the antique market, I still pay attention. A bunch of (not worthwhile) jewellery left as a memorial. I remember in Tokyo in early March this year, I encountered Bulgari shop and saw the super luxurious snake-shaped necklace on the window model. I stopped for about 10 minutes and couldn’t move. I always believe that this attraction is primitive and pure. Yes, no so-called education or brainwashing is required. At this exhibition in Shanghai, I also pinpointed the opportunity to try on the ultra-luxury version with a cheeky face. Compared with the real thing, the photos are too inferior. In fact, snakes, owls, and butterflies are the main sources of inspiration for European jewelry design. Its posture gives design a beautiful imagination-the snake is also a representative creature of tenacious vitality, and was once a symbol of power. There are many brands or workshops that have made snake-shaped jewelry in history. It is still Bulgari that made it into an iconic series, which has a long-standing reputation and continues to this day. What I see from Bvlgari girls is more agile and powerful beauty. We can imagine that this is an era where explosive models can be closed with eyes closed under the impact of traffic, but why such a special-shaped jewelry watch can fire To today? All I can say is that girls all know how to love themselves. As reader Yun said to me: ‘My husband still cares about whether the mechanical movement, and I only buy what I like.’ An understatement choice, let us understand how powerful we are. As a very adjective person, I firmly believe that the real beauty is visual impact, so I don’t need to add a description to it. Apart from aesthetics, I have seen more interesting aspects of the consumer market: 1. Girls’ self-selection is strengthened, and they don’t have to be controlled by others. It is often easier to respect the heart. 2. The primary stage of consumption is gradually disappearing, and more and more people who have more than one watch will be willing to try individual styles to satisfy the curiosity of exploration. 3, chasing the United States has to pay a price, and the price may be the tuition you paid for stability. After all, I didn’t have the courage to reach Serpenti when I paid for the first few watches of my life, because I was frustrated by various needs, including poverty, of course. But to this day, when I reach one by one and start craving for special features, I seem to see the deep-rooted dream start to be ignited. Perhaps at this moment or many years later, everyone will realize that safety is probably just mediocre, but after a long time washing, the ‘it’ of personality has finally become a classic. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!