The Earl Shines On The Music Journey Na Ying’s Interpretation Rate Nature

25 years in the music scene, Tian Hou Na Ying conquered the Chinese music world with her explosive voice and bold character. On the instructor’s seat of the second season of ‘China’s Good Voice’, Na Ying wore Piaget Limelight Gala jewellery watch, and turned into a fashion master.

 In ‘Good Voice of China’, the English commentary was unique and sharp. She used the bold and straightforward expression to win the audience and countless audiences. At the same time, her unique understanding of music also attracted thousands. Thousands of fans. When the Piaget Limelight Gala watch shined in front of the silver screen with Na Ying, its iconic asymmetric design became the best footnote of the ultimate personality charm of Houhou.

 The second season of ‘China’s Good Voice’ came to an end. Na Yingma kept on announcing that he had recently announced the launch of the ‘That World’ national tour. In the performance poster, Na Ying’s black embroidered gold and phoenix robe perfectly matched Piaget’s Possession ring—the golden phoenix was about to fly, and the double-ringed ring was bright and smart. Possession series embraces both circles but rotates freely. Just like Na Ying’s smooth transition between the queen of the stage and the mentor and the good friend, she interprets the harmonious work art vividly.