Longines Opens New Boutique In Las Vegas

On Wednesday, October 31, 2018, Longines opened a new boutique in the TourbillonBoutique in Las Vegas. The brand’s elegance ambassadors Andre Agassi and Steffi Graff appeared in the famous mecca of watch lovers in Las Vegas to celebrate together. Through this new boutique, the brand invites customers to discover Longines elegant timepieces and a unique world of elegance, performance and tradition.

 Since the brand was founded, in the 1830s, Longines has established close ties with the United States. Today, Longines has more than 300 points of sale in the United States. In addition, the brand is a partner in various American sports events, from equestrian to skiing to gymnastics. Longines also collaborates with celebrities that showcase the brand’s value and elegant image, including American tennis legends Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf.

 The former is committed to improving the lives of vulnerable children through the foundation in Las Vegas and providing them with educational opportunities; the latter is helping the children affected by war, persecution and violence through the ChildrenforTomorrow foundation in Hamburg And his family.

 This summer, Longines has sold ten sets of ‘Concas VHP Steffi Graf & Andre Agassi Foundation’ watches, which are designed to commemorate the brand’s cooperation with these two famous tennis players anniversary. On the same day, the mid-timer of the watch was also invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the Longines TourbillonBoutique boutique. On November 1st, they will have the opportunity to visit the Agassi Academy of Sciences, and Andre Agassi will deliver limited edition watches to them in person. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Tag Heya And Global Brand Ambassador Angelababy Launch New Visual Advertising

Pay tribute to the cooperation with the Chinese Lunar Exploration Project, and show the multiple charms of women on the eve of Qixi Festival

TAG Heuer and Global Brand Ambassador Angelababy launch new visual blockbuster

  Today, Tag Heuer Glory is launching a brand new visual advertisement featuring the global brand ambassador Angelababy (杨颖). As a strategic partner of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Project and an official timekeeper, Tiger Heuer launched this group of visual advertisements on the eve of Qixi Festival to show the different charm of Angelababy with light and shadow intertwined, conveying more than one side of love, more than women, and more than one side of the moon The unique declaration of Qixi Festival is more than one side.

TAG Heuer and Global Brand Ambassador Angelababy launch new visual blockbuster

  Qixi is not just Valentine’s Day, its origin and development contain the ancient people’s beautiful wishes for themselves and the infinite fantasy of the universe; and the moon has more than one side. The back of the mysterious moon attracts humans to explore the moon without fear of challenge.
  Angelababy in the new visual advertising interprets a completely different temperament and connotation in the context of different changes. From time to time, she looks directly into the lens behind the light and shadow, with sharp eyes and open self-confidence; sometimes she bows her head under the moonlight to reflect and feel cool; or before the photos on the surface of the moon, her soft posture contains tenacity. The bumpy terrain on the moon’s surface is mapped on her by halo, leaving a mottled mark. This blockbuster series perfectly showcases women’s diversity.

TAG Heuer and Global Brand Ambassador Angelababy launch new visual blockbuster

  In this set of advertisements, Angelababy wore two special watches for Chinese lunar exploration, which is a tribute to the close cooperation between Tiger Heuer and the Chinese lunar exploration project. The TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 CLEP special watch is inspired by the back of the moon. The strap, dial, timer and bezel are all black. Another special CLEP watch from the submarine series is full of movement. At 9 o’clock on the black opal dial and on the stainless steel screw-in case back, there are exquisite lunar patterns, which shows the infinite vision of the moon.
  The gravitational pull between men and women creates love, and the tidal gravity of the earth keeps the moon on one side. On August 17th, Tag Heuer and Angelababy will show you the other side of TA!
Watch the new TAG Heuer advertising video:

  Technical Details – TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 CLEP Special Edition
  Number CAR201J.FT6087
  Calibre HEUER01 automatic movement
  Case diameter 43 mm
       Black PVD stainless steel case with alternating finishes
       Black ceramic fixed bezel with alternating finishes and tachymeter scales;
       Double-sided anti-reflective curved beveled sapphire crystal
       Crown at 3 o’clock in polished black rubber and stainless steel
       Black PVD stainless steel round button with alternate finishes at 2 o’clock
       Black PVD stainless steel round button with alternating finish at 4 o’clock
       Black PVD stainless steel screw-in sapphire case back with alternating finishes, engraved with the words ‘Official Wristwatch for Lunar Exploration in China’ and ‘Limited Sale of 100’
       Stainless steel black PVD lugs with alternating finishes
  Water resistance: 100 meters
  Dial Dark grey sandblasted dial
       60 seconds / minute scale on the black outer edge
       3 counters:
       12 o’clock position: dark grey sandblasted minute counter; black gold plated hands with red tip (red, black gold plated hands)
       6 o’clock position: dark grey sandblasted hour counter; black gold-plated polished hands with red tip (red, black gold-plated polished hands)
       9 o’clock position: Dark gray sandblasted seconds indication; black gold plated polished hands
       Black gold-plated alternately finished hour markers with white superluminova®
       Hour and minute hands with white superluminova®
       Black gold plated central hand with red tip (red, black gold plated central hand)
       Rhodium-plated polished TAG HEUER logo
       Date window at 3 o’clock
  Strap Black perforated rubber strap
       Black PVD stainless steel folding clasp with double security buttons and alternating finishes, TAG Heuer shield emblem

  Technical details – TAG Heuer Calibre 5 CLEP special watch
  Number WAY201J.FC6370
  Calibre 5 automatic movement
  Case diameter 43 mm
       Stainless steel case with alternating finishes
       60-minute black ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel with alternating finishes
       Flat sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment
       Polished black PVD steel screw-in crown at 3 o’clock
       Stainless steel crown protection with alternating finishes at 3 o’clock
       Stainless steel screw-in case back with alternating finishes engraved with the moon pattern and the words ‘Official Watch for the Lunar Exploration Project in China’
  Water resistance: 300 meters
  Dial Black opal dial with moon pattern engraved at 9 o’clock
       60 seconds / minute scale on the black outer edge
       Rhodium-plated polished faceted indexes with black lacquering
       Rhodium-plated polished faceted hour and minute hands with black paint
       Rhodium-plated polished red central hands with black lacquering
       White TAG HEUER logo
       Calendar window at 3 o’clock with magnifying glass
       AQUARACER CALIBRE 5 AUTOMATIC 300 M / 1000 FT printed
  Strap Black fabric strap with black rubber lining
       Black PVD stainless steel folding clasp with double security buttons and alternating finishes
       TAG Heuer logo

Omega Disc Flying Elegant Series Butterfly Dance Watch Elegant Interpretation Of Natural Inspiration

The 2014 Basel International Jewellery and Watch Show has opened, and the staff of the Watch House Special Reporting staff have begun to work. They will bring you the latest, fastest and most comprehensive 2014 Basel International Watch Show Report.
   The new OMEGA disco elegant butterfly watch is inspired by the beauty of nature into a refined and elegant butterfly design, which has become another attractive new product in the elegant series. The elegant butterfly pattern on the dial draws inspiration from traditional Chinese culture and symbolizes eternal love and happiness and longevity.

Omega Disc Flying Elegant Butterfly Dance 27.4mm Watch

   The Omega Disc Elegant Series Butterfly Dance 27.4 mm watch is available in stainless steel, 18K red gold with stainless steel and 18K yellow gold with stainless steel. It exudes a low-key luxurious metallic luster, and an elegant champagne or silver dial. Decorated with a beautiful butterfly pattern carefully crafted with ramolayage carving, this exquisite craft is also called ‘pounced ornament’.

   The arc-shaped polished Roman numeral hour markers are rhodium-plated, red-gold plated, or gold-plated, in harmony with the material of the case and bracelet. The arched hour, minute and second hands are also made of the same material as the hour scale. Another diamond-set dial is available: the hour scale is embellished with eight diamonds, and Roman numerals are used at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock.

   The Die Fei elegant butterfly dance watch can be equipped with a polished bezel with a polished crown or diamond-set bezel with an 18K red gold with stainless steel, 18K yellow gold with stainless steel or stainless steel elegant polished bracelet, or with White satin leather strap with mother-of-pearl luster.

   This model is equipped with the Omega 1376 quartz movement, and the vertical frosted caseback is embossed with the Chronos pattern of the god of time.

Omega Sabre Elegant Butterfly 32.7 mm Watch
   The Omega Sauvignon Butterfly 32.7mm watch features a white mother-of-pearl dial with 18K yellow gold and stainless steel, 18K red gold with stainless steel or a smooth stainless steel case. On the fascinating dial, the polished butterfly dances and is even more striking due to the contrast of the transferred contour lines and the matte background. Red gold, gold or rhodium-plated hour scales are paired with arc-shaped polished Roman numerals and diamond scales to highlight the impressive texture.
   This gorgeous watch comes with a classic elegant polished bracelet or a white satin leather strap with mother-of-pearl luster and a polished buckle.
   The Omega Disc Flying Elegant Series Butterfly Dance Watch is equipped with Omega’s unique 2500 coaxial movement, which is equipped with a three-layer coaxial escapement system and a cardless balance spring.
The Diefei Elegant Butterfly Watch 27.4mm and 32.7mm watches are water-resistant to 30 meters (100 feet / 3 atmospheres), and enjoy 2 and 3 years after-sales service guarantee, respectively.
  The watch team’s special report team will bring you the freshest and most up-to-date watch information. For more details about Baselworld 2014, please pay attention to our special report webpage.
2014 Basel International Watch Fair topic:

Exquisite Zenith Venice Limited Watch

One night, Zenith founder George Faber-Jack walked out of his factory after a busy day of work and walked under the night sky, he looked up at the stars. The starry sky gave him wisdom and inspiration at this time: he felt that the stars that orbited the North Star were like the mechanical movement of the precision gears of the clock. Between the stars and the clock, he saw the secret of the universe’s operation. Therefore, he ordered the original FavreJacot brand to be renamed ‘Zenith’, and the shiny pentagram became the brand’s mark.
Zenith Venice Limited Watch
  Romantic and beautiful, this watch designed for Venice.
  Zenith’s big flagship Happy Venice Limited Watch is considered by the watch industry to be a ‘tribute to history’.
  In 1920, Zenith has produced more than 2 million clocks. But glory is not eternal. In the 1970s, the invention of quartz watches had a huge impact on mechanical watches, and many brands have withdrawn from the arena. However, Zenith believes that mechanical watches will have a day of revival. In the late 1980s, when Rolex, who was looking for a high-end chronograph movement, found Zenith, Zenith worked with them to shock the watch’s Daytona series. In 1999, with its outstanding design and production capabilities, Zenith became an important brand under the Raviz Group. In 2004, Grande Chrono MasterXXTTourbillon tourbillon chronograph, the most complicated watch since Zenith was founded. The ChronoMaster series became a new glory in Zenith history.
In the ChronoMaster series, the latest exciting model is the flagship flagship happy Venice limited edition watch. The output of this watch is very small, limited to 100 pieces worldwide. Its design inspiration is related to Thierry Nataf, Zenith Global President. In an interview with the media, Thierry Nataf said: ‘Our family has a very long history in Venice, Italy, especially my mother, for more than 400 years. Like the Chinese, we also particularly like boys-of course born Girls are also happy. We have a tradition that whenever a boy is born in the family, we will make a custom watch for him, and engraved his name on it until he was 13 years old. My grandfather was born when I was born. I made a watch from time to time, and then he died unfortunately, and my father gave me the watch. For me, this watch is very precious, and by the way, it is Zenith. So dozens Years later, when the board asked me to be the president of Zenith, I felt that this was an arrangement of fate. ‘Therefore, the grand flagship Happy Venice was considered by the watch industry to be a’ tribute to history ‘. On San Marco Square in Venice, the double-winged lion witnessed the splendor and vicissitudes of this ancient city, and also symbolized the spirit of this most beautiful water city. Thierry Nataf once said: ‘To pay tribute to those who have made this beautiful water shine from the Renaissance to the present, Zenith has launched a limited edition of 100 fine watches, with gold-lined K The gold dial shows the winged lion motif standing on Piazza San Marco in Venice. ‘The specially designed watch is quite romantic and beautiful. The hollow-out dial at 10 o’clock can watch the ElPrimero 4021 chronograph movement, and the dial is also handmade. Carved 18K rose gold ‘Lion of Venice’ motif, hand-embedded with 18K rose gold Arabic art digital scales.

Moon Shadow Along Tasting Oris Multifunctional Moon Phase Watch

Since ancient times, the moon has entrusted the beautiful wishes of countless infatuated people, conveying the thoughts of those who leave their homes, and warm the sleepless nights of millions of families. Now it is close to us in another way, giving you another mood on your wrist, so that wherever you are, the shadow of the moon follows. At this moment, the Watch House takes you to the charm of Oris multifunctional moon phases. Official model: 0158176584074-0782382

  In the field of mechanical watches, Oris has been occupying an important position for hundreds of years. Moonphase watches are more beloved by countless watch lovers and continue to create new milestones.

  Oris classic models with spiral patterns, with its classic elegant design has won the attention of many watch fans, elegant and gorgeous appearance, highlighting the distinctive beauty. This watch embodies the brand values ​​of Oris everywhere, and is dedicated to creating practical and versatile cost-effective products.

  This watch is simple in style, with a square dial with sharp corners that clearly constrains the sense of geometry. It uses classic black, generous and domineering. At the same time decorated with retro Roman numerals hour scale, masculinity sprang up.

  The material of the case and crown is stainless steel, the appearance is beautiful and shiny, durable and good corrosion resistance, high strength. The crown is engraved with a coin pattern, symbolizing nobility and elegance, and engraved with the logo of Oris.

  Seen from the side, from the case to the watch with a smooth curve, presumably in the light or the sun, it will shine with a luster and people’s eyes must not be separated for a moment.

  Multi-function watch with three-dimensional geometric dial has a strong impact on vision, at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, respectively, with week, second time zone and date faceplate. At the 12 o’clock position of the watch, there is a delicate moon phase window. The blue background is dotted with twinkling stars, which brings people unlimited reverie.

  The multi-piece stainless steel strap of this watch is shiny and exquisite, and the three-dimensional small cuboids are interlocked one after another, as if the moon is conveying emotions to the wearer through the strap. Such a strap buckles on your wrist, it feels cool to the touch, and will soon be integrated with your body temperature.

  Compared with the belt, the butterfly buckle can prevent the strap from bending. In addition, because the butterfly clasp is relatively long, it cooperates with the watch, and it better supports and controls the watch on the wrist, and does not turn left and right.

  The symbol of Oris mechanical watch is this red oscillating weight. It is not only the source of watch power, but also a registered trademark of Oris. It is also a symbol that the wearer is proud of.

Summary: The essence of Oris watches is that while being close to the people, it has multifunctional applicability, allowing you to enjoy all the features brought by time at all times. No matter where you are, you can always grasp the time accurately and be a punctual gentleman. This watch can be worn in your hand so that you can always be accompanied by the moon. Even if you are alone at night, you will feel warm. Many men must be tempted by it. Official model: 0158176584074-0782382; Reference price: 18,400 yuan. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
More watch details: oris / 11143 /

Tissot New Pr 516 Reissue Watch

Tissot PR 516 Reissue
Tissot PR516 is a legend in the horology industry. As early as the 1960s, its original version was launched on the market and immediately swept the track and beyond. The promotional ads designed for this product have also won numerous awards. The focus of the entire advertising work is the PR516 watch worn on the gloves of a racer.
Nowadays, the Tissot PR516 Re-Edition continues Tissot’s passion for motorsport once again with its ultra-precise Swiss movement and classic stylish design. The wearers of this watch will enjoy the personal appearance of the retro appearance of the product while wearing an innovative timing product.
Spiritual design
This series of watches have silver, black, or blue dials to choose from, with leather straps, or stainless steel straps with round holes, just like a racing steering wheel. The light lines of this series of watches are in line with aerodynamics, and all elements are the perfect expression of the spirit of motorsport. The new Tissot PR 516 Remastered Edition will be the best endorsement of precise timing and the wearer’s personal aggressive style.
Technical Parameters:
  -Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement
  -Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  -316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
  -Gold plating using PVD process
  -Black, blue or silver dial
  -Water resistant to 100 meters / 10 atmospheres
  -Leather strap, or 316L stainless steel strap

Grand Seiko Launches A New Limited-edition Joint To Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of The East God Of War Gt-r And The 20th Anniversary Of Spring Drive

Nissan GT-R, known as Godzilla, has always been regarded as the God of War in the sports car industry. It only takes 3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100, far faster than similar European supercars. In 2019, GRAND SEIKO celebrated the 50th anniversary of the birth of GT-R, and also the 20th anniversary of the brand’s Spring Drive. GS launched the SBGC229, the 20th anniversary of Spring Drive and the 50th anniversary of Nissan GT-R.

It is reported that the GRAND SEIKO Spring Drive 20th Anniversary & GT-R 50th Anniversary Watches will be launched globally in June 2019, with a limited edition of 200

The SBGC229 is decorated in blue and white, just like the Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary Edition model. The dark blue case emulates ” Bayside Blue ”, and this color is the signature color of several generations of GT-R. Like the standard Spring Drive chronograph, the case of the new watch is a two-piece structure, the outer case is made of ceramic, and the inner case is made of titanium.

In the configuration of the face plate, the nine o’clock position is a small seconds dial, the two o’clock position is a scoring dial, the four o’clock position is a chronograph dial, and the power reserve is displayed at seven o’clock, plus a date window at three o’clock.

The grained silver-white dial is embellished with dark blue embellishment, giving the watch a sense of sportiness. Equipped with 9R96 movement, this movement can provide 72-hour power reserve, automatic dial also with 18K solid gold relief Nissan GT-R Logo. In addition to timing, the 9R96 movement also has functions such as time display and power reserve display.

Spring Drive 20th Anniversary & Nissan GT-R 50th Anniversary Double Celebration Limited Watch SBGC229

Ceramic, titanium metal / 9R96 Spring Drive movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / dual time display / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 46.4mm / Limited 200 pieces / Reference price: 135,000 RMB

Hundred Flowers In 2014 Basel Watch Exhibition Prospect

In about two weeks, the 42nd Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair 2014 will begin. At this time of the year, the three major life equipment exhibitions will be opened in succession. They are Geneva Auto Shows; Paris Fashion Week and Basel Watch Shows. When Autobots and Fashion Shows were just busy, our watchmakers ushered in the busiest hour of the year, but we are tired and happy because we love it. The most exquisite thing in the world-clocks! Every year, the Basel Watch Fair is regarded as a festival for the majority of watch lovers. At the advent of the Watch Festival, while the Watch House wishes the watchmakers a happy holiday, we also look forward to the current watch exhibition. What new changes …
Changes in the brand landscape

   I have said before that the competition between watch brands now is, first of all, the competition between capital. Some people may say that I am practical, but it is the case. Rich watches don’t necessarily make good watches, but if you don’t have money, you can’t make good watches. I believe that everyone will understand. The so-called laypersons look lively, and the laypersons look at the doorways. As the media, the first thing we look at each year is the location of the watch brand’s booth. The pattern determines the future direction of the watch industry. Some people say that there are thousands of brand exhibition booths every year. How do you look at it? In fact, it only needs to look at the prominent positions on the first floor and the second floor of Hall 1 (such as the sides of the elevator). The number will generally be around 50. These dozens of brands can be said to be true industry leaders, and they are leading the development direction of the world’s watch industry.

   Judging from the booth location map just released this year, the changes last year were basically not large. The biggest change was the addition of two new members to the main exhibition area on the first floor of Hall 1, namely Harry Winston and Howie. Time. This is the first time Harry Winston has participated in the Basel Show as a member of the Swatch Group. Previously, although Harry Winston’s works are very good, his market performance has been tepid. This year, he officially became a member of the Group. Appearing as an identity, I predict that it will make a big move in the market this year. The Movado Group that occupied this position last year was moved to the south area of ​​Hall 1. This is regarded as the cold palace of the entire Pakistani exhibition. It can be seen that Movado’s strength has become weaker and weaker in recent years. This is the consequence of not paying attention to the Chinese market. . Harry Winston’s previous position was occupied by a jewelry brand called Graff. It is very similar to Harry Winston’s positioning. It is mainly a large diamond. It should be counted as a group of dark horses at this year’s exhibition. With Hermès not only increasing investment in watches, I predict that next year it will replace Kunlun to the next floor, adjacent to Chanel.
Changes in media coverage

   This year is the second year that the Basel Watch Fair has opened a new pavilion, and the second year that the Watch House has participated in the Basel Watch Fair. Does this strange coincidence predict something? The answer is yes. First of all, the new pavilion is opened, and the relocation of the brand position establishes the industrial pattern of the watch industry in the next 5 years. The watch house last year’s watch exhibition report model also created a precedent for the watch industry. The media for this kind of tall exhibition is all-in-one print media. After attending the exhibition, go back and write the report of the watch exhibition. If it is a monthly magazine, the reader will see the new watch this year as soon as one month. If it is a bi-monthly magazine, see the new watch. It is already looking into the second half of the year. Last year, as the world’s only professional watch and clock media, the Watch House made it possible for netizens to see the new watch from the Pakistani exhibition.

   If last year was the year of horoscope and media media, then this year should be the year of war. This year, the number of online media has increased significantly from last year, and it is not limited to professional media. As far as I know This year, Sina and People.com will have their own media booths in Hall 1. And with the improvement of scientific and technological means and the appreciation of cousins, those still pictures are far from meeting their needs, so more diversified reporting methods will definitely become the mainstream, especially videos. According to the information we have, , All well-known domestic video websites will participate in this exhibition, and the reporting team is also unprecedentedly strong. I predict this year will be the first year of the clock video reporting. Of course, I did not say that the watch and flat media would gradually disappear from this time. Of course, this is impossible, because only a hundred flowers bloom, and a hundred schools of contention are the best feedback to the industry and the public.
Forecast of latest models

   The most attractive of the annual exhibitions is definitely the latest models. Although we have seen some of the latest models released by the brand, everyone knows that these are smoke bombs thrown by the brand. Heavy models will never be released now. Then we might as well make a bold prediction. Let us first guess Patek Philippe. The new watch king 6002 will definitely appear at the exhibition. The appearance of the new watch king represents the perfect combination of top craftsmanship and super complicated functions. Complete and perfect, for the time being, there is no need to launch a new movement, so the focus of Patek Philippe this year should not be on features. I feel that it will make a big deal on the decoration of complex watches this year. For simple models, Patek Philippe should be more Enrich its variety and variety of color and material.

   After talking about PP, you can’t help but say Rolex. Rolex is a traditional and stable brand. It fell between the popularity of the blue and black circles last year. This year’s red and black or other color matching should appear. Maybe a rainbow ceramic ring is also possible. Daytona’s ceramicization process will continue. It should come out with gold-steel models together with Sky-Dweller. As the latest technology highlights every year, I really hope that Rolex will launch a new brand that will never wear out and is lighter in weight. Material. As for the group brand, each brand should continue to follow the route that has been set last year. For example, the tradition of Breguet should continue to improve its functional types, such as 7077 is an annual calendar, 7087 is a perpetual calendar; I think Jacques Droe will increase The proportion of its sports watches; Omega will continue to revive its historical models; Longines will continue to follow its high-end elegant style; radar perfects its tennis series; Tissot focuses on technology sports; Mido’s design is becoming more and more beautiful.

   Looking at the LVMH Group, Mr. Beaver will be in full charge of the group’s watch and clock business this year. There should be big changes next year. This year, I feel that Bulgari will continue to follow the high-complexity, high-jewellery and aesthetic lines; Zenith should launch more More pilot watches; will TAG Heuer launch a ten-thousandth of a second chronograph? As for Hublot’s MP-09, I really can’t think of how weird this year can be …
   If you are interested, you can take these predictions to watch this exhibition, you can also leave a message in the back to tell your own predictions, to see who we have finally become a reality, in the end, please pay attention to our Table show live! (Text / picture watch house Mao Zhuang)

The Stars Wear Bvlgari Jewellery And Shine At The Opening Ceremony Of The 20th Shanghai Film Festival

[June 17, 2017, Shanghai] Tonight, the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival has officially opened. Bulgari, as an official partner, witnesses the annual film event. Numerous stars, outstanding directors and producers from home and abroad shined.

The well-known director Xu Anhua wore a Bvlgari antiques collection jewelry and made the finale with the film ‘When Will the Moon Become’. Bulgari colored jewellery lit up her black dress, with an elegant temperament. She has won several Golden Horse Awards and Golden Awards several times, and has established a unique film style, looking forward to her new works.

The charming Italian national treasure actor and ‘Bang girl’ Maria Grazia Cucinotta in an elegant long dress came a long way. The Bvlgari antique collection series is set with rare red, sapphire and diamond necklaces and earrings. Gree is bold and unique.

This film festival attracted many domestic front-line actors to join in the event. The famous actor Yu Nan became a judge of the 60th Berlin Film Festival and a judge of the 16th Shanghai Film Festival after winning international films several times. This time, he brought his new work ‘The Longest Shot’ to the show, and he wore an elegant dress with Bulgari Platinum jewelry diamond ring with high aura.

The crew of ‘Jingcheng No. 81 2’ dazzled on stage. Acting actor Mei Ting wore an emerald necklace and ring from the Italian Garden’s High Jewelry Collection, with platinum diamond earrings, dignified and elegant, yet elegant.

Zhong Xinjun wore the Le Magnifiche series of high-quality jewellery necklaces, the source of Bvlgari’s colorful colors, sparkling diamonds and elegant and quiet sapphires complement each other, highlighting the beauty of Italian color.

The elegant goddess Zhang Jingchu and the crew of ‘Grand Theft Auto’ attended. The Bvlgari Antique Collection platinum diamond jewellery and Divas’Dream haute jewellery ring set off a sweet, sweet and serene temperament. Looking forward to her performance in the new film.

The appearance of popular young actresses adds beautiful scenery to the red carpet. They have emerged in various major films, provoked the girders, and become a new force in Chinese movies.

Zhang Tianai took the stage for the second time with two new works of Zhuan Zhuan and Father and Son Soldiers. The Bulgari Italian Garden collection of white gold emeralds, diamond earrings and rings illuminate her overall shape. The goddess Fan is full.

When debuting with ‘Father and Son’ director Yuan Weidong, Zhang Tianai chose the dazzling Bvlgari antique collection earrings and high jewelry series ring, and Yuan Weidong chose the Bulgari Octo Roma watch.

Lin Yun went to the red carpet twice with ‘God of War’ and Disney’s first Chinese love movie ‘If the Prince Asleep’ and wore Bulgari high-end jewelry series and Serpenti series of white diamond jewellery. It also showed her elegant beauty while being smart and cute .

Wang Likun and Li Yuan made their debut together with the new film ‘Love in Manhattan’. Wang Likun’s elegant blue skirt wore Bvlgari high jewelry series earrings and rings, elegant and eye-catching. Li Yuan wears Divas’Dream series jewelry, she is full of frankness.

Yan Yikuan, one of the main creators of the opening film of this film festival, ‘Feng Fei Fang Fei’, wears Octo Finissimo skeleton watch and B.zero1 black ceramic diamond ring of Bvlgari series.

Powerful actress Qin Hailu transformed for the first time as a director, her stance and the Bulgari cool golden Serpenti dinner bag complemented each other, demonstrating capable and exquisite femininity.

Xu Lu, who was nominated for Best Actress in the Asian Newcomer Award for her role in ‘Flash Girl’, wore Divas’Dream earrings and rings, and dazzling diamonds sparkled her, showing a fresh and refined beauty.

Actor and singer Xue Kaiqi wore Divas’Dream high jewelry series and Parentesi high jewelry series, and appeared elegantly with’ Girlfriend 2 ‘crew.

Why Are Louis Vuitton’s Watch Series Named ‘tambour’

In the 14th and 15th centuries, the French began to use the drumming method to tell the time. At the beginning of the 16th century, German watchmakers invented an iron clockwork and escapement. The timing device of the mechanism was named ‘Tambour’ because its shape is similar to that of a drum in an instrument. As the world’s first founder of portable timepieces, “Tambour” surpassed the large and horizontal table clocks of the same period in terms of practicability and convenience. Object.

 Louis Vuitton Tambour bijou secret jewellery watch with multi-colored semi-precious stone dial.

 Since 2002, Tambour has also become the icon of Louis Vuitton watches. Since then, Louis Vuitton has begun to explore the field of fine watchmaking. Compared with the thin round watches commonly available on the market, the Tambour watch designed and manufactured by Louis Vuitton has a taller and thicker case, the sides are almost perpendicular to the bottom, and the raised plate is like a reduced version. Tambourine. Its structure is unique but not complicated. Except for the presbyopia pattern on the crown and the 12 letters of ‘LOUIS VUITTON’ engraved on the side of some cases, the Tambour series has almost no extra decorative elements. This also makes it look more holistic, like a delicate container, ‘hiding the mystery of time’. At both ends of the case, the metal movable lugs are like the handles on a suitcase, which is firm and flexible.

 In 2002, Louis Vuitton opened its first watchmaking workshop in LA Chaux-de-Fonds, the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry, which can be expanded to accommodate 50 employees. Around this watchmaking workshop, Louis Vuitton began to improve its watch manufacturing process in all aspects. In the same year, Louis Vuitton launched the first Tambour series watch-Tambour LV 277 chronograph, taking the first step into the ranks of fine watchmaking. Since the launch of the Tambour series for 11 years, Louis Vuitton has combined the brand’s own DNA, such as travel, sailing, and the classic pattern of “Monogram”, and has launched Orientation positioning, Diving diving, LV Cup Regatta Louis Vuitton Regatta, America’s Cup There are more than ten boutique series including regattas, Capsule Voyage timing, and Bijou women’s jewelry watches. In addition to presenting the brand’s traditional values, Louis Vuitton has also made breakthroughs in the professional technical field of watches: Tambour Spin Time watches, which indicate time through 12 rotating cube hour markers. Louis Vuitton has its exclusive technology patent, Tambour The Minute Repeater GMT minute repeater watch is also the original of Louis Vuitton. At this point, the army of Louis Vuitton has seized the commanding heights in the field of fine watchmaking, and its momentum is the same as its decision since 1997 when it decided to dominate the fashion industry.