Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726a Stainless Steel Watch

Compared with the simple Nautilus series of the previous two years, Patek Philippe has expanded the case diameter of the 5726A by 0.5 mm, which is consistent with the 5980 with timing function. The advantage of a large watch is that it is more in line with the open mind of people today, and it is more suitable for the modern concept that ‘beauty needs to be shared with people.’ Having said that, don’t you think that ‘big’ itself is an important endorsement for ‘power’?
324 SQA LU 24 H self-winding movement, 45-hour power reserve, stainless steel case, polished and frosted, diameter (10 o’clock to 4 o’clock) 4 0.5 mm, black striped dial, gold-plated hour markers with fluorescent coating , Side-by-side day and month window display, screw-in crown, black matte crocodile leather strap, waterproof 120 meters.
Reference price: 404000 yuan

Enamel Watch, Memory Of The Treasure

It should be said that to this day, enamel watches are basically collectible works, and few people use it for daily wear. A small enamel painting between square inches can often double the value of a watch. This is the charm and value of enamel. In fact, as the raw material for firing enamel itself, it is not expensive. It is nothing more than some silicates such as quartz, feldspar, borax. What is attached to the building tiles is called ‘glazed’, and what is attached to the metal surface is ‘enamel’.

Enamel watch

A small enamel painting between square inches
The entire process of making enamel is a series of complicated, time-consuming and labor-intensive processes with a very low success rate. For example, the drawing of enamel must be manual. Even today, there is no mechanical device to replace it. Even a skilled technician, it takes hundreds of hours to draw such a small plate; the firing of enamel is affected by the composition and quality of the raw materials. , Granularity, furnace temperature, heat and other factors, and different colors need to be fired repeatedly, each time a successful work is obtained, it may face multiple times of waste before. Among the ‘Traditional Seven Craftsmanship’ of the watchmaking industry in Geneva: among the watch designers, assemblers, goldsmiths, bracelet makers, engravers, enamel painters and jewelers, the production of enamel painting is the most difficult. However, there are still a number of brands that ‘face the difficulties’ every year, creating endless new models of enamel watches.

Van Cleef & Arpels Les Jardins Four Seasons: Jardin Italien de la Renaissance
Inspired by a 15th-century romantic book ‘Looking for Love and Dream’ by the author, which has failed to pass the exam, based on the 365-day Quantième de Saison four-season movement developed by the brand in 2006, through the Great Fire Enamel and Mother of Pearl, Vivid interpretation of beautiful love songs of civilization and nature. The entire series is divided into 4 models. This section depicts the lush Mediterranean gardens, and the beautiful scenery flowing through the four seasons is the best interpretation of Van Cleef & Arpels. White gold and diamond-set bezel are even more magnificent, limited to 100 pieces.

Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Tourbillon Jardin d’ Extrême Orient Tourbillon Style
In all fairness, in this watch, enamel is no longer the protagonist, but it is also indispensable. It is inlaid with the tourbillon and jewellery presented on the dial, which is called ‘three-legged’. Since playing the Oriental card, it is not difficult to see that the compositional creativity on the dial comes from the refinement of various elements of the Chinese garden: trees, bridges, pavilions, flowing water … all composed of pink sapphires, diamonds and filigree enamel Luxurious, but absolutely low-key. And the picture is compact and without redundancy, just like the concise and freehand brushwork in Chinese painting.

Danny Luff Il Giocatore Veneziano
Of course, the enamel painting on this watch is very vivid and vivid, but if you simply treat it as an ordinary enamel watch, you must be wrong! In fact, under its wonderful enamel skills, it contains the collaboration between the brand and the world-renowned automaton François Zunau. After more than three years of intensive research, the masterpiece of Italian painter Caravage ‘ The characters in ‘The Deceiver’ are shrunk to the dial, and their heads, hands, eyebrows have movements, and even a more sophisticated minute repeater function.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grand Tourbillon Continents Asia Tourbillon Enamel Painted Watch
The Jaeger-LeCoultre showcases its superman enamel painting skills through two high-end works under its Master series-tourbillon and minute repeater. This Master Grand Tourbillon is painted with the appearance of a series of continents of the earth in memory of the discovery that ‘the earth is round’ 500 years ago. On the gold dial, the outline of the continent is carved with a carving knife, and then it is filled with enamel and fired. The ocean is painted with a blue wave pattern. Only platinum, gold and rose gold are limited to 20 pieces each.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Minute Repeater Venus Enamel Minute Repeater
Selected four classic Venus paintings, with the theme of Eros, decorated the dial of the Master Minute Repeater minute repeater watch with enamel to match its already outstanding functions. This paragraph is Angel’s ‘Rising from the Sea’, which not only scales down the proportion of the original work, but also enriches the colors and layers, making the timeless beauty of these masterpieces reproduce on the dial. The crystal clear and melodious ringing bell of the three questions spring hammer also represents the most advanced breakthrough in this field.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Pavonia
Sorry, this is a unique watch. Jaeger-LeCoultre is just to tell the world that you can also have your own personalized watch like this. The watch belongs to a British collector, and the original miniature is drawn on the watch, which is the representative portrait of Frederic Rayton, the most famous Victorian painter in his collection-‘Pavonia’. As the brand’s most representative series, we also have to admit that Reverso’s flip surface is naturally suitable for such creations.

Jacques Dro Les Douze villes
QuetJaquet Droz, this maverick brand, insists on the almost all-in-one large fire enamel dial. Although there is no fancy pattern, it looks ancient. And this paragraph is even more special, although it is a World Time watch, the dial is as simple as ever. The 6 o’clock window displays the names of 12 cities, and the 12 o’clock looks like a date window, but displays the hour; therefore, the large central hand is not the hour hand but the minute hand. As for the second hand, there is no such thing! The attitude is-why do we have to race against time?

Jacques Dro L’ Origine Email Watch
In fact, the ‘big fire’ enamel in Jaquet Droz has gone through three centuries of historical heritage. Today, the brand’s enamel craftsmen have been able to fully control the exquisiteness of the enamel powder and the strength of the flame, creating a unique texture, Elegant and uniform dial. The concise lines, elegant Roman numerals, and atmospheric blue-steel hands all draw on the enlightenment of the 18th century. Under the cover of a 43mm stainless steel case, it can not but perfectly represent the essence of beauty and taste.

Cartier Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier Collection: Eagle Watch
In Cartier’s new collection every year, the creation of high jewelry and enamel is always an important part. After sailing in Asia and launching themes such as giant pandas, the series subsequently landed in the Americas, with eagles, crocodiles and raccoons joining the dream team. 18K yellow gold case and dial, pavé round diamonds, eagle decoration made of 18K yellow gold, the same pavé round diamonds, the total diamond weight reached 6.03 carats! The eyes are emerald jade, and only the black and white feathers are painted with enamel, but it has the effect that jewellery cannot replace.

Cartier d’ Art: Santos 100 Multicolor Hornbill Enamel Watch
The Cartier d’ Art enamel watch, loved by collectors, has also introduced stunning new works. This paragraph is born from the classic square Santos series. The magical colors and ingenious depiction make it a well-deserved art treasure. The same case is made of 18K yellow gold. The bezel, case and lugs are pavé-set with round diamonds. The total weight has reached 1.14 carats, but it is still restrained, because the enamel’s gorgeous hornbill and tropical exotic flowers are represented Is the real protagonist.

Cartier d’ Art: Pasha 42 mm enamel parrot watch
Both belong to the Cartier d’Art series full of artistic temperament and whimsy, and even the same colorful bird theme, but the carrier has been replaced by the classic round Pasha series, and the enamel technique seems to be even better- The blue sky as a background on the dial also has obvious changes in brightness, depth, and gradation, so it is more natural and expressive. The material has also been changed to 18K rhodium-plated white gold. The inner and outer layers of the bezel are pavé-set round diamonds with a total weight of 1.49 carats, which are gorgeous and noble.

Piaget Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif
This is a watch full of nautical elements all over the body. The use of enamel technology makes these elements more problematic-the dial is painted with elegant dark blue enamel, deliberately painted into the shape of a marine compass, and the bottom of the table is also painted by enamel. Into a sailing ship; even the left and right sides of the case are also patterns such as sailing boats and lighthouses. The self-made 608P manual winding floating tourbillon movement, the titanium floating tourbillon frame is suspended at the end of the minute hand, is completely separated from the mechanism driving it, and is proud of its skill.

Hermes Cape Cod ‘Galloping H’ watch
Like many design elements of the Hermès model, it is inspired by a silk scarf from Hermès. It is led by the Swiss female artist Anita Porchet, and it is carefully ‘micronized’ with enamel raw materials on this square dial. The large-scale fire at 800 ℃ was fired at multiple high-temperature glazes, and perfectly copied the unique light and shadow and aesthetic effects of the original silk scarf. The deep cobalt blue complements the sparkling white gold case. In order to maintain the integrity of the picture, even the time scale is omitted.

Seiko Genius Wang Leehom Becomes A Spokesperson For Seiko

Seiko, which has a history of 130 years, has mature technology and cultural heritage, but it does not have the age of a century-old enterprise. On the contrary, with the support of a rich culture, we are constantly improving our technological capabilities to develop more precise, elegant, and even more environmentally friendly models, showing our youthful vigor everywhere. Its latest brand spokesman, Wang Lihong, is full of youthful vitality and endless creative inspiration, which is in line with the image of Seiko. From this year, Wang Leehom will become a brand spokesperson for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and other places.

    As you can see, this Chinese-born talent born in the United States interprets Seiko’s charm with his personal style. The projects endorsed by Wang Lihong mainly include Premier, Presage and Criteria series. The Premier series has both a classic and a modern appearance. Its design is inspired by the beauty expressed by neoclassical architecture. It is currently Seiko’s main fashion watch. It covers artificial kinetic energy, machinery and quartz, which are quite rich. Presage is a fashion mechanical watch developed for the Asian market. Its appearance has oriental characteristics. Criteria is a model of new fashion aesthetics. It shows a sunny and casual sports style and is loved by young people. In addition to the endorsement work, Wang Lihong is also very interested in Seiko watches in private. He tries to understand the design concepts and the main axis of publicity of each series, and puts forward many constructive opinions at the shooting site to communicate with the director and photographer. Will make the final advertising results perfect. His admiration for Seiko and his professionalism are admirable.

    Wang Lihong is not only a singer-songwriter, but also proficient in piano, violin, guitar, bass drum and other instruments. He is also a musician. In terms of film, he is also an outstanding actor. His spirit of excellence and the corporate culture of continuous innovation and excellence of Seiko coincide.

Dai’ Keep Chasing Your Dreams Let Tissot Unveil The Mystery Of Huang Xiaoming’s Circle Of Friends

Recently, Huang Jiaozhu, who is about to get married, has once again become the object of public attention. Entertainment news that is difficult to distinguish between true and false is pouring in like a tide, eroding fans’ restless hearts. After the generous announcement of the wedding date, the dream chasing leader Huang Xiaoming publicly revealed his ‘friend circle’ for the first time, and invited everyone to help choose the most suitable couple pairing when Qixi Festival is approaching: ‘Hi, I’m Huang Xiaoming. I’m in Time, to meet someone, you know. But I’m not sure which pair of watches to choose, do you think? ‘This time, not only can you see the mysterious circle of celebrity friends of the leader, but also praise and interaction with fanfare , Such a rare opportunity, let Tissot take the lead to unveil the mystery of Huang Xiaoming’s circle of friends!

Demystifying Huang Xiaoming’s circle of friends

 In Huang Xiaoming’s circle of friends, you can not only view the daily life of the leader, hear the leader’s magnetic voice, but also act as a dating consultant for him. According to his preferences, select couples for the leader of the wedding. As well as help, Opportunity to receive Tissot watch vouchers and other awards. In addition, the leader will continue to share his dream journey and experience with you, inspiring more dreamers to remember their original intentions and pursue their dreams.

Follow Huang Xiaoming’s circle of friends for his checklist and have a chance to win the prize

 Huang Jiaozhu experienced the ups and downs of life in the journey of dreaming, but he was not afraid of adversity and broke the dawn and dawn, so that he finally achieved today’s achievements and transformation. This spirit of persistent pursuit of dreams is in perfect harmony with Tissot’s brand spirit. For more than 160 years of pursuing dreams, Tissot has always been pursuing a pure watchmaking dream, moving forward steadily, sculpting and innovating, and sharing an innovative timepiece to every dream chaser who has the courage to move forward. And this spirit of courage to make breakthroughs and innovations, and persist in dreams, has finally achieved the century-old transformation of Tissot. Two real warriors go hand in hand in the process of chasing dreams and encourage everyone to stick to their dreams together!

Tissot and Huang Xiaoming accompany you on your dream journey

 If you are still walking alone on the Avenue of Dreams, you may wish to pay attention to the official Wechat of Tissot China, and let Tissot take you to see the journey of Huang Jiaozhu’s journey. The journey of chasing your dreams is not smooth, but the difficulties are not Terrible, let Tissot and Huang Xiaoming accompany you to go forward bravely, dream boldly, please believe that you are no longer a lone dreamer.