The Stars Wear Bvlgari Jewellery And Shine At The Opening Ceremony Of The 20th Shanghai Film Festival

[June 17, 2017, Shanghai] Tonight, the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival has officially opened. Bulgari, as an official partner, witnesses the annual film event. Numerous stars, outstanding directors and producers from home and abroad shined.

The well-known director Xu Anhua wore a Bvlgari antiques collection jewelry and made the finale with the film ‘When Will the Moon Become’. Bulgari colored jewellery lit up her black dress, with an elegant temperament. She has won several Golden Horse Awards and Golden Awards several times, and has established a unique film style, looking forward to her new works.

The charming Italian national treasure actor and ‘Bang girl’ Maria Grazia Cucinotta in an elegant long dress came a long way. The Bvlgari antique collection series is set with rare red, sapphire and diamond necklaces and earrings. Gree is bold and unique.

This film festival attracted many domestic front-line actors to join in the event. The famous actor Yu Nan became a judge of the 60th Berlin Film Festival and a judge of the 16th Shanghai Film Festival after winning international films several times. This time, he brought his new work ‘The Longest Shot’ to the show, and he wore an elegant dress with Bulgari Platinum jewelry diamond ring with high aura.

The crew of ‘Jingcheng No. 81 2’ dazzled on stage. Acting actor Mei Ting wore an emerald necklace and ring from the Italian Garden’s High Jewelry Collection, with platinum diamond earrings, dignified and elegant, yet elegant.

Zhong Xinjun wore the Le Magnifiche series of high-quality jewellery necklaces, the source of Bvlgari’s colorful colors, sparkling diamonds and elegant and quiet sapphires complement each other, highlighting the beauty of Italian color.

The elegant goddess Zhang Jingchu and the crew of ‘Grand Theft Auto’ attended. The Bvlgari Antique Collection platinum diamond jewellery and Divas’Dream haute jewellery ring set off a sweet, sweet and serene temperament. Looking forward to her performance in the new film.

The appearance of popular young actresses adds beautiful scenery to the red carpet. They have emerged in various major films, provoked the girders, and become a new force in Chinese movies.

Zhang Tianai took the stage for the second time with two new works of Zhuan Zhuan and Father and Son Soldiers. The Bulgari Italian Garden collection of white gold emeralds, diamond earrings and rings illuminate her overall shape. The goddess Fan is full.

When debuting with ‘Father and Son’ director Yuan Weidong, Zhang Tianai chose the dazzling Bvlgari antique collection earrings and high jewelry series ring, and Yuan Weidong chose the Bulgari Octo Roma watch.

Lin Yun went to the red carpet twice with ‘God of War’ and Disney’s first Chinese love movie ‘If the Prince Asleep’ and wore Bulgari high-end jewelry series and Serpenti series of white diamond jewellery. It also showed her elegant beauty while being smart and cute .

Wang Likun and Li Yuan made their debut together with the new film ‘Love in Manhattan’. Wang Likun’s elegant blue skirt wore Bvlgari high jewelry series earrings and rings, elegant and eye-catching. Li Yuan wears Divas’Dream series jewelry, she is full of frankness.

Yan Yikuan, one of the main creators of the opening film of this film festival, ‘Feng Fei Fang Fei’, wears Octo Finissimo skeleton watch and B.zero1 black ceramic diamond ring of Bvlgari series.

Powerful actress Qin Hailu transformed for the first time as a director, her stance and the Bulgari cool golden Serpenti dinner bag complemented each other, demonstrating capable and exquisite femininity.

Xu Lu, who was nominated for Best Actress in the Asian Newcomer Award for her role in ‘Flash Girl’, wore Divas’Dream earrings and rings, and dazzling diamonds sparkled her, showing a fresh and refined beauty.

Actor and singer Xue Kaiqi wore Divas’Dream high jewelry series and Parentesi high jewelry series, and appeared elegantly with’ Girlfriend 2 ‘crew.