Swatch 51 Planet Watch Sistem51 Launched A New Red Version

According to the Watch House, many people know that Swatch’s SISTEM51 series is no stranger. This can be said to open up a whole new world. It uses the only watch that can achieve Automatic mechanical movement with 90-hour power reserve. The high-tech ratchet device (escapement) does not require a calibrator, and the laser settings have been made at the factory, eliminating the need for manual adjustment of a general mechanical watch.

 It consists of 51 components, making the watch simpler and more efficient. Most mechanical watches have at least twice as many components, and some models even have up to 600 components. 51 is a magic number, it is Swatch’s lucky number. When Copernicus proposed the sun-centered ‘Heliocentric theory,’ he changed all human perspectives and our understanding of life. The birth of Planet 51 (SISTEM51) was like Copernicus’s pioneer role in modern society.

 Previously, SISTEM51 launched a blue version, and recently SISTEM51 launched a red model, which still continues many unique features of this model.

 Another feature of Swatch 51: The stylish and transparent design is refreshing, creating an exclusive style that belongs to Swatch. For the balance wheel driving the automatic mechanical operation, the Swatch 51 planet’s wrist The watch is designed with a transparent disc that swings back and forth around the center screw. Swatch’s design has reached a new peak, demonstrating the strength of brand innovation, and the excellent quality of Swiss products is even more amazing.

 The movement of Swatch 51 (SISTEM51) is entirely made of nickel-silver alloy and has excellent anti-magnetic properties. All movements are sealed. Fog and dust cannot be interfered at all, so the stable internal environment guarantees the long-term durability of the movement. Therefore, the stable internal environment guarantees the long-term durability of the movement, so that the perfect performance can be continued.