Athens Freaklab Whisper Tourbillon Series Watch Back Strongly

Freak’s Whisper Tourbillon series watches are back strong and better than before. The surface layout design is neat and neat, the balance wheel is returned to the center position, and the date function is added for the first time. For the first time, a new-generation shock absorber-UlyChoc safety system is used.
   Athens Watch has always been committed to promoting innovation and breakthroughs in watchmaking technology and design. The Freak Tourbillon series is inspired by the brand itself and the industry and has created the most bold ideas in the past 14 years. From 2001, Athens Watch developed the first Freak watch with a silicon escapement. In 2005, it launched a diamond escapement and a two-way silicon crystal escapement. Now the newly launched FreakLab Tourbillon is the same as the previous Freak Whimsical Tourbillon is just as stunning, with the addition of a striking nautical anchor and sail-shaped pointer display for even clearer reading. At 4 o’clock is the date display. At the technical level, UlyChoc safety system, a new generation of suspension, is adopted for the first time.
   The avant-garde design of Freak Tourbillon is still unique today. With neither a dial nor hands, the watch displays time through the movement of the movement. The lower bridge is connected to the center of the watch as an hour display, while the upper bridge contains a set of gears, a hairspring and the Athens-only bidirectional silicon escapement to display the minutes.
   The bi-directional silicon escapement also brings the watch to a revolutionary new horizon. Its structure has abandoned the traditional anchor escapement fork and escape wheel, and replaced it with 2 silicon escape wheels. Each escape wheel The number of gears is 18 teeth each, and the pallet forks are activated in turn to transmit power directly to the balance shaft core-first clockwise and then counterclockwise to interact with each other. This system does not require oiling, ensuring that energy can always be transmitted in the direction of balance wheel rotation, reducing friction.
   The entire suspension upper bridge of FreakLab Tourbillon has been redesigned. First, the gear train has been made smaller, so that the balance wheel and hairspring can be repositioned in the center of the movement, thereby simplifying the surface and making reading easier. At the same time, the UlyChoc shock absorber, which is completely designed and developed by Athens Watch Factory, is added to the swing part. A traditional suspension system consists of five micro-components: a shock absorber body, a shock absorber base, a hole stone, a cover stone, and a spring leaf. To simplify the structure and increase efficiency, the Athenian watch replaced three functions with one silicon part. When the watch encountered an impact, it could perfectly return the balance shaft to its original position and avoid friction. Athens Watch became the first brand in the world to provide this solution, and applied for a patent for this new structure.
   What is even more amazing is the appearance of the ‘FreakLab Tourbillon’ pirate ship. Its anchor is an hour display, and the bridge represents the sails and the minutes. The operation of ‘FreakLab Tourbillon’ is very easy. There is a safety lock device between the 6 o’clock position and the lugs, which can lock or release the wavy bezel. Turn clockwise to set the hours and minutes. Turn the counterclockwise to adjust the date. The barrel is designed for a 7-day power reserve. The main case can be wound by rotating the back case. Therefore, the two bezels on the surface and the back case are an integral part of the movement.
Technical Information
Model 2100-138
Movement UN-210
Display time through movement
1 hour tourbillon
UlyChoc safety system for adjusting parts
7 days power reserve, sliding spring
4 Hz (28,800 times per hour)
Rotational inertia 8 mg * cm2, adjusted by 4 screws
Hairspring Silicon hairspring, unique design of Athens watch
Escapement Athens unique bidirectional silicon escapement, no oil needed
Running trajectory
Winding method Manual winding, the winding mechanism is driven by rotating the case back
One rotation of the case back is equivalent to storing 12 hours of power
Function Display hour / minute through movement
Date display
Time setting Release the lock and turn the outer ring
Date setting Turn the clock bezel counterclockwise to adjust the date
Case 18K white gold
Case diameter 45 mm