Fashionable And Perishable, Classic And Everlasting

The fast-changing fashion circle is actually not so mysterious as imagined. With 10 years as the cycle, every popular element that has become popular in the season seems to be traceable in the past torrent. As the major brand designers racked their brains to compete for innovation, and strived to win the top spot this season, the real design masters calmly and arrogantly greeted the test with a ‘constant change’ attitude. Because they believe that instead of catching up with others, it is better to be the leader of the times and the industry; when the flashyness passes, the classics will last forever.

 Here, we turn our attention to the period of the First World War. In order to more easily check the time during the battle, an ordinary soldier strapped a timepiece pocket watch to his wrist. In 1918, a Swiss watchmaker named Zana Sanu, was inspired by the story of soldiers strapping watches to his wrists, and was inspired by it. After thinking, he started to make a smaller watch, on both sides of the watch. Pinholes were placed to secure the belt, and the real watch was born. In the following half century, with the improvement of the global economy, the watch industry has developed rapidly. The leather strap featuring elegant form and excellent fit has gradually expanded from the original cowhide and sheepskin to various materials such as crocodile skin, lizard skin, and ostrich skin, breaking through the limitation of form. With the liberation of cultural trends in the second half of the last century, more innovative materials have been added. The traditional leather straps that have been popular in the past seem to have been left out. More consumers who are looking for a fresh experience have begun to look more and more A variety of new materials: tough and capable stainless steel straps, comfortable and practical rubber straps, exquisite and luxurious precious metal straps, and even non-mainstream plastics and rubbers are all incorporated into watch design by major brands. In the 21st century, the development of the watch industry has entered a new process. With the popularity of watches, consumers have gradually been divided into echelons, and the demand for watches has begun by those who truly pursue quality and wearing experience. Gradually returning to the noble and elegant retro feelings and the distinguished and comfortable superior texture, this makes leather, the most original, ‘luxury’, most classic material, once again sought after by quality people.

 As a Swiss classic watch brand, Swiss Mido Watch has experienced the changes of the watch industry in the past century, and has always believed that the reason why classics endure is because they are in line with the development of the times and This process is given more and more meanings, just like a classic leather watch, in the passage of time, with the rise and fall of life, through the accumulation and transmission of body temperature, the human power of classic design is emitted.

Mido Belem Celli III Women’s Diamond Watch

 This diamond watch inspired by the arcade of Vito Emanuel II in Milan, Italy, is a classic of Mido. Its appearance pushes the elegant qualities of Mido to a peak. This watch follows the infinite arc and round design of the arcade of Emmanuel II, showing an elegant and feminine form. At the same time, the design also adds a classic element that is never out of date-the black calf leather strap, showing a low-key Unlimited luxury.

 The black crocodile-patterned leather strap with excellent texture is cool and noble under the mapping of light. With a black dial with a diameter of 25 mm and a silver gum pattern, it shows a retro and timeless fashion; the silver Roman numerals unique to the center of the dial The scale, against the black dial, complements the black calfskin strap, expressing a sense of calm and solitude; the bezel is set with 40 diamonds, which shines brightly, and is matched with the black leather strap, which is firm and soft; The hour, minute and second hands of this model are cut with beveled diamonds, and the double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror makes time easier to read; the back is transparent, allowing the wearer to appreciate the finely-crafted automatic movement. Wearing such a black calfskin diamond watch on the wrist, it is like a graceful and elegant aristocratic woman leisurely, exuding the inherent blue blood temperament.

Mido Bruner series men’s and women’s watch

 Chocolate brown, brimming with the sweetness of romantic love in the metropolis. The Chrysler Building in New York is a classic representative of metropolitan architecture, and it is also the inspiration for the Bruner series. The Chrysler Building outlines the body of the mighty shore with tough and decisive lines. It overlooks the world from a height of 300 meters and always reveals and conveys the quiet intentions of thousands of lovers.

 The brown calf leather rolled crocodile pattern strap with PVD rose gold folding buckle. This classic color and material combination conveys a love affair; at the same time, it is sweet and deep with the dial of the same color. The sculpting of water waves creates a clear sense of layering, surrounded by golden scales, showing the designer’s ingenuity; the 316L stainless steel case is plated with PVD rose gold, which fully interprets the low-key gorgeousness-high-key gold and low-key The chocolate-colored shuttles interweave, showing the unique warm atmosphere of love in the urban glitz; the rare chocolate-colored leather strap reflects the wearer’s unique taste, which echoes the dial, making the watch a classic love Over time, it has become deeper and deeper.

Mido Commander Women’s Watch

  Inspired by the Eiffel Tower’s Mido Commander series, the first mother-of-pearl watch for women is launched. The rainbow-smooth white mother-of-pearl dial is paired with a classic black patent leather cowhide strap. And help the extraordinary taste of wearers stand alone.

 Like the Eiffel Tower’s respect for curves and slant lines, this Commander series ladies watch, silver metal round stainless steel case and smooth polished bezel are like the curve of the Eiffel Tower tip to the base, smooth and agile; The clearly visible bar scales on the dial are reminiscent of the reinforced grid structure of the Eiffel Tower. The black leather strap with crocodile leather pattern and folding buckle make the entire watch infused with French romantic style and elegant femininity under the tough appearance. The 33 mm diameter case is equipped with a carefully crafted automatic mechanical movement and 50 meters of water resistance. This performance has given this watch a classic style of French women-noble and wise.