Into The Rolex Watch Factory – Chene-bourg

All the time, Rolex manufactures all the parts (except hands and sapphire crystals) required for watches in its own way, which naturally includes the dial. The Chene-Bourg factory has 10 floors, half on the ground and half on the ground.

   Dial production, coloring and inlaying are done here. The underground is used for production, while the bright ground is used for hand-applied time stamps and diamonds. At any given time, at least 100 employees are setting the dial. The Chene-Bourg factory employs about 800 people, and the work here is absolutely cutting-edge and advanced.

   In the past, the dial was colored with Scotch scotch tape, but now it has been replaced with a silicon gasket. Yes, this material is completely manufactured by Rolex. All dials are made of brass, and all hour markers are made of solid gold. Before dial adjustment, more than 60 procedures need to be completed.

   The most surprising thing is the gem (diamond) quality and setting technique of the Chene-Bourg factory. Rolex does not have many diamond-set watches, and the brand is willing to admit it. But if Rolex has to do something, it must be in a way unique to the brand. This is Rolex. The Chene-Bourg factory has 20 gem-setters, some of whom have experience working in Bulgari and Cartier.

   Rolex only uses diamonds that meet the IF quality standards. IF stands for ‘Internally Flawless’ and has no internal flaws. Rolex also uses special machines to screen diamonds. Any supplier can understand how big this business is, and may be tempted by interest to mix fake diamonds with real diamonds. And Rolex’s machines can screen and filter in large quantities to eliminate fakes. This machine costs tens of thousands of dollars, so what is the probability that Rolex will receive fake diamonds from suppliers? The answer is about one-tenth of a million. However, Rolex is so cautious and meticulous, because this is Rolex. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)
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