Relaunch Of Le Méridien’s Global Marketing Strategy

Recently, the famous watch brand Le Méridien and LPI Russia gathered at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Under the witness of media friends and business partners, they officially announced that the Le Méridien brand will restart its global marketing strategy .

 At the same time, Amy also launched the brand’s latest purpose is ‘Your Time is Now’. In order to better promote this slogan, the brand has also carried out a series of promotional activities, while the brand’s official website has also undergone a new revision.

 Relevant person in charge of Le Méridien summarized the achievements of the brand in the past 38 years, and at the same time more accurately carried out a clear brand positioning according to their own situation, clarified their competitors, and future development plans.

 Of course, the watch is indispensable throughout the event. The brand also exhibited a number of new watches that it exhibited in Basel, so that guests present could appreciate the great achievements of the brand in the watchmaking industry.