Hundred Flowers In 2014 Basel Watch Exhibition Prospect

In about two weeks, the 42nd Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair 2014 will begin. At this time of the year, the three major life equipment exhibitions will be opened in succession. They are Geneva Auto Shows; Paris Fashion Week and Basel Watch Shows. When Autobots and Fashion Shows were just busy, our watchmakers ushered in the busiest hour of the year, but we are tired and happy because we love it. The most exquisite thing in the world-clocks! Every year, the Basel Watch Fair is regarded as a festival for the majority of watch lovers. At the advent of the Watch Festival, while the Watch House wishes the watchmakers a happy holiday, we also look forward to the current watch exhibition. What new changes …
Changes in the brand landscape

   I have said before that the competition between watch brands now is, first of all, the competition between capital. Some people may say that I am practical, but it is the case. Rich watches don’t necessarily make good watches, but if you don’t have money, you can’t make good watches. I believe that everyone will understand. The so-called laypersons look lively, and the laypersons look at the doorways. As the media, the first thing we look at each year is the location of the watch brand’s booth. The pattern determines the future direction of the watch industry. Some people say that there are thousands of brand exhibition booths every year. How do you look at it? In fact, it only needs to look at the prominent positions on the first floor and the second floor of Hall 1 (such as the sides of the elevator). The number will generally be around 50. These dozens of brands can be said to be true industry leaders, and they are leading the development direction of the world’s watch industry.

   Judging from the booth location map just released this year, the changes last year were basically not large. The biggest change was the addition of two new members to the main exhibition area on the first floor of Hall 1, namely Harry Winston and Howie. Time. This is the first time Harry Winston has participated in the Basel Show as a member of the Swatch Group. Previously, although Harry Winston’s works are very good, his market performance has been tepid. This year, he officially became a member of the Group. Appearing as an identity, I predict that it will make a big move in the market this year. The Movado Group that occupied this position last year was moved to the south area of ​​Hall 1. This is regarded as the cold palace of the entire Pakistani exhibition. It can be seen that Movado’s strength has become weaker and weaker in recent years. This is the consequence of not paying attention to the Chinese market. . Harry Winston’s previous position was occupied by a jewelry brand called Graff. It is very similar to Harry Winston’s positioning. It is mainly a large diamond. It should be counted as a group of dark horses at this year’s exhibition. With Hermès not only increasing investment in watches, I predict that next year it will replace Kunlun to the next floor, adjacent to Chanel.
Changes in media coverage

   This year is the second year that the Basel Watch Fair has opened a new pavilion, and the second year that the Watch House has participated in the Basel Watch Fair. Does this strange coincidence predict something? The answer is yes. First of all, the new pavilion is opened, and the relocation of the brand position establishes the industrial pattern of the watch industry in the next 5 years. The watch house last year’s watch exhibition report model also created a precedent for the watch industry. The media for this kind of tall exhibition is all-in-one print media. After attending the exhibition, go back and write the report of the watch exhibition. If it is a monthly magazine, the reader will see the new watch this year as soon as one month. If it is a bi-monthly magazine, see the new watch. It is already looking into the second half of the year. Last year, as the world’s only professional watch and clock media, the Watch House made it possible for netizens to see the new watch from the Pakistani exhibition.

   If last year was the year of horoscope and media media, then this year should be the year of war. This year, the number of online media has increased significantly from last year, and it is not limited to professional media. As far as I know This year, Sina and will have their own media booths in Hall 1. And with the improvement of scientific and technological means and the appreciation of cousins, those still pictures are far from meeting their needs, so more diversified reporting methods will definitely become the mainstream, especially videos. According to the information we have, , All well-known domestic video websites will participate in this exhibition, and the reporting team is also unprecedentedly strong. I predict this year will be the first year of the clock video reporting. Of course, I did not say that the watch and flat media would gradually disappear from this time. Of course, this is impossible, because only a hundred flowers bloom, and a hundred schools of contention are the best feedback to the industry and the public.
Forecast of latest models

   The most attractive of the annual exhibitions is definitely the latest models. Although we have seen some of the latest models released by the brand, everyone knows that these are smoke bombs thrown by the brand. Heavy models will never be released now. Then we might as well make a bold prediction. Let us first guess Patek Philippe. The new watch king 6002 will definitely appear at the exhibition. The appearance of the new watch king represents the perfect combination of top craftsmanship and super complicated functions. Complete and perfect, for the time being, there is no need to launch a new movement, so the focus of Patek Philippe this year should not be on features. I feel that it will make a big deal on the decoration of complex watches this year. For simple models, Patek Philippe should be more Enrich its variety and variety of color and material.

   After talking about PP, you can’t help but say Rolex. Rolex is a traditional and stable brand. It fell between the popularity of the blue and black circles last year. This year’s red and black or other color matching should appear. Maybe a rainbow ceramic ring is also possible. Daytona’s ceramicization process will continue. It should come out with gold-steel models together with Sky-Dweller. As the latest technology highlights every year, I really hope that Rolex will launch a new brand that will never wear out and is lighter in weight. Material. As for the group brand, each brand should continue to follow the route that has been set last year. For example, the tradition of Breguet should continue to improve its functional types, such as 7077 is an annual calendar, 7087 is a perpetual calendar; I think Jacques Droe will increase The proportion of its sports watches; Omega will continue to revive its historical models; Longines will continue to follow its high-end elegant style; radar perfects its tennis series; Tissot focuses on technology sports; Mido’s design is becoming more and more beautiful.

   Looking at the LVMH Group, Mr. Beaver will be in full charge of the group’s watch and clock business this year. There should be big changes next year. This year, I feel that Bulgari will continue to follow the high-complexity, high-jewellery and aesthetic lines; Zenith should launch more More pilot watches; will TAG Heuer launch a ten-thousandth of a second chronograph? As for Hublot’s MP-09, I really can’t think of how weird this year can be …
   If you are interested, you can take these predictions to watch this exhibition, you can also leave a message in the back to tell your own predictions, to see who we have finally become a reality, in the end, please pay attention to our Table show live! (Text / picture watch house Mao Zhuang)