Bvlgari Diva Series Fan Shape Evokes Oriental Style

Glamour and feminine beauty are the two key words of BVLGARI’s DIVA series. This series of inspirational totems use 3D-shaped exquisite cups, while the design theme uses fan-shaped, exquisite fan-shaped shapes elegantly evoke oriental style. The image of this series of advertisements is even more photographed by Carla Bruni Sarkozy, which will interpret the Roman-style sweet life full of joy in a modern style.

 Geometrically shaped platinum and rose gold rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are inspired by the thick makeup of Elizabeth Taylor in the movie Cleopatra: black thick line eye shadows are stretched to the temples to form a triangular eye makeup. The violet eyes of the actor are more graceful and luxurious. Taylor’s eye makeup mimics the eyes of the Egyptian sun god Horus. In ancient Egyptian culture, this was an important symbol of happiness and health. Nothing else can better highlight the charming eyes of this superstar, and no one can show the mysterious and sexy charm of the Nile Queen better than her.

 The design theme uses a fan shape, an important accessory to resist heat, and has been popular in all civilizations since ancient times. Fans were used in China as early as the second century BC, and large-scale fans often appeared when the Egyptian Royal Palace held grand celebrations. In the 5th century BC, fans were mostly used by Greek and Romans as daily necessities. After the 16th century, fans became art and noble objects throughout Europe. Fans were mainly women’s products, and were quickly used as a seductive tool to convey various messages. Every little action of the ladies has a profound meaning. From implicit flirting to frank refusal, they can be expressed by fans.

 DIVA Rose Gold Necklace with Amethyst, Red Tourmaline, Peridot and Pavé Diamonds (6,49ct)

 This collection of inspirational totems uses compact 3D-shaped cups that combine fullness and emptiness. Elegantly shaped petals bloom slowly, gorgeous makeup rings and pendants, and at the same time, they are brightened with bright pavé diamonds. The white gold style is set with pavé diamonds, while the delicate fan is elegantly combined to evoke an oriental feel. The single or double pattern on the necklace pendant is paired with refinement to create a light and delicate effect. Among other jewellery, the extraordinary white pearls and the bright and brilliant gold correspond to each other, and they also use Bulgari’s consistent mix of different materials.

 This series of jewelry uses amethyst, peridot and red tourmaline jewelry, blooming with joy and vitality, set off the small diamond in the center to make it more dazzling. These intricately shaped precious jewels reinterpret the egg noodles commonly used by Bulgari since the 1950s in a modern style, creating a different three-dimensional impression. After the gem has been cut, a notch must be cut in the center in order to insert the diamond. This procedure may seem simple, but it actually requires difficult craftsmanship to maintain the integrity of the gem. The way the small fans are arranged presents a hypnotic rhythmic sense, making eyes unable to follow these geometric deformation patterns. The fans are large or small in shape, some upside down, and some hanging from a delicate colored cascade. Two rows of overlapping fans form an exquisite bracelet, which gently surrounds the wrist, showing ingenuity.

 DIVA Rose Gold Ring with Pavé Diamonds (3,15 ct)

 This series of jewellery works is mainly characterized by practicality, which is also the consistent characteristic of Bulgari jewelry. The jewellery is a combination of geometry and round shapes. Each detail element is elegant and moving, and gently matches the body rhythm to create a unique style that is both stylish and casual. The combination of different design elements allows each part of the jewelry to swing naturally and smoothly.

 Bulgari ‘DIVA Series’ Image Advertising

 Bulgari’s DIVA series of image advertisements starred by Terry Richardson and endorsed by Carla Bruni Sarkozy will present a modern and romantic Roman-style sweet life . This series of fascinating and dynamic images will showcase the full range of Bulgari DIVA boutiques, presenting Bulgari’s splendid contemporary lifestyle. Cala Bruni combines sensual and seductive charm, spiritual brilliance, and the typical cheerful temperament of Italy, making her both romantic and charming. This natural-born elegant woman is relaxed, warm and intimate in both formal and informal occasions, while showing a high degree of fashion taste.

 Carla is exquisitely dressed and radiant. She has shown her self-confident charm and joyful vitality. In the Bvlgari DIVA series advertisements, she displays a variety of Bvlgari high-end custom jewelry works, and is equipped with watches, leather bags and glasses. The background of the ad is the eternal capital that radiates charming energy-Rome. Cara in the lens will appear in different situations: shopping at the Bulgari headquarters in Rome, sipping espresso, attending a cocktail party in a mansion, or in Admire the beautiful scenery on the roof of the Roman building, while enjoying the dazzling night party, presenting a beautiful scene of beautiful scenery and sweet life.