Cartier’s ‘core Motion’ Party

Watch leader Cartier chooses the newest landmark in Shanghai at the private party space of Rock Bund, Shanghai’s new fashion landmark, on the night of September 17th. Equipped with Cartier’s first self-made automatic movement 1904MC, this movement is known as a breakthrough in Cartier’s century-old watchmaking history. That night, Cartier’s ‘Core Motion’ party attracted male elites from all walks of life to celebrate the birth of another classic masterpiece; Liang Chaowei, Li Zongsheng, Zhang Zhenyue, Ruan Jingtian, Su Youpeng, Gao Yixiang and other male celebrities participated. Even more ‘Xingdong’ party star-studded. The newly launched Cartier Caribo watch series has been hailed as one of the breakthrough innovations, continuing Cartier’s watch legend. The 1904MC movement it carries, bearing in mind Cartier’s first watch created in the world in 1904, is full of ambitions for the future. At the same time, it is retouched with a modern overall design and details to build a wonderful balance of power and beauty for men. Cartier China Chief Executive Ms. Jian Yawen said, ‘As Cartier’s first watch specially created for men’s elites, the Caribo watch has caused a wave. In China we are also confident and look forward to it becoming a modern elite Great portrayal. ‘