Pilot In Casio Radio Watch Gw-2500bd Watch

Becoming a pilot must be the dream of every man. There are too many ways to interpret dreams. The watch brand Casio G-SHOCK’s new aviation watch model GW-2500BD is based on the concept of aviation and is designed for all dreamers who experience flying in the arms.
    High-quality watches, in addition to the originality in concept details, the strong function is the most critical. In addition to the addition of various aviation elements, the GW-2500BD is also equipped with a variety of advanced timing functions, including CASIO’s proud 6-station radio wave reception and large-capacity solar drive system. Flight protection.
Airplane dashboard design concept
    The dial design of the GW-2500BD is very special. The concept of the instrument panel in the aircraft cabin is fully reflected on the dial. The pure black dial and orange hands, and the black and white contrasting text version, are modeled after the colors of the cockpit dashboard and flight jacket.
    The surface glass of the dial can resist the refraction of light. Even in the strong sunlight of the sky, it can easily read the meter. The thick hands, combined with a light-storage coating, make time clear at night.
Six rounds of radio waves
    GW-2500BD has the function of receiving radio waves in 6 stations around the world. It can receive different frequency radio signals of all 6 base stations around the world with high sensitivity and automatically correct the time. Wearing it, you can travel around the world without stopping and have the most accurate time.
Solar drive system
    The built-in solar panel absorbs sunlight and can be absorbed by even a small fluorescent light source. When the electric board absorbs enough light sources, it can be converted into electrical energy and stored in the solar cell in the watch, which will supply the energy required for each function of the watch. And you do n’t need to worry about the battery life, it can run for two years on a full charge, and there is no need to replace the battery. The environmental protection concept that Casio has always advocated is evident.
Super shockproof
    For pilots and difficult flight events, GW-2500BD’s powerful and unique shock-proof technology meets the demanding requirements in this regard. Its tough movement has a shock-resistant structure. Make flying and flying technology more perfect.
    For the world’s top aerobatic flight events, pilots need to control the aircraft under the gravity of 12G, and perform various high-speed and dexterous performances through obstacles. In addition to the physical endurance and willpower, technology is more important The contest. G-SHOCK’s unique anti-vibration technology meets the demanding requirements in this area. Because of the tough image of G-SHOCK and the uniqueness of the sport, CASIO was fortunate to become the official partner of the 2009 Red Bull World Flying Championship And gave the full support of the cutting-edge pilot Matthias Dolderer.