Exquisite Zenith Venice Limited Watch

One night, Zenith founder George Faber-Jack walked out of his factory after a busy day of work and walked under the night sky, he looked up at the stars. The starry sky gave him wisdom and inspiration at this time: he felt that the stars that orbited the North Star were like the mechanical movement of the precision gears of the clock. Between the stars and the clock, he saw the secret of the universe’s operation. Therefore, he ordered the original FavreJacot brand to be renamed ‘Zenith’, and the shiny pentagram became the brand’s mark.
Zenith Venice Limited Watch
  Romantic and beautiful, this watch designed for Venice.
  Zenith’s big flagship Happy Venice Limited Watch is considered by the watch industry to be a ‘tribute to history’.
  In 1920, Zenith has produced more than 2 million clocks. But glory is not eternal. In the 1970s, the invention of quartz watches had a huge impact on mechanical watches, and many brands have withdrawn from the arena. However, Zenith believes that mechanical watches will have a day of revival. In the late 1980s, when Rolex, who was looking for a high-end chronograph movement, found Zenith, Zenith worked with them to shock the watch’s Daytona series. In 1999, with its outstanding design and production capabilities, Zenith became an important brand under the Raviz Group. In 2004, Grande Chrono MasterXXTTourbillon tourbillon chronograph, the most complicated watch since Zenith was founded. The ChronoMaster series became a new glory in Zenith history.
In the ChronoMaster series, the latest exciting model is the flagship flagship happy Venice limited edition watch. The output of this watch is very small, limited to 100 pieces worldwide. Its design inspiration is related to Thierry Nataf, Zenith Global President. In an interview with the media, Thierry Nataf said: ‘Our family has a very long history in Venice, Italy, especially my mother, for more than 400 years. Like the Chinese, we also particularly like boys-of course born Girls are also happy. We have a tradition that whenever a boy is born in the family, we will make a custom watch for him, and engraved his name on it until he was 13 years old. My grandfather was born when I was born. I made a watch from time to time, and then he died unfortunately, and my father gave me the watch. For me, this watch is very precious, and by the way, it is Zenith. So dozens Years later, when the board asked me to be the president of Zenith, I felt that this was an arrangement of fate. ‘Therefore, the grand flagship Happy Venice was considered by the watch industry to be a’ tribute to history ‘. On San Marco Square in Venice, the double-winged lion witnessed the splendor and vicissitudes of this ancient city, and also symbolized the spirit of this most beautiful water city. Thierry Nataf once said: ‘To pay tribute to those who have made this beautiful water shine from the Renaissance to the present, Zenith has launched a limited edition of 100 fine watches, with gold-lined K The gold dial shows the winged lion motif standing on Piazza San Marco in Venice. ‘The specially designed watch is quite romantic and beautiful. The hollow-out dial at 10 o’clock can watch the ElPrimero 4021 chronograph movement, and the dial is also handmade. Carved 18K rose gold ‘Lion of Venice’ motif, hand-embedded with 18K rose gold Arabic art digital scales.