A Moment Of Love, Long-lasting Companionship

Time is the scale of lovers’ long-term companionship. Those feelings that can withstand the erosion of time always seem precious. If the people in love have always retained the joy of the first sight, always have the understanding of acquaintance, and finally go hand in hand into the halls of marriage, accompanied by life, may be the best interpretation of love, but also the expectations of each pair of lovers.

   How many moments of love between you and the one you love are memorable? The first time I met the restaurant, the first night movie, the unhappy mood of the first trip, those precious moments that seemed to freeze in my heart, this time, let the celebrities to witness.

   With the arrival of the day 920, the 187-year-old Swiss watch brand (Baume & Mercier) witnessed the happy and romantic moments of contemporary celebrities with the ‘Love You’ series of watch pairs, integrating the restrained and implicit Chinese classical culture, and will be refined Beautiful diamonds are embellished at nine o’clock, which symbolizes ‘permanent’. If you want to remember these wonderful memories forever, you can customize and design your own words and phrases through the celebrity engraving service, and this ‘moment of love’ is different …

At the moment of Zhen’ai, boldly confess, will you marry me?

Baume & Mercier ‘Long Love You’ Series Pairs 10310 (left) and 10313 (right)
   The time on the watch has never changed, and my feelings for you are the same. Falling in love with you has both weaknesses and armor. When the phrase ‘Will you marry me?’ Appeared in our exclusive time and space, and finally had the opportunity to say ‘I do!’ ‘I’m willing to unite all the good things in my heart, and I want to experience more good things with you. Baume & Mercier’s ‘Long Love You’ series of watches 10310 and 10313 record the moments of contemporary Bachelor’s love confession. The watch is equipped with an automatic movement, a case made of stainless steel, and a date display window. The black, white and grey design brings a modern minimalist aesthetic style.

Moment of love, promise for a lifetime, marry me!

Baume & Mercier ‘Long Love You’ Series Pair Tables 10311 (left) and 10312 (right)
   The moment I fell in love with you, I have spent my whole life with you in my head. And when this moment really comes, the oath that every new couple will utter has profound meaning belonging to each other, ‘Marry me!’ Wear the affectionate celebrity ‘Long Love You’ series of pairing tables 10311 and 10312. And complete our vows in a lifetime. The Baume & Mercier ‘Long Love You’ series pairing watches 10311 and 10312 are equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. The case and bracelet are made of stainless steel and are equipped with a date display function. Contemporary celebrities confess their love for their lives with affection for their watches, and hope that they will win one’s heart and keep their heads apart.

Moments of love, warmth of the family, and happiness in your life

Baume & Mercier ‘Long Love You’ Series Pairs 10276 (left) and 10283 (right)
   Baume & Mercier ‘Long Love You’ series of watches 10276 and 10283, the simple design condenses eternal affection. The eye-catching diamonds inlaid at 9 o’clock are like secret codes between lovers. In the journey of time and love, they witness each other’s progress hand in hand, from two people to a family of three, sharing a lifetime of happiness. The Baume & Mercier Clinton Series 10283 dial is made of mother-of-pearl, exuding poetic and artistic beauty, and complements the Clayton Series 10276 men’s watch: a clear and clear geometric linear contour, a round and smooth stainless steel case, which dazzles. Gold-plated hour markers and hands. This couple watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement and a date display window at 3 o’clock, which records the love of a lifetime in the passing of time.