Greubel Forsey Launches 30 ° Twin Tourbillon Edition Historique

In the spirit of originality, Greubel Forsey decided to end the era of the 30 ° double tourbillon with two unique ‘Edition Historique’ series in 2010:
 * 11 pieces of 5N rose gold, and
 * 11 pieces in platinum
The end of the 30 ° double tourbillon era will serve as an eye-catching sign for the brand: the bold exploration of the double tourbillon and the formation of later creative ideas have made this industry deeply integrated into history. After six years of successful journey, this decision to end the era of the 30 ° double tourbillon will also allow everyone to see the brand inject new energy into the system of innovation and exploration of new processes.

5N Rose Gold 30 ° Dual Tourbillon Edition Historique
The complexity of this watch is not limited to the construction of the tourbillon system, but is also apparent in other aspects including the new dial. The gold dial is a combination of three sapphire crystals. These complicated mosaic crystal carvings with 3D effects enhance the overall visual effect.
The bevel-embossed bezel has a novel appearance that is eye-catching and retains the essential characteristics of Greubel Forsey’s early design style.

30 ° Twin Tourbillon Edition Historique in Platinum
Like other Greubel Forsey watches, the 30 ° double tourbillon also expresses the idea of ​​the brand creator. Through the perfect appearance, you will also find 3D graphics fixed on the edge dial of the case and the hand-carved curved design presenting the wisdom and perfect craftsmanship of the creator.
Original source: GreubelForsey
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