Highly Complex And Unique Design Franck Muller Luxury Watch

The brand FRANCK MULLER started as an independent designer. Its avant-garde creativity and subversion of the traditional time reading concept have swept the high-priced watch market in just over 10 years.
    The well-known watch brands that most people are familiar with have a history as short as 50 years and as long as more than 100 years. These times not only help the brand to gain popularity, but also a guarantee of watch quality.
    However, FRANCK MULLER, a watch brand that has quickly become popular in the past 10 years, despite these strong backgrounds, can still emerge in the high-priced watch market, and the reason is very intriguing.
   Franck Muller, a watch designer with the same name as his brand, was once a member of the Independent Watchmaker’s Association (AHCI). The watches created by watchmakers in this association all advertised a high degree of complexity and uniqueness. It is the reason why FRANCK MULLER became popular afterwards.
   After the brand named FRANCK MULLER was formally established in 1983, several highly distinctive watches such as Crazy Hours and Color Dreams timepieces have shown FRANCK MULLER’s creative and complex brand characteristics. .