Dai’ Keep Chasing Your Dreams Let Tissot Unveil The Mystery Of Huang Xiaoming’s Circle Of Friends

Recently, Huang Jiaozhu, who is about to get married, has once again become the object of public attention. Entertainment news that is difficult to distinguish between true and false is pouring in like a tide, eroding fans’ restless hearts. After the generous announcement of the wedding date, the dream chasing leader Huang Xiaoming publicly revealed his ‘friend circle’ for the first time, and invited everyone to help choose the most suitable couple pairing when Qixi Festival is approaching: ‘Hi, I’m Huang Xiaoming. I’m in Time, to meet someone, you know. But I’m not sure which pair of watches to choose, do you think? ‘This time, not only can you see the mysterious circle of celebrity friends of the leader, but also praise and interaction with fanfare , Such a rare opportunity, let Tissot take the lead to unveil the mystery of Huang Xiaoming’s circle of friends!

Demystifying Huang Xiaoming’s circle of friends

 In Huang Xiaoming’s circle of friends, you can not only view the daily life of the leader, hear the leader’s magnetic voice, but also act as a dating consultant for him. According to his preferences, select couples for the leader of the wedding. As well as help, Opportunity to receive Tissot watch vouchers and other awards. In addition, the leader will continue to share his dream journey and experience with you, inspiring more dreamers to remember their original intentions and pursue their dreams.

Follow Huang Xiaoming’s circle of friends for his checklist and have a chance to win the prize

 Huang Jiaozhu experienced the ups and downs of life in the journey of dreaming, but he was not afraid of adversity and broke the dawn and dawn, so that he finally achieved today’s achievements and transformation. This spirit of persistent pursuit of dreams is in perfect harmony with Tissot’s brand spirit. For more than 160 years of pursuing dreams, Tissot has always been pursuing a pure watchmaking dream, moving forward steadily, sculpting and innovating, and sharing an innovative timepiece to every dream chaser who has the courage to move forward. And this spirit of courage to make breakthroughs and innovations, and persist in dreams, has finally achieved the century-old transformation of Tissot. Two real warriors go hand in hand in the process of chasing dreams and encourage everyone to stick to their dreams together!

Tissot and Huang Xiaoming accompany you on your dream journey

 If you are still walking alone on the Avenue of Dreams, you may wish to pay attention to the official Wechat of Tissot China, and let Tissot take you to see the journey of Huang Jiaozhu’s journey. The journey of chasing your dreams is not smooth, but the difficulties are not Terrible, let Tissot and Huang Xiaoming accompany you to go forward bravely, dream boldly, please believe that you are no longer a lone dreamer.