Momos Orion Watch Introduction

Orion watches have a retro beauty. However, this watch is accurate, elegant and clear, which is unmatched by any previous watch. Overall: Orion is a timepiece with classic beauty
The Orion series is a watch style that is very popular inside NOMOS. Our watchmakers have almost one hand. Orion’s first impression may be lacking in modernity, and some people may even feel that this design is familiar, as if their uncle and uncle had worn it in the 1960s and recently saw it in a flea market. However, these views are actually unreliable. A wrist watch like Orion could not have existed decades ago, not even a touched one. The vibrant case and the beautiful curves of the mirror give the Orion a retro feel. The lines of the watch increase its softness and affinity, and when worn, it complements the wrists and arms, making it beautiful and durable. Orion is a low-key and restrained classic, which fully shows that NOMOS watches are not only time-keeping accurate watches, but also beautifully designed jewelry.
Orion’s graceful arc comes from its name, Orion. From the lenticular side of this watch (especially the model with a sapphire crystal curved watch), it is very similar to a UFO or a spaceship; in fact, this watch and the German classic science fiction TV & quot; Raumpatrouille Orion & quot The spaceship in is very similar.
The beautiful curved lines and delicate stainless steel bezel make Orion look slimmer than any NOMOS manual watch; it can almost be called ultra-thin. NOMOS designers inspired the work of the German watch school students in Glashütte to create a simple and neat dial. Orion’s overall design highlights a high degree of modernity. Its clear display, powerful functions and elegant shape make previous watches impossible to match. Because of this, Orion can be said to be a classic and timeless work, which is worth collecting for a lifetime.
Orion, like most NOMOS watches, can be worn by both men and women, and is divided into three dials: white (silver-plated), carbon black and light pink. The hour markers are available in silver and gold, while the stainless steel hands are available in rhodium, gold and blue steel. In 2010, Nomos launched the Orion Datum watch with a large calendar display, and enlarged the case size to 38mm, bringing more options for watch lovers. All Orion models are available with an optional sapphire crystal caseback and a classic NOMOS hand-wound movement.