Seiko Genius Wang Leehom Becomes A Spokesperson For Seiko

Seiko, which has a history of 130 years, has mature technology and cultural heritage, but it does not have the age of a century-old enterprise. On the contrary, with the support of a rich culture, we are constantly improving our technological capabilities to develop more precise, elegant, and even more environmentally friendly models, showing our youthful vigor everywhere. Its latest brand spokesman, Wang Lihong, is full of youthful vitality and endless creative inspiration, which is in line with the image of Seiko. From this year, Wang Leehom will become a brand spokesperson for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and other places.

    As you can see, this Chinese-born talent born in the United States interprets Seiko’s charm with his personal style. The projects endorsed by Wang Lihong mainly include Premier, Presage and Criteria series. The Premier series has both a classic and a modern appearance. Its design is inspired by the beauty expressed by neoclassical architecture. It is currently Seiko’s main fashion watch. It covers artificial kinetic energy, machinery and quartz, which are quite rich. Presage is a fashion mechanical watch developed for the Asian market. Its appearance has oriental characteristics. Criteria is a model of new fashion aesthetics. It shows a sunny and casual sports style and is loved by young people. In addition to the endorsement work, Wang Lihong is also very interested in Seiko watches in private. He tries to understand the design concepts and the main axis of publicity of each series, and puts forward many constructive opinions at the shooting site to communicate with the director and photographer. Will make the final advertising results perfect. His admiration for Seiko and his professionalism are admirable.

    Wang Lihong is not only a singer-songwriter, but also proficient in piano, violin, guitar, bass drum and other instruments. He is also a musician. In terms of film, he is also an outstanding actor. His spirit of excellence and the corporate culture of continuous innovation and excellence of Seiko coincide.