Moon Shadow Along Tasting Oris Multifunctional Moon Phase Watch

Since ancient times, the moon has entrusted the beautiful wishes of countless infatuated people, conveying the thoughts of those who leave their homes, and warm the sleepless nights of millions of families. Now it is close to us in another way, giving you another mood on your wrist, so that wherever you are, the shadow of the moon follows. At this moment, the Watch House takes you to the charm of Oris multifunctional moon phases. Official model: 0158176584074-0782382

  In the field of mechanical watches, Oris has been occupying an important position for hundreds of years. Moonphase watches are more beloved by countless watch lovers and continue to create new milestones.

  Oris classic models with spiral patterns, with its classic elegant design has won the attention of many watch fans, elegant and gorgeous appearance, highlighting the distinctive beauty. This watch embodies the brand values ​​of Oris everywhere, and is dedicated to creating practical and versatile cost-effective products.

  This watch is simple in style, with a square dial with sharp corners that clearly constrains the sense of geometry. It uses classic black, generous and domineering. At the same time decorated with retro Roman numerals hour scale, masculinity sprang up.

  The material of the case and crown is stainless steel, the appearance is beautiful and shiny, durable and good corrosion resistance, high strength. The crown is engraved with a coin pattern, symbolizing nobility and elegance, and engraved with the logo of Oris.

  Seen from the side, from the case to the watch with a smooth curve, presumably in the light or the sun, it will shine with a luster and people’s eyes must not be separated for a moment.

  Multi-function watch with three-dimensional geometric dial has a strong impact on vision, at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, respectively, with week, second time zone and date faceplate. At the 12 o’clock position of the watch, there is a delicate moon phase window. The blue background is dotted with twinkling stars, which brings people unlimited reverie.

  The multi-piece stainless steel strap of this watch is shiny and exquisite, and the three-dimensional small cuboids are interlocked one after another, as if the moon is conveying emotions to the wearer through the strap. Such a strap buckles on your wrist, it feels cool to the touch, and will soon be integrated with your body temperature.

  Compared with the belt, the butterfly buckle can prevent the strap from bending. In addition, because the butterfly clasp is relatively long, it cooperates with the watch, and it better supports and controls the watch on the wrist, and does not turn left and right.

  The symbol of Oris mechanical watch is this red oscillating weight. It is not only the source of watch power, but also a registered trademark of Oris. It is also a symbol that the wearer is proud of.

Summary: The essence of Oris watches is that while being close to the people, it has multifunctional applicability, allowing you to enjoy all the features brought by time at all times. No matter where you are, you can always grasp the time accurately and be a punctual gentleman. This watch can be worn in your hand so that you can always be accompanied by the moon. Even if you are alone at night, you will feel warm. Many men must be tempted by it. Official model: 0158176584074-0782382; Reference price: 18,400 yuan. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
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